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The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

NH Labor News 8/27/12: Budget Cuts Put 39 Kids Per Class in MHT, Anti-Tax Amendment, Tuition Hikes, and more

Budget cuts mean bigger class sizes in Manchester schools | New Hampshire NEWS04: “Teaching staff reductions linked to budget cuts could mean placing 41 students in a math class at Central High School, 39 kids in an English class at Memorial and 39 students in one geometry class at West High School, according to preliminary figures for this school year.

Administrators and staffers, meanwhile, are in the process of arranging desks at more than 20 city schools to see whether they can accommodate projected larger classes, according to Superintendent Tom Brennan.”

GOP’s income tax amendment weakens anti-tax pledge | SeacoastOnline.com: “”Although I remain opposed to an income tax, I don’t think it’s wise to close the door on legitimate discussion. I think this could come back to haunt Republicans,” said Republican state Rep. Steve Vaillancourt of Manchester.

And if it fails, Democrats could try to argue voters don’t oppose the tax, he said.

“I don’t think it will pass,” said Pamela Walsh, senior adviser to the state Democratic Party. “The people of New Hampshire don’t want to mess with the constitution. But if it did pass, it would not be in the best long-term political strategy for Republicans because that is essentially the issue they run on.””

As support from state wanes, tuitions rise – SentinelSource.com: Local News: “The price of attending Keene State College for students from New Hampshire has grown more than 60 percent in the last seven years.
This year alone students will pay about $1,000 more in tuition and fees than they did last year.”

More funds needed for new bridge | SeacoastOnline.com: We learned this week that the Maine Department of Transportation has started the first phase of the design process for the replacement of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge. While it is certainly the correct decision to make, it can’t be a very comfortable one for the MDOT.

On the one hand, MDOT officials know that the process has to begin now in order for construction to get under way by 2015. That’s not just an arbitrary date, either. The Long Bridge, built in 1940, will end its useful life by then. Just as Memorial Bridge before it, it is now the No. 1 red-listed bridge in the state of New Hampshire, which co-owns it.

Officials looking to September primary as practice run for new voter ID law – NashuaTelegraph.com: “New Hampshire’s voter ID law in a nutshell

Do I need one?

You don’t need any kind of ID for the primary election on Sept. 11.

You don’t need any kind of ID for the general election on Nov. 13. Without one, you’ll have to fill out a “challenged voter affidavit,” providing contact information so the state can check that it was actually you who voted. Assuming no changes are made by the new Legislature after the election, this will also be the system for Town Meeting ballot elections in March.

For the general election in November 2013, a voter ID will be required with some exceptions. For example, no ID is needed to obtain and send in an absentee ballot.”


Highlighting Romney/Ryan Agenda to Outsource Jobs, Raise Taxes on Middle Class Families to Benefit Millionaires, and Slash State Funding for Healthcare, Education and Public Safety.

NASHUA- On the weekend before the Republican National Convention, New Hampshire working families kicked off the AFL-CIO national 2012 grassroots canvasses by talking to their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers in Nashua about the radical Romney/Ryan agenda that will outsource jobs, raise taxes on New Hampshire’s middle class families to give tax cuts to millionaires, and slash state funding for healthcare, education and public safety. In anticipation of the convention, canvassers distributed the 2012 Republican National Convention Viewer’s Guide telling union members what to expect during the convention. A copy of the flier can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/Sp1guf. 

In addition to the presidential race, canvassers are engaging local residents on critical gubernatorial, Congressional and state legislative races. “Extremists like Mitt Romney, Ovide Lamontagne, Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass are going to try and hide their real agenda at the Republican National Convention,” said Nashua librarian Mark King, who joined the canvass. “That’s why I’m hitting the streets and ensuring that my friends and neighbors know the truth about the radical right wing agenda to outsource jobs and end Medicare.”

The Presidential Canvass Leaflets Highlighted:

§  Outsourcing – The Romney/Ryan plan would send 800,000 jobs a year overseas by giving companies incentives to outsource. Romney is considered a “pioneer” of outsourcing – he sent thousands of jobs overseas as CEO of Bain Capital.

