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The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

Still waiting for a reason to get involved in this year’s voter canvasses?

According to the most recent UNH Granite State Poll:

The NH House of Representatives is up for grabs. Right now, 35% of poll respondents expect to vote for Republican House candidates; 39% expect to vote for Democrats.  Another 21% are undecided.

Voters still do not know much about the gubernatorial candidates.

·         47% of poll respondents don’t know enough about Ovide Lamontagne to say whether their opinion of him is “favorable”, “unfavorable” or “neutral”.

·         73% of poll respondents don’t know enough about Kevin Smith to have an opinion.

·         72% of respondents don’t know enough about Maggie Hassan.

·         74% don’t know enough about Jackie Cilley.

·         83% don’t know enough about Bill Kennedy.


This knowledge gap persists even among union households.

·         25% of union households don’t know enough about Ovide Lamontagne to have an opinion (and more than a third of union households view Lamontagne favorably).

·         62% of union families don’t know enough about Kevin Smith to have an opinion.

·         56% don’t know enough about Maggie Hassan to say whether they view her favorably or not.

·         58% don’t know enough about Jackie Cilley.

·         77% of union households don’t know enough about Bill Kennedy to have an opinion.


By November, voters may have forgotten this Legislature’s chicanery.   The summer break has been good for the Legislature’s favorability ratings.

·         In April, only 40% of NH residents believed that the State Legislature was doing a good job. Now that the Legislature has been in recess for a couple of months, their favorability rating is up to 45%.

·         The recess has been good for Speaker O’Brien’s reputation, too.  In April, his favorability rating was 15%; now it is 18%.

Read the poll results here and here.


The New Hampshire AFL-CIO is conducting “Labor Walks” throughout the state.  Here are the dates and times of the their local canvasses. 

Sat. October 6                        Labor to Labor Walk – Rochester

9a.m.- 1 p.m.                           IBEW 104 Hall, 312 U.S. Route 4, Barrington, NH 03825

October 9,10,11                      Phone Banks
5p.m. – 8:30p.m.                   NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

TEAMSTERS 633 Office          53 Goffstown Road, Manchester, NH 03105
9am -1pm

October 16, 17, 18                   Phone Banks
5p.m- 8:30p.m.                       NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Trnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sat. October 20                       Labor to Labor Walks — Nashua
9am-1pm                                   Nashua Teachers Union 7C Taggart Dr. Nashua, NH

*October 23,24,25,26            GOTV PHONE BANKS
5-8:30p.m.                               NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sat. October 27                       Get Out The Vote Walks – Manchester
9a.m. – 1 p.m.                          NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sun. October 28                      Get Out The Vote Walk —  Nashua
1p.m. – 4 p.m.                          TBA

*Oct 29, 30, 31  Nov. 1 and 2        Get Out The Vote Phone Banks
5p.m. – 8:30pm                       NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

For more information or to volunteer call: 603-623-7302

If these times do not work for you, consider walking for the Obama for American campaign.  They are walking all the time.  More details here 

Statement issued today by BCTD President Sean McGarvey on the 2012 Democratic Party Platform

In order to move America forward, put Americans back to work, and establish an economy built to last, our members in the building trades need more specifics and less rhetoric. In particular, we would like to see a firm and lasting commitment to re-building our nation’s infrastructure, which would include a long term, and more robust, surface transportation bill; updated Clean Water and Water Resources Development bills; a public school modernization bill; and maintaining the ability of the federal government to utilize project labor agreements for these types of complex construction projects.

Our members understand the great challenges that President Obama inherited in 2009, because our members were among the first casualties of the Great Recession and they have been among the last to enjoy the benefits of 29 consecutive months of private-sector job growth.

From his Executive Order on Project Labor Agreements and leadership on the American Recovery Act, to his shepherding of emergency financial support for the auto industry, and to his continued efforts in support of American Jobs Act and other vital administrative actions, President Obama has worked to expand job opportunities for our members.

