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The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

NHLN Election News 8/20: Kuster to be endorsed and Americans for Inequality endorse Romney


CONCORD, N.H. – Congressional candidate Annie Kuster will receive the endorsement of the Alliance for Retired Americans at a press conference tomorrow, Wednesday, August 22nd in Concord. Kuster will discuss her commitment to protecting programs that New Hampshire’s seniors rely on.

‘Americans For Inequality’ Facebook Group Endorses Romney-Ryan Ticket From the Huffington Post:

Americans for Inequality, a satirical Facebook group promoting inequality, endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, in a New Hampshire event on Monday, according to a press release issued on its Facebook page:

Traction comes slowly in the NH Governor Race

Letter talking about how Guinta Helped to create the mess he say we need to fix

NH Democratic Candidates Debate taxes and the “Pledge”

The fight for medicare will become front and center of Presidential Campaign

By Standing With Congressman Ryan, Congressman Bass is Showing What He Really Supports!

Congressman Bass today joined Paul Ryan at a campaign rally in Manchester, cementing his support for the Ryan-Bass Plan that would end Medicare as we know it and force seniors to pay thousands more for their care – all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and corporations that send jobs overseas.

This is just another example of Congressman Bass showing that he is willing to gut Medicare and Social Security to remain elected.  The Ryan Plan would completely transform Medicare by turning it into a “voucher” program where you would be forced to purchase healthcare from private insurance companies.  These are the same insurance companies that refuse service to those who are already sick or have been previously diagnosed with a chronic disorder.

“By standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the architect of the Ryan-Bass Plan, Congressman Bass has proven once more that he is a lockstep Republican who puts the interests of millionaires ahead of seniors and the middle class,” said Rob Friedlander, Communications Director for Annie Kuster. “Congressman Bass’ embrace of Paul Ryan and his plan to end Medicare as we know it has sent an unmistakable message to New Hampshire voters: the Ryan-Bass Plan is now the defining issue in this race.”

There is hope on the horizon,  Anne Kuster is once again running for the Congressional Seat in CD 2.  Kuster is a strong supporter of Medicare and Social Security. Speaking at a press conference after the event, Congressional candidate Annie Kuster criticized Congressman Bass’ support of the Ryan-Bass Plan, highlighting the devastating impacts it would have on New Hampshire’s middle class and seniors.

“I’ve spent my entire life in New Hampshire, and if there’s one thing I know about Granite Staters, it’s that they know right from wrong,” said Kuster. “They know that it is simply unfair for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Congressman Bass to ask middle-class families to pay more, while millionaires and billionaires receive a $265,000 tax break. This isn’t an approach that will grow the middle-class or the economy. This is a one-way ticket back to the failed policies of the past.”

We need our elected officials to stand up against the filthy rich like Mitt Romney and take back control of the US House.  We need to preserve Medicare for future generations and work to preserve Social Security.  We need to elect Anne Kuster.

NHLN Election News 8/20: Cilley Creates National Buzz, Correcting The Lies Around Medicare, Paul Ryan, NH Primary, and more

Election Coverage

Jackie Cilley creates a national buzz over her new ad about Pledge Politics.  See the video story from WMUR.

Polls show that most candidates are unknown. (AP)

The primary will come down to name recognition. (Concord Monitor)

LTE: Resident upset about Romney mis-quoting President Obama on “you did not build that”

LTE: Both sides are happy with Paul Ryan as VP selection

Rep. Paul Ryan will be at Saint Anslelm’s College today to talk about Medicare. (AP)

Truth and lies about Medicare, NYT
“Republican attacks on President Obama’s plans for Medicare are growing more heated and inaccurate by the day. Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan made statements last week implying that the Affordable Care Act would eviscerate Medicare when in fact the law should shore up the program’s finances.”


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The Professional Firefighters Of NH and Jackie Cilley To Start A Six City Tour To Meet Voters

From Jackie for NH Flicker Page (all rights reserved) http://www.flickr.com/photos/75823069@N06/7552601376/

Democratic candidate for governor and Firefighters send message stressing the importance of the middle class

Jackie Cilley will be joining the Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire on a trip across New Hampshire offering free meals and a message of progress to crowds in Londonderry, Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Keene, and Dover next week.