§  Tax Cuts for the Wealthy – The Romney/Ryan plan would raise taxes on the middle class by $2,000 to pay for an average of $250,000 in tax cuts for millionaires.

§  Ending Medicare – The Romney/Ryan plan would gut Medicare, costing families thousands of dollars in additional premiums while lowering the quality of care.

§  Jobs Lost – The Romney/Ryan plan would result in America losing 4.1 million jobs in the next three years.

NHLN Election News Coverage 8/25/12: Maggie Hassan Get Another Endorsement, Bass Co-Host $10,000 Fundraiser for Romney Ryan, NHDP Host Local BBQs, and more

MANCHESTER – Former Merrimack County Attorney and Democratic Party activist Katherine Rogers endorsed Maggie Hassan for Governor today.

“I am supporting Maggie Hassan for Governor because she is a proven leader who will move New Hampshire forward and stand up to the radical Bill O’Brien legislature that wants to take us backwards. Maggie is honest and clear with people about where she stands on the issues that are important to all of us, including protecting a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, protecting our environment, ensuring that all children have a chance to attend good schools that prepare them for the jobs of the 21st century, and standing up to anyone who tries to repeal marriage equality,” said Rogers.

“I am honored to have earned Katherine Rogers’ support. Katherine is respected by members of the law enforcement community and by advocates for women and children for her work as a prosecutor and her commitment to protecting and investing in our young people. She is also an important and thoughtful voice in the Democratic Party, and I look forward to having her on my team as our campaign continues its grassroots outreach to New Hampshire voters.”


CONCORD, N.H. – Having already campaigned with Congressman Ryan earlier this week, Congressman Bass is now set to co-host a private, high-dollar fundraiser for Ryan in Manchester on Saturday night.

“While New Hampshire voters continue to wait for a chance to meet with their Congressman at an official town hall, Congressman Bass will be co-hosting a private fundraiser for the architect of the Ryan-Bass Plan to end Medicare as we know it,” said Rob Friedlander, Communications Director for Annie Kuster. “Between fundraising with Paul Ryan and spending next week at the Republican National Convention, Congressman Bass would clearly rather remain behind closed doors with his party’s leadership than defend his record to New Hampshire voters.”

Ryan back for pricey fundraiser | Concord Monitor: “While most reporters and less-moneyed Republicans won’t be attending, that hasn’t stopped Democrats from organizing around the event and using it as chance to blast the Republican ticket.

“The Romney campaign has been pretty quiet about Paul Ryan’s return to New Hampshire on Saturday to meet with big campaign donors, and we can understand why,” read an email yesterday from the Obama campaign’s New Hampshire team. “The Romney-Ryan plan would be disastrous for women, seniors and the economic security of middle class families by raising taxes, turning Medicare into a voucher program, and cutting critical education investments, all to pay for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. With an agenda like that, it’s no wonder they don’t want Paul Ryan to talk with middle class Granite State families while he is in town.””

$20K per couple for dinner at Ryan fundraiser on Saturday – NashuaTelegraph.com: “Paul Ryan, Republican Mitt Romney’s pick as running mate, will return to New Hampshire on Saturday for a big-ticket fundraiser at which couples will pay $20,000 to dine with the Wisconsin congressman.
The cost to attend a 45-minute reception at which Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, presumably will speak is $500. Photos with Ryan will run attendees $2,500.
The donor who comes up with $50,000 will become a founding member of the Romney Victory Fund, while someone giving $15,000 will be a Battle Ground Fund investor.”

There are many events like this going on around the state this weekend. Check out the NHDP Calendar for more details

Amherst Dems Hosting Labor Day BBQ – Amherst, NH Patch: “The Amherst Democrats will be hosting their BBQ Cookout on Sunday, Aug. 26 from 3-6 p.m. at the Amherst Country Club.

This is your chance to meet Democratic candidates for upcoming elections and enjoy some great food and music. Speakers will include candidates for U.S. Congress, NH Governor, Governor’s Executive Council and NH State Legislature. Paul Hodes and his 5 piece band, Northern Light, will get folks tapping their feet and singing along to hit tunes from the past.”

Be sure to read James Pindell’s political round up with all the highlights the last week in NH Politics.