The 2012 Democratic Party Platform offers a genuine commitment to the validity and necessity of America’s labor unions. Specifically, it sanctions collective bargaining rights, opposes efforts to enact “paycheck deception,” laws, calls for an increase in the minimum wage, and takes umbrage at the increasing and troubling practice of “employee misclassification.”

Further, the Democratic Party platform offers an endorsement for future investments in transportation, infrastructure and continued domestic energy production – all of which are important avenues for job creation for the U.S. construction industry.

In this important campaign, the men and women of our unions rightfully expect all political candidates to articulate specific ideas and proposals that they plan to advance if elected to office.

When compared side-by-side with the Republican Party platform, which seeks to establish the first-ever National Right-to-Work law, abolish the Davis-Bacon Act and put an end to the federal government’s ability to utilize Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), it’s abundantly clear which Party, and which presidential candidate, supports and represents the interests of the men and women who comprise America’s Building Trades Unions.


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NHLN #Election Coverage 9/6/12: NHGOV Dems Duke It Out, Donna Soucy Hosts Mahlon Mitchell to NH, DNC, and more

Manchester: Democrats drill down | Concord Monitor: “They also joined in casting this primary as a referendum on the sitting Legislature.

“This is the most extreme Legislature the state of New Hampshire has ever seen,” said former state senator Jackie Cilley of Barrington. “My hope is . . . that folks go out there and actually look at who they are voting for and that we have a different Legislature.””

Taxes create a sharp divide in Democratic gubernatorial candidates’ debate | New Hampshire NEWS06: “Hassan, who also lost her Senate seat in 2010, said state lawmakers have focused on a divisive agenda.

“I think 2010 was a time of great anger across the country. I think a number of incumbents felt that,” Hassan said. “I don’t think that’s what the people of New Hampshire have in mind.””

3 Democrats for NH governor in televised debate – Boston.com: “Jobs, the death penalty and New Hampshire’s traditional pledge to veto personal income and sales taxes dominated an hour-long, televised debate Wednesday night by three Democrats running for governor.

Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley — two former state senators — and businessman Bill Kennedy tried to persuade voters in Tuesday’s primary they deserved to replace retiring, four-term Democratic Gov. John Lynch.

Hassan emphasized the need for the state to support education to foster job growth. She touted her plan to restore state aid to the university system cut by Republicans. In exchange, she would ask that student tuition be frozen and more slots opened for resident students.

Cilley said business wants good roads, bridges and an educated workforce. New Hampshire isn’t making investments in those areas, she said.

“There is no magic formula to job creation,” said the 61-year-old Cilley, of Barrington.”

Granite State Debate: Democrats closing statements,

Other videos on WMUR YouTube
Opening Statements
The econonmy
Debate on Northern Pass
Tax Pledge

Maggie gets Nashua Telegraph endorsement.

Hassan the clear choice for Dems – NashuaTelegraph.com: “For 14 of the past 16 years, a Democrat has been governor of New Hampshire. If the party wants to continue its recent dominance of the corner office, it will select Exeter’s Maggie Hassan as its gubernatorial nominee Tuesday. The former Senate majority leader offers the most electable package of experience, perspective and temperament of the three Democratic candidates seeking to succeed four-term Gov. John Lynch.”

Human Rights Campaign Endorses Maggie Hassan for Governor

Calls Hassan a “Champion” for Equality and Fairness

MANCHESTER – Today the Human Rights Campaign – the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization – announced the endorsement of Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan.

“We are proud to endorse Maggie Hassan for Governor of New Hampshire. Maggie has been a champion for fairness, and a leader in the fight for marriage equality here in New Hampshire,” said Marty Rouse, HRC’s national field director. “Anti-equality forces are at work to try and turn back the clock on New Hampshire’s historic marriage equality law. The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher, and we know that Maggie Hassan is the strong leader New Hampshire needs to protect the rights of all families,” added Rouse.

Lamontagne talks education with Herald editors | SeacoastOnline.com: “When asked about the recent 50 percent funding cut for the state university system, Lamontagne said he would like to restore that funding if elected governor, but would not want to see it used to pay for infrastructure. Rather, the funding should be placed in a scholarship support system, he said.”

