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The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

Don’t Let Christie Fool You: NJ Law Enforcement Speaks Out Against Christie

 Christie claims he has law enforcement’s back, law enforcement says otherwise

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, you can expect to hear Chris Christie try to fool Granite Staters into thinking he’s on the side of law enforcement. He says he “tells it like it is” about his supposed support for the law enforcement community. But the reality of his relationship with this community couldn’t be more different than the lines he’s feeding people on the campaign trail. 

Don’t take it from us, take it from the president of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, Patrick Colligan. He and his organization have been actively campaigning against Christie because of the damage the governor has done to the police force in the state. Just last week, President Colligan took Christie to task, explaining exactly how “supportive” the governor has been to officers in his home state:

He certainly doesn’t have our backs. He certainly hasn’t been friendly to our position. Our organization, the New Jersey State PBA, has been around since 1896. We’ve had a relationship with every governor since 1896. We have had no relationship with this governor. Besides the fact that he has never met with us, besides the fact that we represent nine out of ten police officers in the state -law enforcement officers in the state – when he got into office he systematically started degrading the law enforcement profession in New Jersey.”

“If you’re on a national stage and you’re telling law enforcement throughout this country for a vote that he’s going to support law enforcement, I’m going to tell you that when he signed chapter 78 which is a New Jersey statute back in 2010, I knew then it would be 10 years before I saw a raise. I didn’t foresee the massive amounts of police officer layoffs.”

“It’s impossible to trust someone who says one thing about his commitment to public safety and law enforcement, but does the exact opposite. Chris Christie’s track record with his own state’s police officers and his administration’s work to create a public safety nightmare on the busiest bridge in the world to exact revenge on a political foe reveal the truth about what you can actually expect if he were in the White House,” said Lizzy Price, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director. “Chris Christie may have fooled the Union Leader, but don’t let him fool you when the truth about his record of isn’t deserving of any praise whatsoever. Between the record-breaking nine state credit downgrades, New Jersey’s poor job creation numbers, and leaving law enforcement behind, Chris Christie has clearly shown that he is wrong for New Jersey and he’d definitely be wrong for New Hampshire.”

Kuster Spends Thanksgiving with US Troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait

Kuster in Iraq

Rep. Kuster visits troops from New Hampshire stationed in the Middle East

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Annie Kuster has returned from a Congressional delegation trip to Afghanistan and Kuwait with Members from the House Veterans Affairs Committee and the House Armed Services Committee. The six Representatives received in-country updates on security, political transitions, and counter-terrorism initiatives.

Congresswoman Kuster’s six-day oversight trip included extensive briefings from senior military officials in both countries, as well as updates from the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan P. Michael McKinley and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of Afghanistan. The delegation met with members of the armed forces serving at Bagram Airfield, Camp Integrity, and Camp Arifjan.

“I was honored to spend Thanksgiving with our troops in Afghanistan,” Kuster said. “Americans should be proud of the dedication and commitment of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are working with the Afghan National Army to combat terrorism and bring stability to the region. Our Granite State troops are crucial to the mission and I am dedicated to supporting their efforts and to bringing them home safely.”

Kuster was joined on the bipartisan trip by Representatives Mike Coffman (CO-6), Phil Roe (TN-1), Ralph Abraham (LA-5), Beto O’Rourke (TX-16), and Mark Takano (CA-41).

Kuster is a member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and serves as a Ranking Member of the Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation, which allows the Congresswoman to continue to provide increased oversight at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that every veteran can easily access the resources he or she needs.

NHDP Launches “Granite Staters Against Rubio” Petition and Online Ad Buy

Marco Rubio (Gage Skidmore FLIKR CC)

Marco Rubio (Gage Skidmore FLIKR CC)

Petition offers new tagline: “Retro Rubio: An Old American Century”

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, in partnership with the New Hampshire Young Democrats launched a petition against Marco Rubio’s old ideas and failed policies. The petition offers a more honest tagline for Sen. Rubio – Retro Rubio: An Old American Century. Signers of the petition will become a part of “Granite Staters Against Rubio,” a group of activists committed to revealing the truth about Rubio – that his old, out-of-date ideas aren’t welcome in New Hampshire, no matter who his favorite musical artist is.

The petition is accompanied by a series of Twitter ads, launching today, that remind New Hampshire voters about Rubio’s backwards policies on women’s health, tax cuts for the rich, and refusal to support common sense economic solutions that would help middle class families and young people just starting out.  