Political Standing For Aug. 24, 2012 » WMUR Political Scoop: “Saturday 7:15 a.m., Political Scoop: My guest this week is Jeff Woodburn, who is running in the open State Senate seat in the North Country.

Sunday 10 a.m., CloseUP: Coming up on two weeks to go before the state primary, Republican candidate for governor Kevin Smith stops in to discuss his chances and whether he thinks his primary rival Ovide Lamontagne is qualified to be governor. The Democratic Congressional candidate Annie Kuster discusses whether her electoral fate is just all up to the presidential race.”

House Democrats’ majority hopes rest on several former members: “In the Northeast, a pair of rematches presents Democrats with strong opportunities to turn the clock back to the 111th Congress. In upstate New York, Democrat Dan Maffei, who lost his job by the slimmest of margins in 2010, is hopeful that a more Democratic district will propel him back into office. New Hampshire Democrat Carol Shea-Porter, who was unseated in 2010 by Republican Frank Guinta, holds a small lead in the rematch, according to a recent Democratic poll.”

NH Labor News 8/25/12: Cutting Athletics For Teachers? LGC Forum In Dover Mon, CWA Pushes for Call Center Bill

Report cites cutting city sports program to save $188,812 and keep teaching jobs | New Hampshire NEWS06: “School athletics could be targeted for cuts in an effort to restore teaching jobs in the Manchester School District, with freshman, middle school and junior varsity programs likely to bear the brunt of reductions.

Without making a formal recommendation, School Superintendent Thomas Brennan has identified $188,812 in savings that could be realized through elimination of five of eight middle school sports and some high school JV and freshman programs. ”

State officials holding Dover forum Monday to explain latest LGC ruling – Fosters: “DOVER — The Secretary of State and the New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulations will host a public forum in the city on Monday.

The forum will help the city better understand the Local Government Center administrative process and the 81-page final order from Hearings Officer Donald Mitchell, issued on Aug. 16 where he dismissed three out of the five counts against the LGC.

Strafford County Commissioner and Dover City Councilor Catherine Cheney had mentioned the idea of inviting the Secretary of State and the New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulations to Dover during a City Council meeting on Wednesday. ”

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey teams up with former T-Mobile employee Barry Lagler, Jr., to promote call center legislation. (Via CWA-union.org)

Senators Promote Call Center Bill (via CWA)

“Sens. Bob Casey (D-Penn.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) used their August recess to advocate keeping good call center jobs in the United States.

Both Senators, who face re-election in November, took the issue to the stump this week, promoting the United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act of 2012, which would make businesses that ship call center jobs overseas ineligible for federal grants or loans. It would require companies to disclose when their calls are being transferred abroad and give consumers the right to talk to a U.S.-based operator. Tell your senators to support the bill by signing this petition.”

An inspiring video about young people interning at the AFL-CIO for a summer to learn about what it means to be union. Why unions are so important. They talk about the impact this summer had on them and how they will continue to use the skills they learned in their communities.

NHLN Election News Coverage 8/24: Cilley and PFF-NH Tour NH (Video), RNC Tries To Protect “First in the Nation” Status, Questions About Smith Donations, and much more

Jackie Cilley and Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire President David Lang tour New Hampshire.

VIDEO: ‘We’ve Got Property Taxpayers Suffering’ – Concord, NH Patch: “Democrat Jackie Cilley, on a tour of the state with professional firefighters who have endorsed her, was asked today in Concord how she differs from rival Maggie Hassan.

It’s not just “The Pledge,” Cilley’s refusal to say she’d oppose a broad-based tax in confronting state challenges. Where else do the leading Democratic candidates differ? Watch the video of her answering voters’ questions.”
Video from Patch

Cilley’s plan: Invest in schools, infrastructure, communication – Fosters: “Facing a primary contest in less than one month, candidate for governor Jackie Cilley on Thursday said her plan to mend the state’s economy and attract businesses to New Hampshire isn’t sexy, but it’s reliable: Invest in schools, roads, bridges, communication infrastructure and “safe and healthy communities.”

Cilley, a Barrington Democrat, has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that she will consider all options to fund those investments if she’s elected governor, including an income tax or sales tax.”