David Lang, president of the firefighters union, said contrary to the poll results, firefighters are paying attention and are ready to work hard to elect Cilley. Next week, they’ll join her on a two-day, six-town tour.

“Our folks are property taxpayers, they live in the communities they work in … they care about their communities,” he said. “So they are engaged and looking at this governor’s race.” (AP)

Voters across the state are invited to take this opportunity to meet Jackie, hear her vision for New Hampshire and understand the importance of the middle class in building the economy. Bring a friend!

FREE chili, hot dogs, chips, condiments, and drinks at the
Fields Grove at the end for Field St.,
Nashua from 5:00-6:30 on Tuesday, August 21st!

JACKIE CILLEY, Democratic candidate for Governor, thinks you should get something free for a change! Bring a friend for a FREE meal and meet JACKIE CILLEY, Democratic candidate for Governor. Eat for FREE and hear her plan to rebuild the economy and create good jobs for the middle class! Take this opportunity in a town near you to meet Jackie, hear her vision for New Hampshire, and how she wants to strengthen the New Hampshire economy and create good jobs. BRING A FRIEND!

If you can’t make it in Nashua, join us in…

FREE bagels and coffee at the Londonderry Town Commons
from 9:00 to 10:30 on Tuesday morning, August 21st !

FREE hot dogs, chips, and drinks at the Cohas Brook Fire
Station (Station 8) 280 East Industrial Park Drive,
Manchester, from noon to 1:30 on Tuesday, August 21st!

FREE bagels and coffee at McKee Sq., on McKee Dr. off Fort
Eddy Rd. from 9:00 to 10:00 on Wednesday, August 22nd!

FREE hot dogs, chips, and drinks at the Keene Gazebo,
Central Square, Keene, from noon to 1:30 on Wednesday,
August 22nd!

FREE chili, hot dogs, chips, condiments, and drinks at Henry
Law Park from 4:00-5:30 on Wednesday, August 22nd!

NH Labor News Clips for 8/20/12: Federal Cuts May Hit City oc Concord, Casinos in NH, USPS and O’Brien Saga Continues

Concord: Federal cuts may hit city | Concord Monitor: “Federal money has helped pay for a lot in Concord, from bulletproof vests for police officers to cleanup efforts at the former Allied Leather Tannery in Penacook and a new building for the Friendly Kitchen.

And while it’s not yet clear how specific programs will be affected by $109.3 billion in budget cuts that kick in early next year if Congress can’t agree on another way to reduce the federal deficit, officials say the result will be less money for local services and projects.

“As we look at any reductions that occur at the federal level, trying to assess the implications of how that will flow down to the state and ultimately to the local municipalities and school districts is certainly concerning for everybody,” said Brian LeBrun, Concord’s deputy city manager for finance.”

It’s up to voters to keep out casinos | Concord Monitor: “Since there’s no choice on the issue at the top of the ticket, voters who don’t want to see New Hampshire’s politicians in thrall to gambling interests will have to focus on House and Senate races.”

Resident stands up for post office and union members in LTE:
“for the local store owner being ‘threatened’ with a boycott for posting his signs, if she chooses to put her opinions in front of her business, her clientele has a right to tell her that’s why they’re no longer shopping there.”

Officials may seek ‘No Child’ waiver | New Hampshire NEWS04: “State education officials are moving closer to applying for a waiver from No Child Left Behind proficiency requirements — a 180-degree change in plans from earlier this year.

“We have had several discussions with education leaders, and sent a white paper to federal education officials, who were very encouraging, saying we should move ahead on this,” New Hampshire Deputy Commissioner of Education Paul Leather said Sunday night. “Now we are looking to make sure we reach out to all the stakeholders for their input before we make a final decision.””

Off-duty firefighter saves driver from fire in NH: “LOUDON, N.H. (AP) — A man is recovering from a car fire in Loudon, N.H., after an off-duty firefighter and neighbors rushed to the scene to save him.

Rich Edgecomb heard what sounded like a tree hitting the house on Sunday. The car had crashed and caught on fire, and the driver was trapped inside.

