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The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

NHLN Elections: Pappas Draws Clear Contrast in E.C. D4: Burns Double Downs on “No Compromise” Rhetoric

Manchester, NH – District 4 Executive Council candidates Chris Pappas (D-Manchester) and Bob Burns (R-Bedford) debated for the second time last night on Bedford Community TV’s “Tell It Like It Is” program, hosted by Kathy Benuck.

Burns and Pappas differed on issues like women’s health, infrastructure, and education funding, as well as the role ideology and partisanship should play in state government.  Pappas said he would defend funding for Planned Parenthood health centers, support studying passenger rail for southern New Hampshire, and support reinstating funding for the New Hampshire university system.  Burns opposed funding for Planned Parenthood, said studying passenger rail would be a mistake, and said New Hampshire can’t afford to fully fund the university system.

Pappas focused on bringing balance and fiscal responsibility to the Executive Council, and pointed out Burns’s pledge to push a partisan agenda.  “I’m running for this office to make sure we can put the people’s business first,” said Pappas. “I think we have seen too much extremism in Concord the last year and half.  [My opponent] said in our last debate that he is not willing to compromise on anything.  I don’t think it’s good for our leaders to hold fast to ideological positions without looking out for what’s best for our communities.  We have seen too much extremism in Concord.  To not be willing to compromise represents an acceleration of the problem, not a solution to it.”

Burns defended his “no compromise” stance, saying “when Chris brings up that I will not compromise, he is correct…the Executive Council is not about compromise and it’s not about negotiation.  There’s nothing I would concede in my ideology.”

Pappas responded by saying “that’s not the type of leader we need in state government right now. I think it’s time we push back against extremism in politics… and work together as Republicans and Democrats to address the long term health, infrastructure, and economic needs of New Hampshire.”

Pappas campaign manager Huck Montgomery issued the following statement:

“After two debates, the contrast between these two candidates couldn’t be clearer.  Chris talked about putting ideology aside to do what’s right for our communities, while Bob Burns doubled down on his extreme agenda.  He reiterated that he’ll impose conservative litmus tests for judicial nominees, and repeatedly vowed to push his personal agenda without compromise.  New Hampshire can’t afford more ideological extremism in state government, and we can’t afford Bob Burns on the Executive Council.”

Video of Debate

Chris Pappas is a candidate for New Hampshire Executive Council in District 4.

District 4 is made up of Allenstown, Auburn, Barrington, Bedford, Bow, Candia, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Goffstown, Hooksett, Lee, Londonderry, Loudon, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, and Pittsfield, and the city of Manchester.

Chris is co-owner of the Puritan Backroom restaurant in Manchester, a business that has been in his family since 1917.  He is also a former two-term member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and a former two-term Hillsborough County Treasurer.

Canvassing With AFL-CIO Sec-Tres Liz Shuler


AFL-CIO Sec Liz Shuler and NHLN Blogger Matt Murray

Brothers and sisters,

A very special guest will be joining us for our Labor Walk on the Seacoast next Sunday. Liz Shuler, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, will knock on doors with us in Sunday’s “Walk for Working Families”.

Secretary-Treasurer Shuler knows more than anyone how important elections are for working families. She knows this election will determine whether we have collective bargaining in New Hampshire, which has brought so many Granite State families into the middle class, and she knows that you can’t raise a family unless you can earn a living wage. Can you join Liz this weekend in walking for New Hampshire families?

Walk for Working Families


155 West Road, Portsmouth

Sunday, October 21st, 1-4 p.m.

Click here to sign up.

Liz Shuler understands that real change happens when we have real conversations about how to build better and happier families. She’s spent the last few years mobilizing young workers – and now young worker groups across the country are helping turn the tide in states like Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. She is changing the conversation around what’s important in this election, by getting women to host house parties to talk with their friends, daughters and mothers about why they vote.

You can start the conversation with your own family and friends – bring them to our walk on Sunday and prepare to be fired up by Liz about what these walks mean for Granite Staters. If you can’t make it on Sunday, don’t worry – we have another walk on Saturday in Nashua.


Nashua Labor to Labor walk

Nashua Teachers Union Hall

7C Taggart Drive, Nashua, NH

Saturday, October 20th, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Click here to sign up.


