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Trump Calls NH A “Drug Infested Den,” NH Elected Officials Respond

Concord, N.H. – The Washington Post reports that, on a call with the Mexican President, the President of the United States, Donald Trump said that he “won New Hampshire because it’s a drug infested den.”

New Hampshire was ranked number one in the country for economic opportunity and number two overall in the country by US News. The Annie E. Casey Foundation ranks New Hampshire the best state in the US to raise children. Trump didn’t win New Hampshire, losing it by 2,732 votes in the general election to Hillary Clinton.

Senator Maggie Hassan responded quickly via twitter to the Trump’s comments:

[Trump’s] comments about New Hampshire are disgusting. As he knows, NH and states across America have a substance misuse crisis. To date, [Trump] has proposed policies that would severely set back our efforts to combat this devastating epidemic. Instead of insulting people in the throes of addiction, [Trump] needs to work across party lines to actually stem the tide of this crisis.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen followed up with a few tweets of her own.

“[Trump] owes NH an apology & then should follow through on his promise to Granite Staters to help end this crisis. It’s absolutely unacceptable for the President to be talking about NH in this way – a gross misrepresentation of NH & the epidemic.”

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter released a short statement via Facebook.

“No, Mr. President, you’re wrong about New Hampshire – but you have failed to help us fight the opioid crisis. We need recovery facilities NOW. Stop attacking health care and make the investments you promised.”

Congresswoman Annie Kuster called the comments “appauling” in her response to Trump.

“I’m appalled by President Trump’s ignorant and insulting comments about New Hampshire,” said Congresswoman Kuster. “At a time when we need to be working together to address the opioid epidemic, Mr. Trump is making disparaging remarks about New Hampshire to foreign leaders while promoting policies at home that will hurt our response to the substance misuse crisis, including efforts to roll back access to healthcare for thousands of Granite Staters. I’ve found willing partners in both Republicans and Democrats who want to work together to address the opioid crisis that’s impacting communities throughout the country. Mr. Trump’s comments underscore how little he appreciates the gravity of this issue and the need to work together collaboratively on real solutions. President Trump should immediately apologize to all Granite Staters.”

The New Hampshire Democratic Party called on Governor Chris Sununu to condemn Trump’s statement about the people of New Hampshire.

“Governor Sununu must immediately and fiercely condemn President Trump’s comments. It’s never a guarantee that Governor Sununu will disagree with Trump. On so many issues, Sununu and Trump have been in lockstep, from the Muslim Ban to Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords to their matching lies about voter fraud,” said NH Democratic Party Chair, Ray Buckley.

“Rather than name-call, President Trump should deliver proper aid to combat the opioid crisis. He hasn’t, instead slashing funds for recovery, treatment, and combatting the inflow of opioids. Sununu said he was ‘incredibly encouraged’ by Trump’s budget. Let’s hear Sununu and Republican leaders across the state put politics aside and defend New Hampshire. Comments like this could harm New Hampshire’s ability to attract business and tourism,” Buckley added.

The Senate Democratic leader also condemned the comments and called on Trump and Governor Sununu to do more to combat the opioid epidemic.

“All New Hampshire leaders need to condemn, not condone, President Trump’s remarks in the strongest terms. I call on Governor Sununu and NH Republican legislative leaders to stand up for those suffering from addiction and the tireless advocates and front-line services providers,” said Senate Democratic Leader, Jeff Woodburn.  “While we need to do more to combat addiction, the President owes them and the entire state an apology for his tactless and insulting characterization of our state.”

House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) released the following statement in response toPresident Trump’s characterization of New Hampshire as a “drug-infested den”:

“President Trump’s characterization of New Hampshire is another example of his penchant to promote himself through a misinformed belittling of others.”

“Like many states across the nation, New Hampshire is grappling with an opioid crisis that stakeholders are working tirelessly to address.  The comprehensive approach that we have developed, which includes the utilization of drug courts, treatment for addicts who are incarcerated, and the expansion of Medicaid, is working.  Leadership and support from the federal government will be essential for this success to continue.

“As insulting as the President’s words are, his deliberate efforts to sabotage our health care system are most concerning.  As states have explained to the President, his actions are causing a disruption and cost spike that significantly harms the ability to provide services to people who need them.”

“President Trump can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.  His efforts to disrupt our country’s health care system since becoming president have only exacerbated the problem.”

“It is past time for the president to stop posturing, show some leadership, and work with states to provide the coordination and resources needed to address this nationwide crisis.”

“P.S. – I could not be more happy that New Hampshire’s electoral votes were won by Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.”

The Democratic National Committee called the comments “disgusting”

“Donald Trump’s latest comments calling the state of New Hampshire a ‘drug infested den’ are nothing short of disgusting and make clear that he looks at the opioid epidemic as a political advantage, rather than a national crisis that demands the attention and care of our president,” saidElizabeth Renda, DNC Northeast Press Secretary. “Perhaps instead of insulting the men and women battling these life threatening addictions, Donald Trump should focus on actually developing policies that will help Americans overcome this epidemic. