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About NH Labor News

The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

NH Senate Tables — Essentially Killing — Right To Work Legislation After 12-12 Vote

Senator Soucy Applauds Defeat of Senate’s So-Called Right to Work Bill

CONCORD – Senator Donna Soucy of Manchester applauds the bipartisan defeat of Senate Bill 107 the so-called “Right to Work Bill” on the Senate Floor by a tie vote of 12-12.

“I am pleased to see the bipartisan defeat of the so-called ‘Right to Work Bill’,” said Senator Soucy. “There’s a reason why Democrats and Republicans have come together to defeat this flawed proposal for decades – it’s simply wrong for New Hampshire.”

After failing to pass on a 12-12 tie vote, the Senate voted to table the proposal which kills the bill for the year. It would require 13 votes to take the bill off the table.

“The facts remain clear, New Hampshire has a lower unemployment rate and a stronger economy than most states with so-called right to work laws,” said Senator Soucy. “In states with a so-called right to work law, workers on average have a lower standard of living, bring home less in their paychecks and go without health insurance more frequently.”

“I want to thank my Republican Senate colleagues for standing up and joining Senate Democrats to defeat this anti-worker legislation.”

Governor Hassan’s Statement on Senate Transportation Committee Rejecting Bill to Give New Hampshire Residents Choice on Drivers’ Licenses

Governor Directs Division of Motor Vehicles to Begin Notifying Renewal and New License Applicants that New Hampshire Driver’s Licenses May Not Be Accepted at Federal Facilities

CONCORD – Following a vote yesterday by the Senate Transportation Committee to recommend killing Senate Bill 262, legislation that would give New Hampshire residents a choice whether to obtain a federally accepted driver’s license or other identification card, Governor Maggie Hassan directed the Division of Motor Vehicles to begin notifying applicants for new licenses and license renewals that their New Hampshire driver’s license may not be accepted at some federal buildings, and may not be accepted for air travel as early as 2016.

In addition, Governor Hassan also today wrote New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation urging them to seek further extensions for New Hampshire under the federal secure identification law, known as REAL ID.

The federal government notified New Hampshire in late November that it would begin implementing the federal REAL ID law on a rolling basis and that New Hampshire identifications would not be accepted. After discussions with the leadership of the House and the Senate, Governor Hassan and the Department of Safety worked with Senator Donna Soucy to introduce legislation that would give New Hampshire residents the choice of whether or not to get a federally accepted license.

“This common-sense legislation would give Granite Staters the choice to obtain a license or identification card that is compliant with federal requirements for acceptance in certain facilities, or to instead receive a driver’s license that will only remain acceptable for state use,” Governor Hassan said. “I certainly understand the Senate Transportation Committee’s hope that the federal government is just crying ‘wolf,’ but given the potential consequences to New Hampshire citizens, it is important that we make sure that they have all of the information. Therefore, I have asked the Division of Motor Vehicles to begin notifying applicants for new license and license renewals that their New Hampshire driver’s license may not be accepted at federal buildings and, beginning as early as 2016, may not be accepted for travel on airplanes.”

Under current law, New Hampshire driver’s licenses are not compliant with federal requirements and may not be accepted for entrance into federally secure facilities, such as the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, federal buildings, and –  no sooner than 2016 – may not be accepted for travel on airplanes. Senate Bill 262 would give New Hampshire residents the option to obtain a driver’s license or other identification card that will be accepted for entrance into these facilities, or to not obtain such a license and receive one that is just acceptable for state use. Without this legislation, New Hampshire residents could be required to obtain a federal passport in order to enter secure facilities or to travel on airplanes.

New Hampshire licenses and identification cards had been accepted for use at certain federal facilities under an extension waiver from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), but DHS indicated in a letter last November that there was not adequate justification for another extension and beginning in January of this year, federal agencies may not accept New Hampshire licenses and other identification cards for official purposes.

Governor Hassan also submitted a letter in support of Senate Bill 262 to the Senate Transportation Committee.

The letter from DHS and a list of identification provisions with which New Hampshire is compliant and non-compliant are attached. For more information on the DHS enforcement schedule, visit http://www.dhs.gov/real-id-public-faqs.