In solidarity,

the New Hampshire AFL-CIO

NHLN Election News: Ovide Lamontagne’s Washington Allies Launch Misleading Personal Attack on Maggie Hassan’s Family

MANCHESTER – Today, Ovide Lamontagne’s Washington, DC-based Super-PAC allies, Live Free PAC, launched a dishonest personal attack on Maggie Hassan’s family, deliberately attempting to mislead voters.

Tom Hassan, Maggie’s husband, is required as Principal of Phillips Exeter Academy to reside on campus in a facility owned by the school. The building is used by the school for a number of school events and activities.  Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the largest property taxes payers in the town of Exeter.

“This is a misleading personal attack on Maggie Hassan and her family. The simple fact is they don’t own this residence,” said Matt Burgess, Maggie Hassan’s campaign manager.  “Ovide Lamontagne’s Washington-based allies are attacking her husband’s job as an educator in a shameful effort to mislead voters and distract from Ovide’s extreme ideas.  The truth is that Maggie would veto any income or sales tax and she has an innovation plan to create jobs and help businesses grow. Ovide’s radical ideas to pull the state out of Medicare and repeal the guarantee of kindergarten will hurt middle class families and New Hampshire’s economy.  Ovide should call on his backers in DC to take down this misleading personal attack.”

NHLN Election News: Carol Shea-Porter Shows Strong Grassroots Funding

New Hampshire- Carol Shea-Porter’s Campaign raised $675,428.08 in the third quarter of this year, without any corporate PAC or DC lobbyist money. Congressman Frank Guinta’s campaign raised approximately $360,000 in that same period, including thousands raised from groups such as Citizens United Political Victory Fund and KOCHPAC.  Carol refuses to accept any money from these groups because she believes that corporations should invest in jobs, not in politicians.
Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement.

“Our campaign is receiving tremendous support because people know that Congressman Guinta is under active federal investigation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), he is rated more extreme than Michelle Bachmann, and that while Carol Shea-Porter created and saved jobs, his votes have put the country on a fiscal cliff and endangered thousands of NH jobs. ”

Health Care and Election 2012: The Choice

Jonathan Gruber is a Professor of Economics at MIT and was a key advisor to both Governor Romney during the development of the Massachusetts Health Care Reform and President Obama during the development of the Affordable Care Act. He will provide a presentation on the differences in the post-election landscape for health care in America under an Obama vs. Romney Administration, focusing on both insurance coverage and costs.

This hour long presentation will take place at 6PM October 29th at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 58 Lowell St, Nashua, NH 03064

Thank You,

Mark King



Workers Deliver Bad Deals to Guinta’s Office to Protest Fiscal Cliff

Constituents tell Frank: A “Grand Bargain” Is No Bargain for the Middle Class

Frank Guinta is ready to hand Granite Staters a bad deal in the lame duck session of Congress, voters in the 1st congressional district and local labor leaders argued today as they delivered 153 petitions to his Manchester office asking the Congressman to address the nation’s fiscal cliff without devastating New Hampshire workers and their families. The group, including President Laura Hainey of AFT-NH and Mark MacKenzie of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, delivered a shopping cart of bad deals, including a Do-It-Yourself retirement kit, to the Congressman’s office

When Congress returns for the Lame Duck session on November 13th, it will face a series of high-stakes decisions on jobs and taxes that could have fateful consequences for workers and the economy, including sequestration, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, and potential changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Guinta’s constituents were quick to express concern at how a wrong step in any of these decisions would impact them. Kim Hayes, a postal worker from Manchester, said that most average Americans would suffer if Medicare and Social Security were cut.

“Many seniors and other middle class Americans would go bankrupt paying for their healthcare bills if they did not have Medicare. This is after contributing to Medicare through payroll deductions their whole life,” she said. “And Social Security is the difference between worrying about every penny you spend and being able to look towards the future with certainty.

President Laura Hainey of AFT-NH explained that there was a simple solution to avoiding the fiscal cliff: ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich and cancelling sequestration. Under that plan, no adjustment to Social Security or Medicare would be necessary.

credit Nora Fredrickson

“It is time that we asked the richest 2% to do their fair share, and time to start focusing on jobs and economy security for working Americans. That is why we are asking Congressman Guinta to end the Bush tax cuts for the rich, end sequestration, preserve the Bush tax cuts for the middle class and protect programs like Social Security that we all depend on. Our families and our jobs depend on it.”