“Retro Rubio is trying to fool Granite Staters into thinking he’s a new and different politician. But the truth is he’s just the same type of Grand Old Party politician you’ve seen a million times before,” said Lizzy Price, NHDP Communications Director. “Like so many in the Grand Old Party, Rubio refuses to support policies that advance women’s equality, a middle class agenda, and LGBT rights. Like so many in the Grand Old Party, he wants to take us back to a time when ‘trickle down economics’ was hurting countless middle class and working families across the country. He is clinging so hard to his backwards agenda that he has stayed silent following the shooting at Planned Parenthood, refusing to condemn the Grand Old Party’s dangerous policies and rhetoric that have done nothing but incite fear and violence. As long as Retro Rubio clings to his archaic agenda, he’ll never get the support of Granite Staters and he’ll just keep hurting this country.”

Full petition below: 

Tell Retro Rubio You Want a President for the Future

Dear Friend,

You’ve heard it before. Young candidate tries to gain favor with young voters by talking about “new” policies, and casually mentioning they like the same music you do. Does it work? Only if those policies aren’t actually failed, recycled policies of the past. But Marco Rubio is hoping you ignore his outdated policies. He’s counting on young people to take his rhetoric at face value. Retro Rubio may try and spin us on a “New American Century,” but the truth is his policies are nothing but old-school policies of the past.

Take Rubio’s tax policy that gives an “absolutely gargantuan tax cut to the rich.” It also slashes the corporate tax rate, eliminates the capital gains tax while raising taxes on some of the middle class, all while its author claims it expands the economy. Does this sound familiar? It should. Rubio’s plan is just another reiteration of a failed trickle down tax policy that Republicans have been pushing since the 1980s.

Even worse, Rubio doesn’t support common sense economic solutions that would help us get ahead. He opposes President Obama’s forward looking plan to make community college debt-free and voted against plans to let students refinance their student loans so we have less debt once we graduate. He claims that raising the minimum wage – a proposal that helps countless young people in New Hampshire – is “silly” and calls the debate over the Paycheck Fairness Act, which helps women secure equal pay was “wasting time.”

Marco Rubio’s also wants to repeal Obamacare and take us back to the days when insurance companies could deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or women could be charged more for coverage based on their gender. If Retro Rubio got his way, 90,000 Granite Staters who gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act could see their coverage taken away. By the way, Obamacare repeal is hardly a “new” idea. Every single Republican candidate for President also wants to time warp to the days before Obamacare.

When it comes to the progress we’ve made on equality, Retro Rubio would take us back in time too. He wants to take away a woman’s constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion, and funding for Planned Parenthood. Our LGBT neighbors would also see progress reversed under Retro Rubio. He doesn’t support same sex marriage or a person’s right to not be discriminated against at work  based on who they love.

Granite Staters want a forward-thinking leader that is focused on building on the progress we’ve made over the last 6 years with new ideas. A leader who will continue to fight for New Hampshire’s middle class – to build an economy that works for everyone, to make college more affordable, to make sure Granite Staters have continued access to quality health care, and that all families are given equal opportunities.

Marco Rubio’s plans are more retro than forward-thinking. He should change his tagline to “Retro Rubio: An Old American Century.”

Sign our petition today to make sure Marco Rubio knows that his out-dated plans aren’t welcome in New Hampshire, no matter who his favorite musical artist is.



Granite Staters Against Rubio

Hillary Clinton Receives Endorsement Of Eight NH Mayors

hillary clinton (WisPolitics.com FLIKR)

Hillary Clinton (WisPolitics.com FLIKR)

New Hampshire Mayors Endorse Hillary Clinton, Citing Her Commitment to Strengthening Our Economy and Investing in Infrastructure 

Manchester – Eight New Hampshire mayors and mayors elect endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president this morning, citing her new infrastructure investment plan. Each elected official spoke about the importance of having a partner in the White House who will work with cities and towns to grow their local economies and support New Hampshire families. Specifically, the leaders applauded Clinton’s comprehensive infrastructure investment agenda, which was released earlier today.

“As a mayor, I know how critical things like dependable and updated roads and bridges are to growing our local economy,” said Rochester Mayor TJ Jean. “Hillary has the experience and determination to harness public and private capital to achieve her goals. Goals that include: fixing and expanding our roads and bridges, expanding public transit options, investing in a national freight program, and ensuring that everyone has broadband internet access. These goals are achievable, we just need a leader who has the fight in her to get it done. Hillary is that candidate, and I endorse her for President of the United States.”