The federal government has issued the following schedule for phased-in enforcement:

Phase 1            Restricted areas (i.e., areas accessible by agency personnel, contractors, and their guests) for DHS headquarters in Washington   April 21, 2014

Phase 2            Restricted areas for all Federal facilities & nuclear power plants       July 21, 2014

Phase 3            Semi-restricted areas (i.e., areas available to the general public but subject to ID-based access control) for most Federal facilities       January 19, 2015

3a        Facility Security Levels 1 and 2         January 19, 2015

3b        Facility Security Levels 3, 4, and 5, and  military facilities

October 10, 2015

Phase 4            Boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft

A driver’s license or identification card from a noncompliant state may only be used in conjunction with a second form of ID for boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft      No sooner than 2016


Governor Hassan’s full letters to the congressional delegation and the Senate Transportation Committee is below:


The Honorable Jeanne Shaheen

506 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510


Dear Senator Shaheen:


As you may be aware, the Department of Homeland Security has not extended New Hampshire’s waiver under the federal REAL ID law, passed by Congress under then-President George W. Bush. As communicated by the federal government, this will have serious consequences to New Hampshire citizens, who may find themselves unable to enter certain federal facilities or to travel on airplanes beginning as early as 2016.


New Hampshire passed a law forbidding its participation in REAL ID, but unlike other states that have similar laws, this year New Hampshire was notified that the federal government would not continue our waiver. The Department of Homeland Security tells us we differ from those states in two key aspects: we allow drivers to delete their photos from the state’s motor vehicle system and we allow drivers to delete their Social Security Numbers from the state system.


Although only a small percentage of drivers choose those options, the Department of Homeland Security has informed New Hampshire that because these options exist, and because New Hampshire’s Division of Motor Vehicles is forbidden from identifying licenses based on compliance with REAL ID, it did not believe there was adequate justification to extend New Hampshire’s REAL ID waiver. The Department of Homeland Security has also released a phased enforcement schedule that began with the most secure federal facilities and will, according to their schedule, culminate with rejecting New Hampshire driver’s licenses for use in travel beginning sometime in 2016.


The New Hampshire Senate Transportation Committee recently rejected proposed legislation that would have allowed New Hampshire citizens to choose whether to have a federally accepted license. If the New Hampshire Legislature follows the Committee’s lead, New Hampshire citizens won’t be able to make an individual choice on obtaining a federally compliant license, so I am asking you to request that the Department of Homeland Security extend New Hampshire’s waiver, and if the department is unable to continue that waiver under federal law, to file legislation to repeal the REAL ID requirements.


Under both current federal and state laws, New Hampshire citizens may find themselves blocked from travel without warning – whether for a business trip, a vacation or a family emergency. Lack of access to federally accepted identification could also hurt our businesses whose employees must travel to meet clients in other states, and it may also make us less attractive to new businesses that are dependent on travel.


The lack of REAL ID-compliant identification could become a major burden for New Hampshire citizens and business, and I urge you to do whatever is in your power to mitigate these consequences. Thank you for your consideration.


With every good wish,




Margaret Wood Hassan




cc:        Senator Kelly Ayotte

Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster

Congressman Frank Guinta


TTD Applauds House Passage of Amtrak Reauthorization

Transportation Trade Department LogoWashington, DC—Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement about the House passage of the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015 (PRRIA):

“Today the House of Representatives took an important step to sustain Amtrak, America’s national passenger railroad. The overwhelming vote today on the floor of the House also demonstrates that the nation’s largest transportation challenges can be met with bipartisan cooperation and problem solving.

“As transportation unions recently declared in our Executive Committee policy statement, we now have an opportunity to set in motion a long-term vision for federal passenger rail policy. We are pleased that the House has endorsed a multi-year investment for Amtrak at a time when the railroad and its workforce are dealing with rising demand and aging equipment and infrastructure. While we will continue to advocate for higher federal funding levels for Amtrak, PRRIA gives Amtrak a measure of certainty as it advances long-term modernization plans.

“We are especially pleased that the House rejected an amendment that would have zeroed out Amtrak, hollowed out our only national passenger railroad, and destroyed thousands of middle-class jobs. Amtrak is an important driver of jobs and economic development and, like all areas of our transportation system, requires federal support in order to thrive. By voting against the McClintock amendment, members of Congress rejected the idea that the federal government should abdicate its responsibility to fund a key component of our national transportation system.