Lamontagne Misleadingly Claims Not to Be a Lobbyist at Public Safety Debate – Record Shows Otherwise

Confesses to audience, ‘I won’t be like Governor Lynch’

MANCHESTER – Ovide Lamontagne misleadingly claimed not to be a lobbyist at a debate before law enforcement officials last night, despite news reports that show he has recently served as a lobbyist for the tobacco industry.

Lamontagne made a number of statements during the debate that are either factually inaccurate or directly contradict his own previous positions.  Lamontagne claimed that he won’t change the pension system for current state employees, while previously in a WMUR survey he said he would change the retirement system for public employees whose retirement benefits have not yet vested.[i]  Ovide also claimed that “there was no open fire legislation passed this last session,” ignoring SB 88, passed over Governor John Lynch’s veto by the current legislature in 2011.[ii]

Most egregiously, Lamontagne claimed, “I’m not a lobbyist.”[iii]  As recently as 2006, Lamontagne was a registered lobbyist for Ligget Vector Brands, Inc., a North Carolina-based tobacco company, according to the Nashua Telegraph. [iv]

“Ovide Lamontagne claimed last night that he is not a lobbyist, but news reports prove otherwise,” said Matt Burgess, campaign manager for Maggie Hassan for Governor. “This is part of a pattern of Ovide Lamontagne attempting to mislead the voters on his true record and positions – including his radical agenda to have the state pull out of Medicare and make abortions crimes, even in the case of rape or incest.”

At another point during the debate, Lamontagne promised, “I will not be like John Lynch.”[v] Instead, Lamontagne has repeatedly said Mel Thomson is his role model. Thomson was famous for, among other things, threatening retaliation against the University of New Hampshire for allowing a gay student event; praising South Africa’s apartheid regime; and suggesting nuclear weapons for the National Guard.

Last week, Governor Lynch endorsed Maggie Hassan at a campaign rally in Concord.  Lynch praised Hassan’s “integrity” and “compassion,” and described her as “the leader that we need to keep New Hampshire moving forward.”

Said Hassan, “Governor Lynch is a role model and I was glad to work shoulder-to-shoulder with him on so many issues.”

Burgess said that Lamontagne’s admission was honest but troubling.  “Most New Hampshire residents would agree that Governor Lynch has served our state well during his eight years in Concord.  As Ovide admitted last night, he wants to take our state in a radically different direction, supporting the current Tea Party’s extreme legislature.  Maggie promises to stand up to the Tea Party extremists and keep New Hampshire moving forward in the direction set by Governor Lynch.”

Hassan has put forward a jobs plan called “Innovate NH” that will help middle-class New Hampshire families succeed.  The plan would invest in higher education while freezing in-state tuition, ensure access to job training, and provide tax credits and technical assistance to businesses to help them grow and create jobs.  Hassan will veto an income or sales tax.

[i] http://campaign.nhpr.org/content/gubernatorial-candidates-issues

[ii] http://www.nhliberty.org/bills/view/2011/SB88

[iii]New Hampshire Police Association Debate, 10/14/12, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtC1d_xqyLg&feature=youtu.be



NHLN Election: Frank Guinta Makes False Claims About NH Public Radio, Public TV

Guinta Lies About “Far-Reaching and Extremely Negative Consequences” of Defunding Big Bird, Public Television in NH

CONCORD, NH –Congressman Frank Guinta misled voters about NH Public Radio and NH Public Television during a debate last week – creating questions about what other mistruths he’s presented during his recent campaign appearances.

In response to a WBIN debate question about whether the Congressman would fire Big Bird (answer: yes) Frank Guinta told the panel and voters that the public broadcasting system should be privatized. He backed up his policy position by implying he had the support of NH public radio and NH public television in this stance:

“I believe that NH Public Radio, NH Public Television feel very, very strongly that they can do this on their own. And they mention it, they state it.” – Frank Guinta, WBIN Debate, 10/9/12

The public record shows a different story from Frank Guinta’s assertions. NH Public Radio (NHPR) actually doesn’t receive “any regular direct funding from local, state or federal governments” and contributions from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting account for “less than 10% of NHPR annual income.”1 NHPR is, largely, doing it on their own already – so what they would have ‘mentioned’ or ‘stated’ to Congressman Guinta is a bit of a question.