“The infrastructure plan that Hillary released is just the latest example of her commitment to fighting to improve the lives of people in New Hampshire,” said Concord Mayor Jim Bouley.  “In Concord, families are often directly and economically impacted by the quality of our infrastructure. Whether it’s the small businesses on Main Street who will benefit from the expanded roadway or the small farmers who need their roads to be repaired in order to move their crops, New Hampshire businesses and families need a fighter who will make infrastructure a priority. Hillary Clinton has a plan—and that is just one reason that I enthusiastically endorse her as the Democratic nominee for President.” 

“Over the years, Hillary Clinton has continued to impress me. Her commitment to addressing the issues that keep Granite State families up at night is evident in everything she does,” said Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard. “Hillary’s comprehensive infrastructure plan is a $275 billion dollar investment in the future of our country. It would be a surge for local businesses, and a signal that she believes our economy has room to grow substantially. If she were to succeed, her plan would improve the lives of New Hampshire families every single day. I am proud to support Hillary for President, because as a mayor, there would be no greater ally in the Oval Office than Hillary Clinton.”

 “In Keene, we depend heavily on our roads because we are somewhat isolated and rural,” said Keene Mayor Kendall Lane. “Infrastructure is a major economic factor for small businesses, farmers, and manufacturers—and for years, the federal government has been underinvesting in our country’s future.  By announcing a $275 billion dollar infrastructure plan—with specific goals, including allocating $25 billion for a national infrastructure bank—Hillary has shown that she is more forward-looking than any person running for President. I support Hillary Clinton for President and believe that she is going to be an ally to state and local governments that need a fighter.” 

“Leadership is not only being able to identify the areas that need improvement, but being able to come up with comprehensive policy proposals that tackle the big issues,” said Portsmouth Mayor Bob Lister. “Hillary Clinton has shown that she is serious about getting things done. She’s a fighter. And whether it’s the substance abuse epidemic or the high levels of student debt, Hillary has shown that she is working for Granite Staters. This is the latest evidence that she hears us, and is working for us. I am devoted to seeing her as our next President.”

“As I campaigned to succeed Mayor Lister in Portsmouth, I heard from families that believe we can do more. By working with the state and federal government, they believe that our local economy can find ways to continue to expand and grow,” said Portsmouth Mayor-Elect Jack Blalock. “But we cannot do that if our infrastructure is a limiting factor. Hillary knows that, which is why she has put together such an ambitious, well-thought-out plan that will create more than $1 million jobs, improve safety, grow our economy, and cut red tape—all while combating climate change. The families of Portsmouth have great hope for the future of our city. And I do too. Which is why I believe we need Hillary Clinton in the White House.” 

“Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive infrastructure investment plan will help us here in Nashua,” said Nashua Mayor-Elect Jim Donchess. “Whether it’s her commitment to the future of passenger rail, her goal of fixing and expanding our roads and bridges, her plan to allocate $25 billion for an infrastructure bank, or her commitment to help solve our heroin crisis, Hillary Clinton is committed to improving our economy and keeping families in southern New Hampshire safe. Hillary’s infrastructure bank could help pay for the capital improvements necessary to bring passenger rail to Nashua…Hillary’s support for Medicaid Expansion will enable people in Nashua to continue to get treatment and achieve recovery from the scourge of heroin addiction – something we definitely need here in Nashua.  As the former and future mayor of New Hampshire’s second largest city, I urge my fellow Nashuans to support Hillary in the race for president. Hillary has shown she is a serious candidate with a vision–and the experience to get things done. I endorse her as my choice to be the Democratic candidate for President.”

“Hillary Clinton is by far the most experienced candidate running for President,” said Rochester Mayor-Elect Caroline McCarley. “I have no doubt she would provide strong leadership for our country at home and abroad, something we desperately need in these challenging times.”

Clinton To Host NH Women’s Economic Opportunity Summit

Hillary Clinton To Host New Hampshire Women’s Economic Opportunity Summit, Discuss Fight for Equal Pay, Paid Leave, and Affordable Child Care

Manchester – Hillary Clinton will return to New Hampshire on December 3rd to host a New Hampshire Women’s Economic Opportunity Summit in Manchester.  Clinton will discuss how investing in paid family leave, affordable child care, and fighting for equal pay can strengthen the economy. 

Clinton is a lifelong champion for women and children.  Throughout her trip in New Hampshire, she will engage local leaders, stakeholders, and voters in a discussion on how, as President, she would fight to ensure that Granite State families have the opportunities they need to get ahead and stay ahead. 

