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AFT-NH Action Alert: HB 438, A Direct Attack On Public Employees

 HB 438 is a direct attack on NH public employees. This bill would prohibit any public employer from deducting voluntary union dues from an employee’s paycheck. That’s right. Union dues are singled out from the myriad of other deductions that employees can have withheld from their paycheck. It is a right-wing attack on the right to support your union. This is a hold-over bill from the 2017 legislative session.  We need you to contact your state representative(s) NOW. It is simple to click HERE and send your letter!

The House Labor Committee in a total bipartisan fashion voted 19-0 against this bill.  The final report was scheduled to be acted upon on the consent calendar on Wednesday, January 3rd. It has been pulled from the consent calendar for a vote on Tuesday, January 9th.  Please do take this ACTION and contact your state representative(s) now and ask them to support the Labor Committee recommendation and defeat HB 438.

Here are some things you should know about HB 438:

  • HB 438 is government intrusion, pure and simple. It’s an attack on employees’ democratic freedoms and constitutional rights that every New Hampshire legislator should oppose.
  • Paycheck deduction is a longstanding tradition allowed by New Hampshire law. Currently, New Hampshire law allows an employee to give written authorization to his or her employer to voluntarily deduct union dues from his or her paycheck—along with other recurring expenses such as health, welfare, pension, and apprenticeship fund contributions, housing and utilities, and contributions to charities.
  • This unnecessary and costly ban unfairly singles out public sector unions. Payroll deductions are some- thing that insurance companies, charities, and credit unions all do and will be allowed to keep doing. For example, the United Way often partners with employers to solicit donations at the workplace and use pay- roll deduction to collect donations. Workplace solicitation for United Way is often performed by an em- ployee’s supervisor, a situation with far more potential for coercion than an individual’s co-worker asking them to join the union. While the United Way is a good cause (and one that our national union, the AFT, has always supported), it does not make sense that employees can be solicited in the workplace to give to a charity with payroll deduction, but cannot make the conscious and convenient choice to assign funds to a union.
  • HB 438 is an attack on the ability of workers to stand together to obtain middle-class dignity and benefits in the workplace. It would deny unions, and only unions, the right to speak out on issues vital to working families without first jumping through contrived hoops aimed at weakening their voice. It would deny New Hampshire workers the power to decide how to spend their own paychecks— and what groups or causes to support with their paychecks.

Once you have taken the action, please share this with your colleagues, family and friends!

Thank you for standing up for NH public employees.




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