NH Public Television is on record opposing cuts in public support. NHPTV President and CEO Peter Frid told state legislators2 this session that cutting state funding for the station “would have immediate, far-reaching and extremely negative consequences on our capacity to serve the citizens of the Granite State.” His testimony before both the House and Senate cited the damage the removal of funding would do to the state’s educational programming as well as to public safety services NHPTV provides in local communities. In all: no suggestion of feeling “very, very strongly” about eliminating support for broadcasting in the public interest.

“Time and time again, Frank Guinta has shown he’s willing to stretch the truth,” said Taylor Coots, District Director for Credo Super PAC. “He remains under investigation by the FEC for his mysterious $350,000 bank account. He was named one of the most corrupt politicians in Congress by the independent non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Frank Guinta continues to prove he is unfit for public office.”

“Congressman Guinta should be more concerned about closing corporate tax loopholes than shutting down public broadcasting,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. “Congressman Guinta supports the Ryan budget, which provides no concrete plan for lowering the deficit.3 The best way to deal with the deficit is to put Americans back to work, not fire Big Bird. Frank Guinta’s misguided priorities and unfounded statements are the wrong direction for our country.”

As several news outlets and PBS pointed out, ‘firing Big Bird’ would do little to lower the federal deficit: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting which distributes federal grants to PBS member stations received $445 million in funding this year. That’s 1/100 of one percent of the federal budget.4

Credo has launched an online petition to tell Frank Guinta to stop using PBS as his punching bag. It can be found at http://www.takedownguinta.com/hands_off_pbs.



[1].  NHPR, Does NHPR receive funding from government sources, http://info.nhpr.org/faq/membership-and-support-0; accessed 10.10.12

2.  NHPR, TESTIMONY OF PETER FRID, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF NEW HAMPSHIRE PUBLIC TELEVISION REGARDING HOUSE BILL 113 House Finance Committee, January 19, 2011, http://www.nhptv.org/counts/pdf/HB113_peter_frid_testimony_1-19-11.pdf & NHPR, TESTIMONY BEFORE SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE IN OPPOSITION TO HB 113, March 31, 2011, http://www.nhptv.org/counts/pdf/PAF_Testimony_senate_finance.pdf  — The bill in question above, HB 113, passed the House, but was ultimately tabled in the Senate. NHPTV still lost substantial funding during the budget process though, causing the station to lay-off 20 people, suspend educational and local programming – including NH Outlook and Granite State Challenge – and make other substantial changes. The station has operated for more than 50 years. [Press Release: NHPTV Restructures Due To Elimination Of $2.7 Million State Appropriation, 6/1/2011, www.nhptv.org/pressroom]

3. Media Matters, 7 Things the Media Needs to Know about Paul Ryan, 8.11.12, http://mediamatters.org/research/2012/08/11/seven-things-the-media-needs-to-know-about-paul/189277#fraudulent

4. “No debate about it: Big Bird is small potatoes when it comes to federal budget.”Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 4, 2012.

Concord Police Patrolmen Endorse Maggie Hassan for Governor

Call Hassan a ‘strong advocate for public safety’ who will stand up to extremists

MANCHESTER – The Concord Police Patrolmen’s Association endorsed gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan today, citing her strong record on public safety and her willingness to stand up against the extreme policies of the Tea Party state legislature.  The endorsement follows the New Hampshire Police Association debate Sunday evening where Hassan was the clear choice for voters on improving public safety in our communities.

“Maggie has proven herself to be a strong advocate for public safety and a supporter of law enforcement,” said Joseph Pitta, the President of the Concord Police Patrolmen’s Association.  “We believe she will bring common sense and reason to the Governor’s Office.”

Hassan has put forward a jobs plan called “Innovate NH” that will help middle-class New Hampshire families succeed.  The plan would invest in higher education while freezing in-state tuition, ensure access to job training, and provide tax credits and technical assistance to businesses to help them grow and create jobs.  Hassan will veto an income or sales tax.