Don’t turn the clock back on kindergarten | Concord Monitor: “The evidence is clear. Children who attend kindergarten are less likely to need special education or repeat a grade, more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to get in trouble with the law. Students who attend kindergarten, particularly if they have a good teacher, also receive benefits like better social skills and higher earning power that last a lifetime. Despite that, Republican gubernatorial candidates Ovide La-montagne and Kevin Smith oppose the state’s mandate that every school district offer public kindergarten. Their opposition is ideological, not educational, and voters should take note of it.”

Big Budget Dreams: GOP Candidates on Top Priorities | New Hampshire Public Radio: “Lamontagne would lower the Business Profits Tax resulting in an estimated $20 – $30 million dollar shortfall in the first two years of the biennium.

Some of those spending reductions could possibly come from the state’s largest agency – the Department of Health and Human Services.

Lamontagne says he’s heard from voters around the state who are concerned about the integrity of the social safety net.”

Primary Crash Course: How GOP Gov. Candidates Say They Would Jump-Start The Economy | StateImpact New Hampshire: “Next week, New Hampshire voters will decide who gets to run for governor this November.  And despite the fact that most states would envy our 5.4 percent unemployment rate, jobs and the economy are the issues driving the primary elections. StateImpact lays out the similarities–and differences–between the plans of the leading GOP candidates.”

State Senate Canidate Donna Soucy invites everyone to hear Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Wisconsin Professional Firefighters.

Donna Soucy is also citing sponsors: APWU Local #230, IATSE Local #195, IBEW Local #2320, Ironworkers Local #7, IUPAT District Council #35, Laborers Local #668 & Local #976, Manchester IAFF Locals #856 & #3820, Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association,NEA-NH, Professional Fire Fighters of NH, Teamsters Joint Council 10 of New England, UA Local #131, and United Steelworkers Local #8938

DNC Highlights

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What a speech. Click here –>http://bit.ly/Q2erzy <– for the whole video.
it’s worth it.

NH Labor News 9/6/12: Voter ID Law Passes Review, Candia May Leave MHT Schools, AFLCIO President Addresses DNC

Justice Department OKs New Hampshire voter ID law – CNN.com: “Under the new law, which is being phased in over a year, voters who do not have photo identification at the polls will still be allowed to vote after executing what the state calls a challenged voter affidavit. Voters who fill out the affidavit will receive a letter requesting confirmation of voting. If there is no response within a month, the state may investigate to determine if voting fraud occurred. After September 1, 2013, voters must have photo identification.”

Candia reviews school options in wake of Manchester overcrowding | New Hampshire NEWS06: “The Candia School Board will meet with its lawyer tonight to review the town’s options if the Manchester School District does not address the problem of overcrowded classrooms in its high schools.

“We changed our policy so that we’re going to send all students to Manchester unless there is a clear hardship,” LaFlamme said. “At this point Candia is upholding its end of the contract and we expect Manchester to do that as well.””

Richard Trumka Speech At DNC Spotlights Workers’ Rights: “CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Speaking at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka delivered a brief but fiery speech focused on employee rights and collective bargaining, urging listeners to “thank a worker” and to cast a vote for Obama-Biden in November.

“The Democratic platform — unlike its [Republican] counterpart in Tampa -– makes crystal clear that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party will fight to protect and strengthen this fundamental human right” of collective bargaining, Trumka said.”

AFL-CIO’s Trumka: ‘Romney Doesn’t Know About Hard Work’ – Washington Wire – WSJ: ““Last week, Mitt Romney told us that he and his friends built America – without any help from the rest of us,” Mr. Trumka said, referring to the GOP convention in Tampa, Fla. “Well, let me tell you, Mitt Romney doesn’t know a thing about hard work or responsibility,” he added.”

See Trumka’s full remarks and transcript

Why the Battle Between Hotel Workers and Hyatt is Important « Talking Union: “For over three years UNITE HERE, the union that represents hotel workers, and Hyatt Corp. have been engaged in a fierce escalating struggle. The union has recently called for a boycott of Hyatt.
The confrontation between Hyatt and UNITE HERE is part of the world wide struggle for basic human rights, particularly for immigrant workers. It is important that liberals, progressives, workers, and those who believe in economic fairness support the boycott and let Hyatt know of it.”