“Today’s bipartisan action in the House shows that members of Congress have heardAmericans across the country who have called for increased passenger rail service. I especially want to thank Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster and Ranking Democrat Peter DeFazio, as well as Subcommittee Chairman Jeff Denham and Ranking Member Michael Capuano, for crafting this bill and moving it through the House.

“As PRRIA advances in the Senate, we will continue to oppose privatization mandates, outsourcing schemes, and other so-called reforms that would undermine Amtrak and its workforce and that were rejected in the House bill. At the same time, we will push for funding levels necessary to meet the long-term needs of our neglected passenger rail system and ensure that Amtrak is in a position to provide the type and level of service Americans are calling for.”

NATCA Honors Members’ Finest Work at Annual Awards Banquet

LAS VEGAS – Tonight, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) will honor air traffic controllers involved in nine flight assists from around the U.S. at the 11th annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards.

Named for the first air traffic controller, the NATCA Archie League Medal of Safety Awards honors the top examples of skill, dedication and professionalism demonstrated by NATCA members in the previous year. Each honoree saved a life or lives in emergency situations.

“Every day, air traffic controllers keep us safe and sound, seamlessly,” says NATCA President Paul Rinaldi. “Controllers will say it’s routine, but these assists are remarkable and life saving. These men and women provided help during incredibly tough moments; they demonstrated an unbelievable combination of skill, quick thinking and grace under pressure. We are proud to recognize their exemplary efforts.”

The honorees include a Houston TRACON air traffic controller who provided assistance to a pilot stuck above the clouds in terrible weather for two hours and was getting low on fuel; a controller at Potomac Consolidated TRACON who prevented a collision between two aircraft flying under visual flight rules; a Central Florida TRACON air traffic controller who spotted a pilot heading directly into the path of a commercial aircraft and prevented a collision; and two Boston Tower air traffic controllers who prevented a runway collision between two commercial aircraft.

“These award winners went to work ready to handle anything,” says NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert. “They relied on their training, their skill, their team and their supreme professionalism. These incidents all ended safely because of the controllers using every available tool at their disposable. They were determined to do whatever was needed. Congratulations to them on their incredible performances.”

The awards ceremony will stream live on http://www.natca.org, beginning at 8:15 p.m. PST.

The 2015 Archie League Medal of Safety Award winners are:

  • Alaskan Region: Parker Corts, Anchorage Center
  • Central Region: Travis Arnold, Omaha TRACON
  • Eastern Region: Joseph Rodewald, Potomac Consolidated TRACON
  • Great Lakes Region: Justine Krenke, Adam Helm, and Mike Ostrander, Green Bay Tower/TRACON
  • New England Region: Kelly Eger and Sarah LaPorte Ostrander, Boston Tower
  • Northwest Mountain Region: Mark Haechler, Al Passero and Matt Dippe, Seattle Center
  • Southern Region: Sarina Gumbert, Central Florida TRACON
  • Southwest Region: Hugh McFarland, Houston TRACON
  • Western Pacific Region: Jesse Anderson, Brackett Field Tower

Information about the award winners, their stories, and the audio recordings of the events, with transcript, are availableHERE.




The National Air Traffic Controllers Association represents over 20,000 highly skilled controllers, engineers and other safety-related professionals.

Governor Hassan Urges Senate Finance Committee to Support Restoring and Increasing New Hampshire’s Minimum Wage

CONCORD – Continuing efforts to strengthen the financial security of hard-working Granite Staters and expand middle class opportunity, Governor Maggie Hassan today submitted a letter to the Senate Finance Committee in support of SB 261, a bill that would restore and increase New Hampshire’s minimum wage.


“Individuals working full-time in New Hampshire should be able to earn enough to pull themselves above the federal-poverty threshold and support their families, but for too long, wages have failed to grow with the cost of our families’ needs,” Governor Hassan wrote. “By restoring and increasing New Hampshire’s minimum wage, we can improve the economic security of thousands of Granite Staters.”


In 2011, the Legislature passed legislation repealing New Hampshire’s minimum wage law. Every other state in New England has its own minimum wage that is higher than the federal rate that governs New Hampshire.


“In order to truly accelerate our economic growth, working families and individuals must be confident in their own financial circumstances and able to purchase more goods and services,” Governor Hassan concluded. “Increasing New Hampshire’s minimum wage will strengthen the financial security of working families and wages up and down the pay scale, and by restoring this important protection, we can take a critical step forward for our economy and for hard-working Granite Staters.”