Earlier in the day, Clinton will also tour a local small business in Nashua.  In New Hampshire this summer, Clinton vowed to be the small business president and to fight to make it easier to start and grow a small business in America.

In the evening, Clinton will host a town hall meeting in Dover, her 16th town hall or open forum in New Hampshire this year.  

Individuals who would like to attend the Women’s Economic Opportunity Summit can sign up here http://hrc.io/1R1f9wb.

Individuals who would like to attend the town hall in Dover can sign up here: http://hrc.io/1XwhYoQ

Black Friday Protests Kick Off In Dozens Of Cities

Dozens of Black Friday Actions Take Place Outside Walmart Stores Nationwide OUR Walmart and Allies United in Call for $15/hour And Full-Time

Comes On The Heels Of A More Than Two Week Fast
By 1,400 Calling Out The Giant Retailer for the Hunger Crisis at Walmart

Black Friday Protests (Image by Mary Clinton Twitter)

Black Friday Protests (Image by Mary Clinton Twitter)

Friday, November 27, 2015 — Today, in cities across the county, Walmart workers and dozens of allied groups are joining together in a united call for “$15 and full-time” for the millions of hardworking associates who are struggling to put food on the table this holiday season on Walmart’s poverty pay and inconsistent hours. Today’s actions, outside a dozen Walmart stores across the nation, comes on the heels of a more than two-week fast by 1,400 people, including hundreds of Walmart workers, many of whom are working this holiday season, including Jasmine Dixon, a mother of two in Denver Colorado and Lisa Pietro, a grandmother in Winter Haven, Florida. This is the fourth year of Black Friday actions by OUR Walmart and the biggest coalition yet – with more than twenty-two different organizations partnering in the actions.

OUR Walmart Black Friday actions are taking place at hundreds of stores across the country today including large crowds expected in: New York City, Tampa, Washington, DC, Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland and Detroit.  More than 200,000 have signed petitions calling on Walmart to change. You can follow along using the hashtag #Fastfor15 and learn more at: http://protests.blackfriday.

Their message is clear: while Walmart employees can barely put food on the table this Thanksgiving, Walmart continues to thrive as the largest supplier of groceries in the nation and line the pockets of the Walton family with corporate greed. Anything less than $15 and full-time is not enough for Walmart workers.

“This Black Friday, Walmart will not be able to ignore their employees who sacrifice time with their families—even on Thanksgiving, like me—to earn a paycheck that won’t even cover basic groceries,” said Pat Scott, a Walmart employee in Washington. “We’ve been fasting for $15 an hour and full-time work outside of stores and Walton estates across the country—they know we’re going hungry, that my co-workers and I skip meals and pick up our dinners at food banks on our way home. The question is whether Walmart will use any of last year’s $16 billion in profits to do anything about it.

“This Thanksgiving, I worked at Walmart for the third year in a row because I worry about becoming homeless again like I was when Walmart forced me to taken an early, unpaid maternity leave,” said Jasmine Dixon, a Walmart employee in Colorado. “But I deserve more than such a low wage that my family and I still have to rely on food stamps and donations. Walmart needs to learn to respect us as people who work hard every day and stop taking advantage of us.”

This week, OUR Walmart released company testimony to the public for the first time revealing Walmart’s surveillance of their workers fighting for $15 an hour and full-time work in the wake of Black Friday strikes in 2012 and the “Ride for Respect” in 2013. In addition to closely monitoring the lawful labor rights activism of its associates on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as the company faced a wave of bad publicity and negative same store sales, Walmart enlisted military industrial giant Lockheed Martin to spy on its workers and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force to gather intelligence on protests.  

In response to these acts by Walmart, OUR Walmart is launching a campaign focused on key members of the congress whose responsibility it is to oversee the FBI and its activities.  You can see the campaign here – https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/help-us-ensure-that-walmart-stops-collaborating-with-the-fbi-terrorism-taskforce.

Quick Facts:

●     The Walton heirs own half of Walmart, which raked in $16 billion in profits over the last year. Their wealth has been greater than the bottom 42 percent of all American families combined.

●     More Americans buy their groceries at Walmart than anywhere else — capturing about 25% of the grocery market in the U.S., and up from around 7% in 2002, yet workers can’t even afford to shop there.

●     Walmart is the largest company by revenue in the US — and their US retail sales exceed those of Kroger, Target and Costco combined.