The off-duty firefighter told WMUR-TV (http://bit.ly/SHrPXi) he found a fire extinguisher in the back of the car and put out the fire before focusing on the driver.”

VIDEO MANCHESTER, N.H. — Dash cam shows a Manchester officer pull a man from a burning vehicle after a car crash.

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NHLN Election News Coverage 8/19: Cilley’s Second Ad, POTUS In NH Videos, Maggie on WMUR, and more

Jackie Cilley’s second ad released this week.

President Obama talks about the Romney Tax Cuts

President Obama visits Rochester NH. NH Patch

“”I want to keep taxes right where they are for the first $250,000 of income,” the President said. “Under my plan, you wouldn’t see your taxes go up a single dime next year.”

James Pindell goes one on one with Maggie Hassan. 30 minute video on WMUR

2 Democrats running for governor speak at Stoddard forum | New Hampshire NEWS06: “Democratic candidates for governor Jackie Cilley and Bill Kennedy met with a friendly crowd at a Stoddard Democrats event at Lakefalls Lodge on Saturday afternoon to speak about the issues in the race and eat a bit of blueberry cobbler.

The absence of fellow gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan was duly noted by the other candidates, members of the Stoddard Democrats and other attendees, who said her snub didn’t reflect well on her.

Richard Whitney, chairman of the Stoddard Democrats, said Hassan was lured away by the arrival of President Barack Obama in the Granite State this weekend for a recently announced campaign stop.”

Hassan seeking to take state forward as next governor – NashuaTelegraph.com: “Maggie Hassan was compelled to run for the governor’s office this year because there’s too much at stake.
“I’m also very concerned that the tea party in this state is poised to consolidate power by taking the governor’s office,” said Hassan, of Exeter. “We just can’t let that happen. It would take the state backwards.””

Letter: Outside interest in the governor’s race | Concord Monitor: “t’s curious that the national Democratic Party has taken such an interest in the primary race for governor. Out-of-state money and endorsements seem to all go to Maggie Hassan, and even an ex-president came to show his support. They all must consider Hassan more electable but want to be sure to help her get past the primary where she might not be. So much for local issues and voters.

The real goal here, of course, is getting President Obama re-elected. This, they calculate, will be much easier if he is on the same ballot as someone who is not controversial, who might offer the type of challenge that hand-wringers in the party want to keep at a distance. In this case that would be Jackie Cilley, who has the audacity to run for office as a Democrat without first vetting herself with the Republican Party.”

NH Labor News 8/19: Voter ID Law Challenge, Tom Morrello Against Paul Ryan, NH Prison Privatization, and more

News on NH Voter ID from The NH Union Leader:
“New Hampshire must run election-law changes by the Department of Justice because about a dozen communities failed to see 50 percent of their adult population voting in the 1968 presidential primary election. The turnout was too low.

The department will next review the New Hampshire law requiring photo identification to vote in November’s general election.

Many observers have been watching to see what happens in Pennsylvania, which has a law very similar to New Hampshire’s, also passed by a Republican-controlled legislature.

Late last month, the Department of Justice announced it would investigate the Pennsylvania law to determine whether it discriminates against minorities.”

Read the statement from AFL-CIO President Trumka on the Pennsylvania Voter ID ruling.

News on the Prisons For Hire, from the Union Leader
Three out-of-state companies vying to build a new men’s prison in New Hampshire have paid more than $130,000 in lobbyist fees to three Concord firms to win support for their proposal, according to state records.

Corrections Corporation of America, based in Nashville, Tenn., outpaced its rivals, providing more than $101,000 to the Rath, Young and Pignatelli law firm since 2011, according to a New Hampshire Sunday News review of lobbyist income and expense reports.

“Generally speaking, because governments are our partners, we obviously educate through government relations,” CCA spokesman Mike Machak said in an email. “It’s how we transparently share information about the services and solutions we provide and make sure we’re up to date on any specific needs they may have.”

POLL: Did O’Brien Go Too Far in Union Criticism? – Nashua, NH Patch: “His post claimed that his yard signs are being pulled from public areas and that mailers he has sent out are taking longer than usual to reach voters. He even speculated that union employees in the postal service were to blame. A union representative responded by calling O’Brien “paranoid.”