New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie on Mitt Romney’s Upcoming Visit to Nashua

Just a few short weeks before the election, Romney is returning to New Hampshire without having presented Granite Staters with a clear picture of what the country would look like under his leadership.

At this point in the campaign, New Hampshire’s working men and women deserve to know just what Romney stands for. What is Romney’s plan for the economy? How will he create the twelve million jobs he has promised us? What are the real consequences for our seniors if his plans for gutting Social Security and turning Medicare into an unafordable voucher program are adopted? How will Romney, if he repeals the Affordable Care Act, ensure that insurance companies do not deny coverage to Americans with preexisting medical conditions?

We cannot afford a President Romney who will not be honest with American workers about his political positions, who willfully spreads untruths about the state of Social Security and Medicare and who refuses to “let his campaign be dictated by fact-checkers”.

While Romney has openly promised to give billions of dollars of our tax money to the richest 2% of Americans, he has repeatedly failed to present any solid evidence that he would be a good choice for working people. We are not stupid, and if Romney really wants to win the presidential election in New Hampshire, he will use his time in Nashua tomorrow to give Granite Staters some answers.

MA AFL-CIO President’s Labor Day Message That Was Rejected From Boston Newspapers

In 2008, Scott Brown sought and received the endorsement of the AFL-CIO in his campaign for re-election to the state Senate. Brown did not try to hide his Republican leanings, but he did stress his support for the issues important to the working people of Massachusetts. He mentioned he was a member of two unions — dating back to his time as a magazine model.

But after two short years in the U.S. Senate – manipulated by extremist Republican colleagues – Brown has changed. He has become much more K Street, Washington D.C. than Main Street Wrentham. He is Wall Street’s favorite senator.

His votes are now consistently against the interests of working class men and women, and he prioritizes the issues of the privileged class. He favors the doubling of student interest rates, which benefits his wealthy banker friends, who donate generously to his campaign. He doesn’t vote to extend unemployment benefits for out of work Americans until the Senate approves tax breaks for millionaires.

This is not the Scott Brown we thought enough of to give him our endorsement four years ago. This time around, he has refused to acknowledge our requests for his positions on important issues. As a former colleague and friend for nearly a decade, I worked closely with him on a number of important matters. Party affiliation did not matter to him then. Now it clearly does.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Speaks At DNC

Good evening, brothers and sisters. I’m Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO. I’m a third-generation coal miner from Nemacolin, Pennsylvania. I’m here on behalf of millions of people who do the work of America.

Last week, Mitt Romney told us that he and his friends built America—without any help from the rest of us. Well, let me tell you, Mitt Romney doesn’t know a thing about hard work or responsibility. We are the ones who built America. We are the ones who build it every single day—because it is our work that connects us all.

Look around this convention, at all the hard-working men and women who make this place run—the ones keeping us safe, serving our food, driving our buses, and cleaning up after the party’s over. When we go home tonight, the workers will be mopping and vacuuming, and picking up our trash. So when you have a chance, thank a worker! We know that every worker—here in North Carolina, just like in every state in this country, and every country in the world—deserves the right to organize and bargain collectively. And the Democratic platform—unlike its counterpart in Tampa—makes crystal clear that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party will fight to protect and strengthen this fundamental human right.

My friends, our country has a big job to do. We have to rebuild our middle class—together. Our economy works best when it works for everyone, not just a select few. Our history teaches us that shared prosperity is the only kind that lasts. In the 21st century global economy, prosperity requires leaders committed to creating good jobs by investing in our future—in our ports and roads and bridges and airports, in energy and telecommunications, and in our public schools. Leaders who are serious about rebuilding our manufacturing economy. Leaders like Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

We know that the wealthiest and most powerful among us, those who have benefited most in recent years, must do their part to help rebuild America. Prosperity requires economic security. We will stand with leaders who protect and strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid—not those who plan cuts to benefits working people have paid for, earned and are counting on.