●     37 million people shop at Walmart every day — that’s more than the entire population of Canada.

APWU Step In To Voice Concerns Over Staple/Office Depot Merger

In Meeting with FTC Staff, Union Voices Skepticism about Essendant as a Substitute for True Competition in the Office-Supply Market  

WASHINGTON – On November 18, representatives of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) met with Federal Trade Commission investigators to present the union’s report Bad for Business.”  The report is an analysis of how the proposed merger of Staples and Office Depot would hurt American businesses if it were approved by federal regulators. 

The report examines the impact of the proposed merger of America’s largest and second largest office-supply superstore chains on business-to-business transactions.

The APWU study reveals that a combined Staples and Office Depot would have over $14 billion in annual sales to business customers in North America – nearly 14 times greater than its nearest competitor. Competitors to a combined Staples/Office Depot would be so small and weak that APWU President Mark Dimondstein has described it as “Bambi vs. Godzilla.”

In the meeting, held at the FTC’s Washington offices, the APWU also voiced strenuous objections to relying on office-supply wholesaler Essendant to remedy the harm that would be caused by combining the top two competitors.

Even with the addition of divested Staples corporate contracts, Essendant would not be a significant competitor in the office-supply market, the union said.

A spin-off of corporate contracts could not offer more than a short-lived solution because contracts could easily return to Staples, the APWU pointed out. FTC representatives responded that, as with any FTC-approved settlement, any possible settlement agreement in this case would need to exhibit “simplicity and concreteness.”

APWU representatives also stressed that Essendant was not a fair substitute for businesses looking for nationwide one-stop shopping comparable to what they currently receive from the two large competing retailers.

In addition to its “Bad for Business report, APWU also released a study in May 2015, “No Sale, describing why the merger of the giant office-supply chains was bad for consumers.

No Sale identified four specific reasons why the proposed merger of the only two remaining office-supply superstore chains in the U.S. should be blocked, including:

1. Mass market retailers, such as Target and Walmart, are not true competitors with office superstores. 

2. Once the office-supply superstore market shrinks to a single company, it will never grow back because the barriers to entry would be too high.

3. Internet retailers are not true competitors in the office-supply market. They can’t compete for business from the more than one in five U.S. households – about 65 million people – who do not have Internet access.

4. Higher prices and reduced choice – the inevitable consequence of a monopoly market – will cause disproportionate harm to communities of color and low-income households.

A decision from the FTC staff is expected on December 8, although another extension is possible. Reviews from regulators in Canada and the European Union will extend into 2016.


The American Postal Workers Union represents 200,000 employees of the United States Postal Service, and is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. For more information on APWU, visit www.apwu.org

Stronger Together: Envoy Agents Vote for CWA Representation


Washington, D.C. — Nearly 5,000 Envoy Air agents (formerly American Eagle) joined together and voted overwhelmingly for representation by the Communications Workers of America in an election conducted by the National Mediation Board.  

The agents work at 102 stations nationwide and have a broad range of responsibilities for passenger service and fleet service work. Envoy is owned by American Airlines Group. 

Several agents attended the vote count at the NMB, including Takisha Washington, Christopher Rhodes and Aushya Hoover. 

Takisha Washington, from Dallas-Fort Worth, said, agents “need a union to create fairness, a safer work environment, job security and better wages.”  

Christopher Rhodes of Little Rock, Ark., said, “This is going to really help people out. We will be able to bargain for things like days off and healthcare, and we will be able to bargain to improve our wages.” 

“This means everything to me,” said Aushya Hoover of Rochester, New York. “We work right next to mainline airlines and they implement different rules for us. We’re treated unequally and unfairly. Now that we have a union, we can finally get some parity.”

“I think it’s great that Envoy agents have voted to be part of CWA,” said Chris Kress, an American Airlines passenger service agent at Dallas-Fort Worth. “We can’t let the company pit us against each other and against even lower paid contractors who are not employees.  Now all agents at the New American Airlines — Legacy AA, Legacy USAirways, Piedmont and Envoy — are part of the CWA family.  Like our red wrist bands say–we are stronger together.  It takes all of us standing together to improve our wages and working conditions.” 

Envoy agents have been mobilizing for the right to union representation and to negotiate for fair wages and to improve their jobs. Without a union voice, agents had little or no job security and no say about their wages, as their work is often outsourced to a lower bidder. Their jobs are stressful and demanding, with agents cross-trained and cross utilized to carry out a number of different jobs.   

