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Do you have a business or a campaign that could benefit from advertising to a strong progressive labor community?

If you answered YES then advertising on the
New Hampshire Labor News would be perfect for you!


Who We Are

The NH Labor News is an online blog that focuses on labor and politics. We talk about everything from how Right To Work will harm working families to pushing for Marriage Equality. We also cover progressive political issues like Medicaid Expansion, poverty, money in politics, the State Legislature, and expanding public education. We do this through a combination of press releases and editorials written by the NH Labor News team.

Online advertising is a great way to get your name to our community
and draw people to your own website.

The NH Labor News is a very active blog that publishes multiple times a day and has reached over 10,000 people in one day. In the past three years since I started the NH Labor News we have had over 500,000 views. On average, over 500 people read articles on the NH Labor News and your advertisement would be right there for everyone to see.

Advertising with us is simple, relatively inexpensive, and would also help keep the NH Labor News going.

You can choose the type of advertisement that fits your needs.   You can create a static advertisement, like an image that takes people to your website or you can create a “sponsored post” that would go out to all of our members and social media networks.  By advertising with the NH Labor News you will help keep the NH Labor News going.  We need to pay for server space, domain name renewals, computers, video equipment, computer programs, and training conventions like Netroots Nation.

We are here to help find the best advertising for your needs.

Prices for a static advertisement is $100 per quarter for a 300X300 image. This will appear on the sidebar of every post.   We also have space above and below the posts for images 800X100 for the same $100 per quarter.

If you are more interested in telling people about the great work you are doing, or a campaign you are working on, you may need more than a static image to tell your story. A sponsored post would be a perfect to explain why our labor friendly, progressive audience should visit your business or join your campaign. A sponsored post ranges from $50-$100 and the link will be active for 90 days.

Prices can vary depending on how much advertising you plan to do with the NHLN. If you are interested, please contact Matt Murray at NHLabor (at) Gmail.com with ADVERTISING in the subject line.

Here is a PDF version of this post to share with others who may be interested.
Advertise with the NHLN


If you are not interested in advertising but would still like to support this progressive blog, you can make a donation here.

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