What do you think? Did O’Brien go too far in his criticism of union employees? Or do you think his comments were on target? Vote in our poll below, and leave a comment with your thoughts.”

NH to seek waiver from federal school law – Boston.com: “The deadline for the third round of waivers is Sept. 6, but the Nashua Telegraph reported Saturday that the state’s waiver application could be submitted as early as this month.

State Deputy Commissioner of Education Paul Leather said New Hampshire already has submitted a concept paper to the federal government and received encouragement to move forward with the waiver.

New Hampshire education officials in February said they wouldn’t seek a waiver from the proficiency requirements that come with the program, choosing instead to develop and implement their own accountability system to improve student performance and teacher effectiveness.”

State education officials change course, plan to apply for NCLB waiver – NashuaTelegraph.com: “State education officials plan to apply for a waiver from No Child Left Behind after saying earlier this year they would pass on the program.
The waiver application could be submitted as early as this month. The deadline for the third round of waivers is Sept. 6.”

Tom Morello: ‘Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against’

Don’t mistake me, I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta “rage” in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. Basically the only thing he’s not raging against is the privileged elite he’s groveling in front of for campaign contributions.

You see, the super rich must rationalize having more than they could ever spend while millions of children in the U.S. go to bed hungry every night. So, when they look themselves in the mirror, they convince themselves that “Those people are undeserving. They’re . . . lesser.” Some of these guys on the extreme right are more cynical than Paul Ryan, but he seems to really believe in this stuff. This unbridled rage against those who have the least is a cornerstone of the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tom-morello-paul-ryan-is-the-embodiment-of-the-machine-our-music-rages-against-20120816#ixzz23oYV1cZk

NHLN Election News 8/18: Poll Shows Cilley Running Strong, Two Must See Video’s Bad Week For Guinta,

Polls show Jackie Cilley running strong

Despite a late launch, Jackie Cilley in good standing in gubernatorial race

Barrington – Two polls released this week (The WMUR/Granite State poll and a PPP poll) confirm what our research has shown and what we’re hearing from people across the state: the governor’s race in New Hampshire is wide open. Despite attacks by conservatives like Grover Norquist, Jackie Cilley remains a top contender because voters want an independent leader who will have an open and honest conversation with them about jobs, the economy and the future of our state, uncensored by pledges that prevent all voices from being heard.

These are the fourth and fifth pubic polls conducted since the spring (two PPP, one Rasmussen, and two UNH/Granite State) that demonstrate that Jackie’s campaign remains neck-and-neck with the other leading candidates.

“This is a sheer toss-up, but if there is movement, it will probably be toward the Democratic nominee,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling, in a release this week.

“Our team is pleased with the results as we entered this race only in February which is late in comparison to others. We are still building momentum in our campaign and growing our name recognition across the state. I believe the election will be won by the person who shows the leadership necessary to revitalize our economy to create good jobs,” said Jackie Cilley. ” Voters want a governor who will bring some common sense back to Concord and they know that I will be that type of governor.”

The poll conducted by respected national firm Public Policy Polling shows Jackie Cilley is tied within the margin of error with GOP frontrunner Ovide Lamontagne. The WMUR/Granite State poll reported similar results.

Kevin Smith says He will not be walking around like a Zombie, well maybe after the election.
VIDEO: Smith Denies Being a ‘Zombie’ – Concord, NH Patch: ““While I think it was a good, humorous cute attempt at poking fun at the pledge, you won’t be seeing me walking around like a zombie any time soon,” he said. “Maybe after the election I’ll do my best impression of one.””

Another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Congressman Frank Guinta

 Another bad week for Congressman Guinta.  The former Chairman of the NH Republican Party wrote an op-ed condemning the Congressman for cancelling his promised appearance at the Seacoast Republican Women’s Forum, saying Frank Guinta forgot who elected him and asking why the Congressman is afraid to face his primary challengers.  The New Hampshire Union Leader wrote an editorial called “Really, Frank Guinta?” about his attempts to trick New Hampshire voters into believing Carol Shea-Porter was the incumbent and he was just the candidate.  The editor wrote that this “stunt” resulted in a personal negative perception of Congressman Guinta.  And to top the week off, three new polls were released, and Congressman Frank Guinta was losing to Carol Shea-Porter in all three. All in all, another rough week.