In addition to the Envoy agents, CWA represents 15,000 agents at American Airlines and about 4,000 agents at Piedmont. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA represents nearly 60,000 Flight Attendants at 19 airlines. 

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Answers Charity’s Plea for Help

With less than a month until Operation Santa Claus delivery day, the situation looked dire. Though the charitable program of the State Employees’ Association had found sponsors for thousands of children, more than 400 still needed help. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation came to the aid of these children with a generous contribution of $4,000.

Operation Santa Claus, also known as OSC, first began over 50 years ago when a small group of state employees decided to pool their resources to provide Christmas gifts for children in need. Since that time, the program has grown exponentially providing holiday cheer for about 3,000 children living all around the state.  NH DHHS social services case workers identify the children and through the generosity of active and retired state employees, members of other SEA/SEIU Local 1984 bargaining units, the public and corporations each child receives items they need, as well as items they want.  Many of the children are abused, neglected or homeless.

OSC put out a plea for help in the State Employees’ Association online newsletter, which caught the attention of WMUR-TV. The station broadcast a short feature, which drew a response from the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation. The Foundation donated $4,000 to sponsor the remaining children.

“Knowing that these children will have a happy Christmas filled with good cheer and gifts is thanks enough for us,” said Beth Roberts, Senior Vice President, Regional Markets for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.  “At Harvard Pilgrim giving back to the community is an essential part of our mission throughout the year, and we are delighted to join with state employees and others in supporting Operation Santa Claus.”

Linda Farrell, a State of NH retiree and the chair of the Operation Santa Claus Committee, said OSC is truly a community effort that depends on its volunteers and donations big and small.

“We couldn’t succeed without help from caring people and organizations across the state,” Farrell said. “We’re incredibly appreciative of this donation from the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, which will help hundreds of children.”

“We also want to thank WMUR-TV for getting the news out,” Farrell said.

“Together, with the people who donate a few dollars or sponsor just one child, or a company that donates hundreds of dollars, the community comes together to help make the holiday season just a bit brighter for children and families in need,” said Richard Gulla, President, SEA/SEIU Local 1984. “On behalf of our organization, I thank Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation for helping us reach our goals this year.”

“All children who needed sponsors will get presents to open on Christmas Day, just as they have for all of Operation Santa Claus’ 55 years of operation,” said Gulla. “Volunteer help is needed on drop-off days of Nov. 30, and Dec. 1 and 2, as well as the distribution day of Nov. 10. If you can volunteer some time on one of those days, you can email seaosc@seiu1984.org.”

You can read more about OSC online at www.seiu1984.org/operationsantaclaus.

LiUNA Endorses Hillary Clinton

LIUNA Banner

Washington, D.C. – Following a deliberative and democratic process to thoroughly consider the opinions and the views of LIUNA members; including a membership poll and a vote of the General Executive Board, Terry O’Sullivan, General President of LIUNA, made the following statement today on the endorsement of Secretary Clinton:

LIUNA is proud to endorse Secretary Clinton for President of the United States. The strong, proud and united members of LIUNA will be on the frontlines of the 2016 elections; on the streets, knocking on doors, making calls and encouraging family, friends, and neighbors to elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of the United States.

LIUNA members and leadership believe that Secretary Clinton is the right leader to move our country forward and the most qualified candidate to address the many challenges facing the United States.

LIUNA members are deeply concerned about the direction of our country and are looking for a real leader who will create good jobs, rebuild our country, and grow our economy. Secretary Clinton’s record proves that she is a tough and tested fighter for our nation and for working men and women.

LIUNA is eager to work with Secretary Clinton, as the next President of the United States, to help enact legislation and promote policies that provide long-term investment in America’s roads and bridges, and encourage a real all-of-the-above approach to energy development. We also look forward to working with Secretary Clinton on repeal of the so-called Cadillac tax, fair postal reform, and policies that protect pensions and support public employees.

After Secretary Clinton received the endorsement, Hillary Clinton relased the following statement:

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, one of the fastest-growing and most diverse unions in the country.”

“Unions like LIUNA have helped build the great American middle class, and they are essential as we work to build the good-paying jobs and careers of the 21st century. It’s time to put more Americans to work modernizing our infrastructure—building roads and bridges, repairing leaky pipelines, upgrading our water systems, and hardening our energy system against the threats of cyberattack and climate change. As President, I will fight to increase investment in our infrastructure, including our energy infrastructure, and will protect the prevailing wage standards and project labor agreements that make construction careers middle-class careers.”

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