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NH COSH: Jose Valdicieso’s Death Was Preventable With Proper Precautions And Safety Training

NASHUA, NH    On Thursday, November 2, Jose Valdivieso, age 37, was killed on the job in Nashua when the hydraulic lift he was assigned to use came in contact with a power line. According to the OSHA Public Affairs Office, Mr. Valdivieso, of Somerville, MA, was working for Prime Touch Services of Natick, MA at the time of his death. He was originally from El Salvador and is survived by two children.

“Jose’s death is a double tragedy – both for his family and loved ones, and because it was 100% preventable with proper safety precautions and training,” said Susi Nord, co-director of the New Hampshire Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health. “2017 has been a particularly deadly year for construction workers in New Hampshire, with 6 out of 7 work-related fatalities this year occurring in the industry.”

According to the 2017 AFL-CIO report on workplace fatalities, Latino and immigrant workers are at a higher risk of death on the job that other workers. The fatality rate for Latino workers in the U.S. was 18% higher than the national average overall and increased significantly in 2015, with 903 deaths compared to 804 in the prior year. Of the 943 immigrant workers killed on the job in 2015, 2 out of 3 were Latinos.

Employers and construction contractors in New Hampshire are required by federal law to provide a reasonably safe workplace for all workers including proper safety training and protective equipment. They must also ensure the work environment does not prevent or discourage workers from using safe work practices.

Prime Touch Services was cited by OSHA for two serious safety violations in 2013.



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