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement:
“Congressman Frank Guinta’s antics and tricks have clearly shown New Hampshire voters the difference between Carol Shea-Porter and him.  Carol is running to restore integrity and a New Hampshire work ethic to the NH-01 seat.”

Please Take a minute to LIKE Elect David McCloskey’s facebook page and show support for workers who are running for state reps to counter the attacks on workers from the NH Legislature.

A great video from the National Building Trades Council on the importance of this election. Proof that Mitt Romney has already shown he will not support the workers and will fight to take away PLA’s and Davis-Bacon act.

What would the Ryan Plan look like? Check out this short video

Letters: Romney-Ryan ‘Out of Touch’ – Nashua, NH Patch: “Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has chosen a vice presidential running mate whose values are out of touch with the majority of Americans. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is greatly admired by his fellow Republicans. However, as a congressman he proposed a budget that would effectively rip away health care, services, and income from our most vulnerable populations. Ryan’s budget is not about saving money or reducing the deficit, however: under the same plan, tax breaks for people who accrue capital gains from investments are preserved and expanded however. In other words, Ryan believes that budget savings should come on the back of everyone but the wealthiest Americans.”

NH Labor News 8/18: Two CWA Units Vote For New Contracts, NH DOT Budget Cuts Hurt NH Town, PFF-NH Help Make Day Of Hope, and more

Windham Fire Helps Give Salem Boy ‘Day of Hope’ – Windham, NH Patch: “A local Salem boy faced with numerous health issues got to live his dream of being a firefighter for a day last week, thanks to the Windham and Salem Fire Departments.

Sean Corey, 5, of Salem, was born with chronic kidney disease, chronic bladder disease and epilepsy and according to his mother, Patricia, was only given nine months to live by doctors after he was born.

Against those odds, Sean has persevered through multiple reconstructive surgeries to this day. So many trips in local ambulances had an impact that might not be expected: Sean’s dream is to one day do what firefighters and EMTs do.”

Cuts in DOT’s budget leaves road stripeless in Litchfield – NashuaTelegraph.com: “Cuts in the state Department of Transportation’s budget have left Hillcrest Road looking a little naked.

The road has no stripes, which is a point of concern for selectmen and the town administrator.

The street runs in front of the town offices. It was paved roughly a month ago by the state, Town Administrator Jason Hoch said. The center and fog lines haven’t been repainted, an issue that was raised during Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting.
The paving work wasn’t topnotch, either, and isn’t the approach that the town’s road agent would have taken to pave the roadway, Hoch said.”

Nanocamp plant a highlight of Shaheen tour with SBA chief | New Hampshire NEWS02: ““Without capital, a small company or any company is toast,” said the company’s CEO Peter Antoinette, who founded the company along with the inventor of nanofiber, David Lashmore. The SBA “has been a supremely great pump-primer in the early stages.”

Under the SBA’s Small Business Innovation Research Program — which requires government agencies to allocate 2.5 percent of their research funding to small businesses — the company has received approximately $6 million across several government grants.”

Report: LGC must return $50 million | New Hampshire NEWS06: “The Local Government Center has to refund $50 million to cities and towns, according to ruling by a special hearings officer for the Secretary of State’s Office.

The organization will also have to reorganize within 90 days or lose its non-profit status and pay the state insurance tax.”

CWA Members at Two AT&T Units Ratify New Contracts
Negotiations continue for workers at AT&T West and AT&T East, AT&T Southeast union members to vote on tentative pact

Washington, D.C. — In two separate contract ratification votes, members of the Communications Workers of America approved new contracts at AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy.

CWA represents about 15,000 AT&T Midwest members in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, and about 5,500 AT&T Legacy members in a nationwide unit.

CWA members in both units overwhelmingly approved the new contracts.