RNC could adopt rules at convention to keep NH’s first-in-the-nation primary status intact | New Hampshire NEWS0605: “The convention’s rules committee has already approved an amendment that would protect the delegates for the early primary and caucus states. A so-called “super penalty” would cause all the states that broke the rule of jumping ahead of one of the four carve-out states — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada — to lose all but nine of their delegates, Meg Stone, spokeswoman for the New Hampshire GOP, said in a statement.”

Kevin Smith has multiple campaign donations from one address????

Small biz at same addresses contribute to Smith – News – Boston.com: “Dozens of small businesses at the same addresses account for almost half of the money raised by Republican Kevin Smith for his campaign for New Hampshire governor.

Campaign finance reports submitted by Smith show he raised more than $93,000 from limited liability companies, commonly referred to as LLCs, with similar names from one Westborough, Mass., address. LLCs in other locations, many sharing an address, account for more than $50,000 in additional contributions to Smith’s campaign.”

Hassan would support reinstating higher ed cuts in exchange for tuition freeze – NashuaTelegraph.com: “On the Affordable Care Act, she would lobby the White House in 2013 for the federal budget to cover additional costs that may come from expanding the rolls of those eligible for health insurance under Medicaid.
For states that agree to do it, the national health care law offers 100 percent financing for Medicaid expansion during the first three years and 90 percent grants through 2020.”

AFSCME Asks you to join with others to say NO To raising taxes on the middle class. 

When Mitt Romney chose Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate, he doubled-down on his out of touch, anti-worker and anti-public services policies. Ryan’s infamous budget proposal is the “the most extreme budget plan passed by a House of Congress in modern times” according to the New York Times, though Mitt Romney said that it was “marvelous.” Why?

Because it would raise taxes on the middle class while cutting them for the wealthy. Because it would end Medicare as we know it. And because it would privatize Social Security.

The distinctions between Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan couldn’t be any clearer. President Obama and Vice President Biden are fighting for everyone to have a fair shot at the American Dream. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are plotting a nightmare for middle-class families.

Add your name to the petition below and share it with your friends and co-workers.

New Ad from President Bill Clinton talking about why he is supporting President Obama in this election.

From United Steel Workers National President Leo Gerard:

Daily Kos: Romney, Ryan Don’t Get the Average Joe: “GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney foolishly revived the dust up about his income tax secrecy last week. He claimed he paid at least 13 percent, an assertion easy enough for him to prove by releasing his tax documents.

But he’s refusing to do that. He called the concern about his tax rate “small minded.” Much more important issues overshadow it, he contended.

Maybe so. But the American people, the Average Jane and Joe, do care whether Romney used tricks and loopholes and offshore accounts to manipulate the tax system and pay nothing. And they’re not “small minded,” as Romney accused them of being, for wanting to know.”

A great image to share as the Republican National Convention begins in Tampa next week
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Young workers, seniors tell Charlie Bass: “Stop trashing the middle class”

What’s in New Hampshire Congressman Charlie Bass’s trash?

Social Security, Medicare, and affordable education, as it turns out. The contents of the New Hampshire Congressman’s garbage can came to light yesterday as young workers and seniors from the Granite State questioned his commitment to his constituents after he voted for Paul Ryan’s extreme budget.

“I’m not sure who Charlie Bass works for anymore. He is so out of touch with what the average American needs that he’ll trash anything just to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires like him,” said Terri Lochhead, an organizer for the Alliance for Retired Americans.

“Under his “Do It Yourself” retirement plan, Granite Staters would see their healthcare costs go up by $6,350 a year and receive fewer services under Ryan’s Medicare voucher plan. It isn’t right that we sent Bass to Congress and all we got were these lousy vouchers,” said Lochhead.

Paul Brochu, a young worker from Manchester who is currently unemployed, agreed. “Charlie Bass says he wants to create jobs, but under the Ryan budget he’d make it harder for people like me to succeed in this economy. I wouldn’t have been able to pay for college without Stafford loans – which Charlie voted to cut when he voted for the Ryan budget.”

Before dropping off Charlie Bass’s “trash” at his office, Portsmouth resident Judy Stadtman passed around a retirement security kit for Granite Staters impacted by the Ryan budget.