Prosperity requires democracy—starting with the essential right of everyone in this great country to a voice, both in the ballot box and in the workplace. The right to solve problems together and to climb the ladder to the middle class the old-fashioned way, through hard work fairly rewarded. President Obama and Vice President Biden have put the country on the right path—toward jobs and shared prosperity, despite the obstruction they faced from a dishonest, politically motivated, economically challenged republican majority in congress.

We face a choice in November: between division and decline, and unity and growth. We love our country. We built it. We defend it. We wake it up each morning. We make it run, and we put it to sleep each night. Our country needs unity. Our country needs leadership. Our country needs Barack Obama!

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View the entire speech.

New Hampshire’s Greatest Advocate Against Right To Work, Is a Republican???

For those who do not live in New Hampshire you may not be familiar with State Rep Lee Quandt.  Rep Quandt is a very outspoken State Rep who is a life long conservative Republican who also is a truly devoted union member.  He was a member of the State Employees Association until he retired from his career as a parole officer.

Rep Quandt has never held back when he talks about the leadership of the NH House, especially NH Speaker Bill O’Brien. Quandt was and still is one of New Hampshire’s greatest advocates against Right To Work for Less.  He stoop up against the NH Republican platform and opposed Right To Work.  In the past he blasted Speaker O’Brien in his own blog and has taken to calling him “Bully” O’Brien.

In typical Quandt fashion the started his address to the NH AFL-CIO attendee with a shot at Bill O’Brien.  He ask, “Are there any union mail carriers here?” After a quick response from the NH Association of Letter Carriers, Quandt ask, “did you finally get O’Brien his mail?”   Of course Quandt is referring to the Facebook rant by Bill O’Brien when he implied that “Union Thugs” at the USPS were purposely delaying his mail (See story).

Rep Quandt was one of the 42 house Republicans who opposed Right To Work, and now as the elections are coming he offers a word of caution.  He advised that we be careful when we are attacking the Republicans because when we do we are attack the same people who helped uphold the veto.

Even as a life long Republican Quandt is advocating against Ovide Lamontagne.   Why because Ovide is already campaigning on the promise to bring Right To Work to New Hampshire.  Quandt even talked to Ovide about Right To Work and Unions at a political event.  He asked what are going to do about all the union Republican here in New Hampshire who would have nowhere to go? Ovide’s response, as Quandt describes it, “he walked away”.  He does not even want to discuss it.

This is just one of the many reasons we do not want Ovide or Kevin Smith in the corner office.  Quandt stated the fact that many union members in New Hampshire already knew, “if one of the Democrats doesn’t win every thing we worked for is going down the tubes”.

Rep Quandt truly understands the issues surrounding labor in New Hampshire.  Quandt even said, “If ask any politician whats the NH Advantage and they tell you no sales or income tax, don’t vote for them…. The NH Advantage is the workers!”

Now Quandt wants everyone to understand what the current NH House is doing to the NH Retirement System (NHRS).  There are over 75,000 people currently in the NHRS.  “If each one of those people realized how bad they have been attack and they went door to door in their neighborhood and got five votes… your talking about one-quarter of the NH population.”

The best quote of the day was this:

“We cannot afford to loose this battle, if we do, everything you want for your future, your children, your grandchildren, is going down the tubes…” 


You can see the full speech by Rep Quandt below.

Video — Rep Lee Quandt Speaks at NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast

Senator Bernie Sanders, WOW, *Drop Mic*

What can I say about Senator Bernie Sanders, other than he is one of the most awesome speaker I have ever heard.  He has a passion that is unmatched.   As the longest elected Independent in the US Senate, Bernie has been there through good times and bad.

Now Sen Sanders is pushing back against the attacks on the shrinking middle class,  the attacks on workers, the un-holy destruction of Medicare and Social Security.

Pull up a chair, grab a soda, and watch Senator Sanders work his magic.

Sen Sanders speaks at the NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast 9/3/12
Part one,

Part two,

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