District 4 Vice President Linda Hinton said members clearly appreciated that “In these tough times, our committee was able to get a contract that enhanced both our employment security and our standard of living.”

CWA Telecommunications and Technologies Vice President Ralph Maly said “the union bargaining committee maintained and improved employment security, winning protections against layoffs in the first year of the contract.” Workers also made gains in future retirement security and economic issues.

Negotiations are continuing for new contracts covering 18,000 CWA members in California and Nevada at AT&T West, and for 3,200 workers in Connecticut at AT&T East.

A tentative contract has been reached covering about 22,000 CWAers at AT&T Southeast; members are holding contract explanation meeting in advance of a ratification vote.

Under Pressure, Ohio Abandons Suppressive Voting Hours and GOP Favoritism; Pennsylvania Stays on Democracy-Crushing Course: “As pressure mounted to end a perceived voter suppression campaign, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted announced Wednesday that all counties in the Buckeye State will abide by uniform early voting hours.

Originally, counties were making their own hours via four-person election boards with Husted acting as the tie-breaking vote. Not surprisingly, by the new standards of electioneering many highly Republican counties were going to be staying open later than Democrat-leaning areas. This gave an unfair advantage to Republican candidates as working Democrats would have less opportunity to vote with polls closing at 5PM. To Husted’s credit, he eventually came to his senses after originally participating in the suppression effort.

The Republican directed Ohio’s 88 county boards of election to adhere to these hours of operation during the 35-day early voting period: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the first three weeks, and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the final two weeks.”


J. David Cox was elected national president of the American Federation of Government Employees during the union’s 39th National Convention in Las Vegas August 13-16, 2012. Cox said he would work on strengthening the union by embracing the union’s diverse membership and building consensus among members.

“The strength of unity is the only way we are going to fight back against the anti-government and anti-union forces that want to dismantle the vital programs and services federal employees provide each and every day to millions of Americans,” Cox said. “I am honored and humbled that AFGE’s members chose me to lead this fight.”

New Polling Shows Good News For New Hampshire’s Middle Class

During the 2008 Election is was about Hope and Change. Well today there is still Hope on the horizon and Change is in the wind. Democracy For America released their latest polling numbers about New Hampshire and it was full of good news for the middle class.

First it showed President Obama leading his GOP rival Mitt Romney by six full points with a margin of error of 2.5%. This means that President Obama has officially taken the lead and is no longer statically tied.

While this is very good news for all Americans the better news for Granite Staters were the results of the Congressional races.

The poll is showing “In New Hampshire’s First District, Carol Shea-Porter leads her opponent by a 4 point margin – outside of the margin of error”. While Carol Shea-Porter has been relatively quite her campaign is really gaining momentium. The people of New Hampshire have finally started to see that Congressman Guinta has not been doing anything in Congress.

The DFA Poll shows that only “38% have a favorable opinion” of Congressman Guinta. Even Congressman Guinta has been using the message that Congress is broken. He has even used the message that we need a change in Washington. The part he conveniently forgot to mention is that HE is the current Congressman. He has been trying to encourage people to vote for him as the change that we need in Washington over (former) Congresswoman Shea-Porter. Congressman Guinta is right, we need a change in Washington and it him who has to go.

There was also great news for the Anne Kuster campaign.  She currently leads her opponent, Congressman Charlie Bass by a “4 point margin – again, outside the margin of error”. They also mention that Congressman Bass only has a “39% favorable opinion” in the poll. This poll was conducted prior to Anne releasing her first campaign ad and starting her big push toward November.

The most pressing issue is “jobs and the economy”. Further in the survey they asked if people were in favor of making “Medicare a Voucher Program”? Overwhelmingly 57% opposed the idea! This means good things for Kuster and Shea-Porter who have both come out in opposition to the medicare voucher program. The survey also asked if would you vote for a candidate who would oppose cuts to medicare and social security? Again “67%” said that it would influence their decision.

While the does not mean that either candidate will win in the general election, it does mean that people are beginning to see where the candidates stand on these key issues. We need to continue to get the message out to all Granite States that both Bass and Guinta are in favor of the Ryan Plan which would destroy medicare and social security to give more tax deductions to the wealthy elite.

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