The kit contained a $6000 bill for increased medical costs, a roll of duct tape for seniors trying to hold body and soul together and a copy of the report “Seeking Employment in Your Golden years: A guide to finding a job in your 70s, 80s and beyond”.

NH Labor News 8/24/12: LGC to Appeal $50 Mil Refund Order, Berlin Health Better With ACA, ED SHOW Says Save The USPS, OSHA

LGC to appeal $52M refund order | SeacoastOnline.com:The Local Government Center announced Thursday that it will appeal an order mandating that it refund more than $52 million to public employees, retirees and municipal members who bought its health and/or property liability insurance.

In announcing its willingness to take its appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the LGC also stated it plans to lay off 18 employees, reducing its 2013 budget by $1.5 million.

Healthcare has improved in the Berlin area, but paying for it is a problem: “Only in physical environment does Coos County do well, scoring 5th among the 10.
At this point in the discussion, AVH CEO Russ Keene became the speaker.
“The issue with health care is that there is not much clarity,” said Keene. “The key event for the next 12 months is what happens with the Affordable Care Act. It’s still very muddled.”
Keene noted that if Romney is successful, there is a possibility that the Affordable Care Act may no longer be in effect.
“If that happens, two things are important to us,” Keene said. “What happens with the individual mandate and what happens with the exchanges (where individuals are supposed to be able to shop for insurance programs).
“We will be concerned if the individual mandate does not proceed as we thought it would,” he said.”

Ed Schultz:‘Most Dishonest Campaign Ever’: ““I want to tell you a little bit about what we’re going through at the Ed Show,” he told the delegates. “Every day we have to come to work and debunk a new lie.  This is the most dishonest national campaign this country has ever seen with Romney and Ryan.”

“It’s a misinformation campaign, and in some parts of the country it’s working.”

“They’ll tell seniors in Florida that ‘we won’t touch Medicare,’ but when you look at their budget, it’s a whole different story.”

“Postal workers are living what the Republicans are all about.  Republicans came up with the pre-funding requirement.  They want to privatize everything.

“If the Republicans had their way, you wouldn’t be here.”

AFSCME | Wisconsin Private Health Care Workers Vote to Unionize with AFSCME:
MADISON, Wisc. – Nearly 300 employees of Journey Mental Health Center voted overwhelmingly last week to join AFSCME Council 40.

Journey is a private, non-profit organization. Its employees provide mental health services from nine sites in Dane County, Wisconsin.

Last year’s historic opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on public employee rights helped sow the seeds of unionization at Journey, said Kevin McConeghey, a 20-year worker there who helped lead the union organizing drive. Journey employees identified with this larger struggle.

Image and Article to share:
From We Part Patriots: GRAPHIC: As OSHA’s Budget Drops, Workplace Fatalities Rise (and Other Obvious, Important Conclusions)

“Newly compiled data in the form of a stunning infographic from Compliance and Safety analyzes the latest information on workplace fatalities. While workplace fatalities have been dropping, there remains a clear correlation between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) budget and the number of victims at work. Small steps could easily save lives on the work site, the graphic suggests.”

A Statement from AFL-CIO Pres. Richard Trumka About Grassroots Campaign With MoveOn.Org



Will Highlight Romney/Ryan Agenda to Outsource Jobs, End Medicare & Raise Taxes on Middle Class Families All to Benefit Millionaires

From WIKIPediaOn the weekend before the Republican National Convention, working families will kick off the national 2012 grassroots canvasses across the country to talk to their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about the radical Romney/Ryan agenda that will outsource jobs, end Medicare and raise taxes on middle class families to give tax cuts to millionaires.

Over the weekend working families will talk to people at 640,000 homes in 23 states.  And for the first time ever Workers’ Voice will partner with MoveOn.org Political Action for canvassing and will be sending a convention guide direct mail piece.  See here –http://www.workersvoice.org/files/AFL12058_WV_v1-RNC%20FINAL.pdf

“Working families talking to their neighbors, co-workers, friends and families is kryptonite to the radical right wing agenda,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.  “We’ll be breaking through the noise of misleading ads paid for by wealthy special interests, and letting voters hear from the people they trust most on the economic issues they care about.  That’s how working families will win this election and lift up the middle class.”