“Police officers in New Hampshire have been under attack by the current legislature,” said Pitta.  “We need a leader like Maggie Hassan to stand up to the extremists in the legislature and stand up for the men and women who risk their lives every day to protect the citizens of the great state of New Hampshire.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Concord Police Patrolmen’s Association,” said Hassan.  “I’m proud to have worked with Gov. Lynch to improve our protect New Hampshire’s citizens, and as governor, I will continue that work to improve our public safety.”

In addition to the Concord Police Patrolmen’s Association, Hassan has been endorsed by the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association and the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire. As a leader in the State Senate, Hassan worked with public safety officials on critical priorities, including creating a death benefit for first responders killed in the line of duty, directing the Department of Safety to develop a reverse 911 system so that first responders can reach citizens in an emergency, strengthening domestic violence laws, and working with Governor John Lynch to pass one of the toughest laws in the nation to protect children from sexual predators.

Hassan Highlights Clear Choice on Public Safety at New Hampshire Police Association Debate

Lamontagne Won’t Stand Up to Legislature’s Radical Anti-Public Safety Agenda of Guns in College Dorms, Weakening Domestic Violence Laws 

MANCHESTER – Maggie Hassan was the clear choice for voters on improving public safety in New Hampshire’s communities during a debate tonight hosted by the New Hampshire Police Association.

As a leader in the State Senate, Hassan, worked with public safety officials on critical priorities.  Hassan helped create a death benefit for first responders killed in the line of duty, directed the Department of Safety to develop a reverse 911 system so that first responders can reach citizens in an emergency, strengthened domestic violence laws, and worked with Governor John Lynch to pass one of the toughest laws in the nation to protect children from sexual predators.

“Voters have a clear choice in this election when it comes to public safety,” said Hassan. “We can continue in the direction of Governor Lynch, bringing people together to move New Hampshire forward and strengthen our communities, or we can go in the radically different direction of Ovide Lamontagne and the current legislature, where the needs of middle-class families take a backseat to an extreme and divisive agenda that is making our communities less safe.”

Ovide Lamontagne has repeatedly praised the Tea Party legislature[i], indicating that he agrees with their approach and that he won’t stand up to their radical agenda, which has included allowing guns in the State House and giving criminals free reign to open fire in public. He has also said he would be a “radically different” governor than Gov. Lynch[ii], with extreme positions like rejecting federal funds for local schools[iii] and ignoring rising tuition costs caused by cuts to higher education.[iv] He supports plans to dismantle Medicare[v], criminalize abortion and limit insurance coverage for birth control[vi], and defund Planned Parenthood, increasing costs for critical health care services for New Hampshire women and families.[vii]

Hassan has been endorsed by the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association and the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire.

“Ovide Lamontagne has made clear that he will stand with the wrong priorities of this legislature, which has repeatedly ignored the urgent warnings of local law enforcement and continues to put forward proposals that undercut our efforts to protect our communities,” said Officer Steve Maloney, Vice President of the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association.  Maloney pointed to the legislature’s near elimination of the Children in Need of Services program, which had helped troubled young people get help before they had criminal problems; proposals to allow felons to get guns; and proposals to eliminate almost all gun licensing.

“We’ve worked with Maggie Hassan and we know that she will stand up for public safety and for our families. That’s why the  Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association is proud to support Maggie Hassan for Governor,” said Maloney, citing Hassan’s work to pass tough news to protect children from sexual predators and to strengthen domestic violence laws.

[i] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cgt0B1VeA4&feature=youtu.be
[ii] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkr_WSOovsk&feature=relmfu
[iii] Ovide rejected federal money to help K-12 NH public schools raise educational standards [Concord Monitor, 8/9/2010] and has said he would do it again [WGIR, 7/24/2012]
[iv] Ovide has said tuition increases were not of “utmost concern” [WMUR, 9/6/2012]
[v] Ovide supports Paul Ryan’s voucher program to end Medicare as we know it [NH Farm Bureau, 8/2012]; believes state legislature should opt-out of Medicare and run program itself [Union Leader, 2/10/2012]
[vi] Supports a “Human Life Amendment” that outlaws all abortion, and even some forms of birth control and fertility treatments [Cornerstone debate, 6/5/2010]
[vii] Ovide supports Bill O’Brien’s decision to completely eliminate Planned Parenthood funding [NHPTV, 2012]


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