Governor Hassan’s full letter to the Senate Finance Committee is below:


Senator Jeanie Forrester, Chairman

Senate Finance Committee

Room 103

State House, Concord


Dear Madam Chair and members of the Senate Finance Committee:


I write in support of Senate Bill 261, relative to establishing a state minimum wage. Individuals working full-time in New Hampshire should be able to earn enough to pull themselves above the federal-poverty threshold and support their families, but for too long, wages have failed to grow with the cost of our families’ needs. By restoring and increasing New Hampshire’s minimum wage, we can improve the economic security of thousands of Granite Staters.


As you know, New Hampshire’s minimum wage was last increased six years ago in 2008, and in 2011, the Legislature repealed the state minimum wage law altogether. Restoring and increasing the minimum wage will have a ripple effect on wages higher up the pay scale, while supporting businesses and encouraging job creation by putting more money in the pockets of consumers so that they can buy goods and services.


In order to truly accelerate our economic growth, working families and individuals must be confident in their own financial circumstances and able to purchase more goods and services. Increasing New Hampshire’s minimum wage will strengthen the financial security of working families and wages up and down the pay scale, and by restoring this important protection, we can take a critical step forward for our economy and for hard-working Granite Staters.


Thank you for your consideration.


With every good wish,


Margaret Wood Hassan


NH Health Protection Program Is Working For NH Hospitals

Statement from Governor Hassan on New Hampshire Hospital Association Report on New Hampshire Health Protection Program



CONCORD – Governor Maggie Hassan today issued the following statement on the report from the New Hampshire Hospital Association demonstrating that hospitals have seen a reduction in inpatient, outpatient and emergency department visits from uninsured Granite Staters since the New Hampshire Health Protection Program was adopted:


“The reduction in inpatient, outpatient and emergency room visits by uninsured Granite Staters demonstrated in the New Hampshire Hospital Association report is another strong indication of the positive impact that our bipartisan health care expansion plan is having on our people and our economy. Because of the New Hampshire Health Protection Program, we are reducing uncompensated care costs and health care cost-shifting onto our families and businesses, insurance premium tax revenues are increasing, and more than 36,000 hard-working men and women now have the peace of mind and health and financial security that comes with quality, affordable health coverage. The New Hampshire Health Protection Program is strengthening the health of our workforce and boosting our economy, and I look forward to working with the legislature to maintain our commitment to our people, businesses, and the future of our economy through our bipartisan health care expansion plan.”


The full report from the New Hampshire Hospital Association can be found here.



Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Endorse Patrick Arnold for Mayor

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association announced its endorsement of former Alderman Patrick Arnold to be the next Mayor of Manchester.

“The Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association is proud to support Patrick Arnold for Mayor of Manchester in this year’s city election,” says MPFFA President Jeff Duval. “Patrick brings passion, resolve and a forward-looking perspective to his campaign for mayor. He understands that public safety must be a top priority if Manchester is to lead the state in being the best place to live and raise a family,” Duval continued.

“I’m honored to have Manchester fire fighters stand with us as our campaign fights for a stronger future for New Hampshire’s largest city,” says Arnold. An endorsement event will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

Patrick Arnold is a candidate for mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire. Arnold served as a Manchester Alderman from 2009 until 2014. In 2013, he was the Democratic candidate for mayor against Mayor Ted Gatsas, the Republican incumbent. Gatsas held off Arnold’s challenge in 2013 by 943 votes. In March 2014, the Manchester Board of Aldermen unanimously confirmed Arnold’s appointment to the city’s Conduct Committee. An attorney by trade, Arnold earned his law degree at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He and his wife, Kathy, have a daughter, Abigail.

Take Action To Message Your NH State Senator Voicing Your Opposition To Right To Work

It hasn’t even been a year!

The SENATE COMMERCE Committee made the recommendation of ought to pass on SB 107-FN: prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute to a labor union by a vote of 3 to 2. It now moves to the full Senate on March 3, 2015.

Over the past two years hundreds of NH citizens voiced opposition to this bill with only a handful of people speaking in support. This attack on working people like you is led by out-of-state interests such as the National Right to Work Committee and ALEC. Don’t let the voice of NH residents to be silenced.

Pass the word to friends and family members. These Senators need to hear from you. Simply put this is a union-busting bill and an attack on our public employees and middle-class families.