“The Republican National Convention is going to try and hide their real agenda,” said Workers’ Voice Executive Director Mike Podhorzer.  “But working families will be hitting the streets and combining old fashioned energy with cutting edge technology to ensure people know the truth about the Romney/Ryan radical right wing agenda to outsource jobs and end Medicare.”

“MoveOn members are deeply concerned about the Romney-Ryan ticket’s extreme 1% agenda — that’s why there’s so much member enthusiasm for the door-to-door canvass that starts this weekend,” said MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Adam Ruben. “We see the GOP convention as an opportunity to start a conversation. As swing voters talk with us, face-to-face, about Romney and Ryan’s extreme positions, we’ll limit the bounce Republicans gain from their convention.”

The Canvass Leaflets & Mail Piece Will Highlight:

  • Outsourcing– The Romney/Ryan plan would send 800,000 jobs a year overseas by giving companies incentives to outsource. Romney is considered a “pioneer” of outsourcing – he sent thousands of jobs overseas as CEO of Bain Capital.
  • Tax Cuts for the Wealthy – The Romney/Ryan plan would raise taxes on the middle class by $2,000 to pay for an average of $250,000 in tax cuts for millionaires.
  • Ending Medicare – The Romney/Ryan plan would gut Medicare, costing families thousands of dollars in additional premiums while lowering the quality of care.
  • Jobs Lost – The Romney/Ryan plan would result in America losing 4.1 million jobs in the next three years.

According to Podhorzer, following the weekend’s national mobilization launch, working families will focus in more detail on the above issues in neighborhoods, worksites, and online to further highlight the disastrous Romney/Ryan agenda for working Americans.

NHLN Election 2012 Coverage 8/23: PFF-NH and Jackie Cilley Tour NH, NH Senate Candidate Owes Back Taxes, Kuster on Paul Ryan and more

Jackie Cilley and the Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire in Nashua (from facebook)

Cilley meets with firefighters, hears of need to increase staff | New Hampshire NEWS06: “During Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley’s Londonderry appearance Tuesday morning, her conversations with local firefighters had a theme: the dire need for additional staff members.

Cilley, who has gained the endorsement of the Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire, among other local unions, made a stop on Londonderry’s Town Common early Tuesday, where a small cluster of firefighters wearing bright yellow T-shirts flanked her in front of the town’s war memorial.”

State Senate candidate said to owe taxes, child support | Concord Monitor: “State Senate candidate Joshua Youssef of Laconia owes the IRS nearly $50,000 in unpaid taxes, late fees and interest, according to court records. And Youssef has under-reported his total earnings to family court officials trying to determine his child support obligations, according to a judge’s order.

Youssef declined yesterday to comment on the court’s order, saying he considered it a confidential matter. Asked whether voters had a right to know about his personal financial management given his run for elected office, Youssef said voters could contact him personally with questions.

“The people who read your newspaper aren’t usually my voters anyway,” Youssef said.”

Preserve wall twixt state and religion | Concord Monitor: “Part II of Article 83 in New Hampshire’s Constitution, which prohibits the use of tax money to fund religious schools, has been on the books for 135 years and served the state well. It’s hard to believe that many New Hampshire residents, then or now, would want their tax dollars to be used to help fund a parochial school, a fundamentalist Christian academy, a Jewish day school or Muslim madrassa. So we were surprised when, during his meeting with the Monitor’s editorial board yesterday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne said that if he could, he would repeal the amendment”

Lamontagne, Hassan hold strong fund-raising leads over primary rivals – NashuaTelegraph.com: “CONCORD – Republican Ovide Lamontagne and Democrat Maggie Hassan hold big leads in fundraising and cash on hand over their respective gubernatorial primary rivals Kevin Smith and Jackie Cilley.
Lamontagne, at $1.2 million, and Hassan, at $930,135, were well out in front on campaign checks, according to campaign finance reports due Tuesday.
Hassan and Cilley reported what each had raised in June. Tuesday was the first public disclosure that Lamontagne or Smith had to make of their campaign spending because of how their campaign committees were set up.”

