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Maura Sullivan Announces Massive Quarterly Campaign Fundraising

This week, Maura Sullivan, a Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional district in NH, announced that she has raised over $430,000 in in her first quarter.

Sullivan, is a Marine Corps & Iraq War veteran who worked in the Obama Administration as the Assistant VA Secretary.  After leaving the VA, Sullivan and her fiancé Marc moved to Portsmouth to put down roots and raise a family.

“I am thankful that so many Granite Staters joined with people from my days in the Marine Corps and the Obama Administration to become part of a campaign to help the country live up to its promise, and that starts with Congress. In my entire life, which I have committed to serving this country, I have never seen a greater threat to our nation, and to our democracy, than the moment we are in right now. We have to come together, rise above the chaos and bitterness that define our politics, and recommit our ourselves to a government that works tirelessly each day for the people they represent.”

While grateful for the overwhelming support for the campaign, Maura is most excited about the energy of the campaign on the ground being reflected in a surge of grassroots contributions received from Granite Staters, which make up 20% of the campaign’s contributions and average about $15.  Overall, over half of the campaign’s contributions are under $250.

Maura has been serving the country most of her adult life and that service took her to a range of places — to Iraq, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula in the Marines, and to the Obama Administration, first at American battlefields and cemeteries throughout Europe, then the VA and the Pentagon. The people with whom she served and worked live throughout the United States and Maura is proud to have the support of friends made in each chapter of her life.

Heading into the campaign season, Maura is excited to build on this early momentum by earning every opportunity to show the people of New Hampshire that she will work hard for them in Congress.

About Maura Sullivan

Maura Sullivan has dedicated her life to serving our country and fighting for the people and causes she believes in. Maura began her service when she attended college at Northwestern on an ROTC scholarship and joined the United States Marine Corps. Rising to the rank of Captain in the Marines, Maura spent two years stationed in East Asia before deploying to Fallujah, Iraq. While inspired by the brave and selfless young Americans with whom she served, Maura was struck by how servicemembers, particularly women, were paying the consequences for poor decisions made by out-of-touch leadership in Washington.

After returning home, attending graduate school, and working as a New England manager for a food and beverage company, Maura joined the Obama Administration: first as a Commissioner on the American Battle Monuments Commission, where she represented the Administration at memorials to fallen U.S. servicemembers across the globe; as an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Veterans Affairs, addressing the VA’s 2014 crisis and working on reforms to begin restoring veterans’ access to quality health care; as a senior advisor to the Secretary of the Navy, working on gender integration in the Navy and Marines, as well as family, mental health, and LGBT policy reforms; and as an advisor to the Secretary of Defense, focusing on communications strategy while also working to improve policies on maternity leave and child care.  Maura is running for Congress because our country faces a crisis of leadership that is putting our national and economic security at risk.



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