Please share this with colleagues so they know the seriousness of these attacks. So let’s GET ACTIVE and let these state Senators hear our voices.

Thank you for taking action!

In Solidarity,

Laura Hainey
AFT-NH President

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Says Taking On Unions Prepared Him For ISIS (VIDEO)

In “I cannot believe he just said that” news, Governor Scott Walker just told the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that attacking labor unions has prepared him to be a leader in the fight against ISIS.

I am not joking this is what he said, as reported by Politico and in the YouTube video (above).

“I want a commander in chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical Islamic terrorists do not wash up in American soil,” Walker told an audience at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference today, after he was asked how he would handle threats from ISIS as president.

“We will have someone who leads and ultimately will send a message, not only that we will protect American soil. But do, not, do not take this upon freedom-loving people anywhere else in the world. We need a leader with that kind of confidence. If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I could do the same across the world.

The 100,000 protesters he is referring to are the 100,000 people who showed up in 2011 when Governor Walker attacked the state’s labor unions and passed ACT 10 which stripped away the collective bargaining rights of hundreds of thousands of hard working Wisconsin families.

“To compare the hundreds of thousands of teachers, students, grandmothers, veterans, correctional officers, nurses and all the workers who came out to peacefully protest and stand together for their rights as Americans to ISIS terrorists is disgusting and unacceptable,”  said Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.  “To compare hard-working men and women who work for a living to terrorists is a disgrace.  Coming together to peacefully protest for freedom, to raise your voice for a better Wisconsin, this is not an act of terror.”

“Scott Walker’s outrageous slander against his fellow citizens illustrates his contempt for the fundamental expression of democracy – that has been the sad hallmark of his Administration,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.  “Whether campaign hyperbole or not Scott Walker owes Wisconsinites an apology.”

“Governor Walker’s statement comparing workers and terrorists is revolting,” said Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO. “It is clear that Governor Walker’s judgment is impaired, and that he is not qualified for the Presidency.”

“I call on Governor Walker to personally and immediately retract his statement, and apologize sincerely to the millions of workers in Wisconsin and throughout America he has so appallingly insulted,” stated Trumka.

Jim Tucciarelli, District Council 37, Local 1320, Senior Sewage Treatment Worker and AFSCME member from New York had this to say about Scott Walker’s comparison of labor protesters to ISIS:

“Put simply, it’s disgusting to hear Scott Walker compare the 100,000 hard-working men, women, senior citizens and children who came out to protest in Wisconsin to the terrorists of ISIS. In Wisconsin, my sisters and brothers from across the country stood up peacefully for freedom. The protesters were members of the military, police officers, firefighters, and first responders. They were librarians, teachers and nurses. How desperate do you have to be as a politician to compare those folks to murderous terrorists?

“Our union’s building was a block away when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11. I have friends who died on that terrible day. In the weeks that followed, union members worked tirelessly to bring the city back, and I am proud to have been one of them.

“Governor Walker, I know terrorism. I know that your own state’s citizens speaking up for what’s right isn’t terrorism. Today, after hearing your words, I also know the sound of cowardice.”

I cannot begin to tell you how angry this statement from Governor Walker makes me.  He is equating union members to radical terrorists that are slaughtering innocent people halfway around the world.  Are you F’ing serious?  All those big bad union members who are standing up fighting for a higher minimum wage, better and safer working conditions for all workers, and a better more prosperous Wisconsin.

Now Governor Walking is attacking all working families in Wisconsin as he is poised to sign the so-called “Right To Work” bill that the State Legislature passed against massive protests from the people.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote:

“Despite saying for years right-to-work legislation would be a distraction, Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday the timing is now right for the issue.”

In response, Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) noted Walker said in September he was “not pushing it” and “not supporting it in this (2015) legislative session.”

“For him now to state that this is an appropriate time (for right-to-work legislation) just shows the level of deceit he has foisted on the people of the state,” Barca said. “For him to change history and reverse what he said time and time again — we’re just incredulous over that.”

Of course the time is now right, Gov. Scott Walker has delusions of being President and pushing a right to work for less bill on your state will definitely get your name in the paper.

(Here is a great video clip from the protest rally in Madison a few days ago.)



In case you did not already know this Governor Walker, attacking the hard working men and women  of this great nation is not the way to get elected President.  Just a piece of friendly advice from one hard working union member who would vote for an actual brick to be President before ever voting for you!


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