House Race Rankings: The Calm Before – Scott Bland – NationalJournal.com: “11. (10) NH-02 (R, Rep. Charlie Bass): Bass is viewed as the more vulnerable of New Hampshire’s two Republican incumbents, though independent polls have shown him in better position. Strong, repeat Democratic candidate Ann McLane Kuster has a lot to do with the threat to Bass, and she has some name recognition to make up, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this race to determine if Bass’s Bowles-Simpson-supporting, pox-on-both-houses campaign is gaining any traction as we get into the fall.

26. (35) NH-01 (R, Rep. Frank Guinta): Guinta’s early efforts to paint himself as an outsider challenging “Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter” backfired with negative media attention, and recently he’s focused on turning his congressional service into a positive.”

Kuster on Paul Ryan VP Pick: ‘Can I Say It Was a Gift?’ [VIDEO] – Concord, NH Patch: “Kuster is not running against Paul Ryan, per se, though she mentioned his name 10 times during the endorsement news conference, mentioning her opponent, U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH), just three times by name. Watch attached video of the news conference.”

Video from Patch.com

Mitt Romney: Obama takes on the State House | Concord Monitor: “”The Republican Legislature there has brought up social issues, women’s health issues, and other kinds of conservative social issues that Mitt Romney is on the same page of,” she said. “It’s engaging and energizing our supporters and our base, and it’s not typically what the New Hampshire Legislature is focused on.””

A great image to share from Working America. Share on FB

NH Labor News 8/23/12: Middle Class Earning Shrinking, NH Hit With OSHA Violations, Construction Workers File ULP Against Employer and more

Pew: Middle Class Poorer, Earning Less And Shrinking | New Hampshire Public Radio: “They show that the median household income for example, dropped from $72,956 in 2000 to $69,487. Perhaps the most dramatic figure is that median net worth took a major hit during the recession. It plummeted from $152,950 to $93,150.

Another interesting graph shows that in past decades, the middle class continues to lose ground to upper incomes when you aggregate household income.

For example in 1970, the middle class held 62 percent of the income in the country. The upper income held 29 percent. Those numbers have now flipped: The middle class is at 45 percent and the upper income class is at 46 percent.”

How Citizens United Plays out in NH
Most Campaign Money Remains Hidden In New Hampshire | New Hampshire Public Radio: “With the 2012 primary less than three weeks away, candidates for state office in New Hampshire have until midnight Wednesday to file their first campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State’s office.

The reports list donations from individual supporters, as well as contributions from political action committees, state and national political parties, lobbying groups and corporations.”

OSHA Cites New Hampshire Foundry – Recycling Today: “The foundry faces a total of $185,900 in proposed fines following an inspection by OSHA’s Concord, N.H., area office, which was opened in January 2012.

The most recent inspection found two employees exposed to excessive levels of lead during foundry operations, as well as a lack of sufficient engineering controls to reduce lead exposure levels. According to OSHA, the foundry’s management also failed to conduct additional lead exposure monitoring when alloys with higher lead content were used and the ventilation system was not working. Subsequently, OSHA has issued citations with $181,500 in proposed penalties for the violations.”

Construction Workers Allege Unfair Pay Practices at East Hartford CVS Site – Hartford Courant: ” Workers at a construction site where a new CVS pharmacy is being built have filed complaints with the state alleging that the contractor has failed to compensate them fairly.

Four individuals who previously worked as subcontractors with East Coast Executive Drywall, a non-union New Hampshire-based company, have filed wage claims with the state Department of Labor, which is investigating, according to the department.

Bob Corriveau, a representative of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters union, which is helping the workers, said that at least six of the employees who worked for the drywall company are owed money for overtime hours worked since June.

The drywall company had also been doing work at a Gales Ferry CVS construction site, but returned to New Hampshire for unknown reasons and did not issue final paychecks, Corriveau said.”

Ayotte tours Exeter defense company, voices opposition to spending cuts | New Hampshire NEWS02: “U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., praised New Hampshire’s defense suppliers for their support of the nation’s military Wednesday and expressed concern about spending cuts she says could threaten national security and force thousands out of work.

“It’s still a very dangerous world out there ladies and gentlemen. This is not a time for us to undermine our national security,” Ayotte told workers at Cobham in Exeter during a stop Wednesday afternoon.”

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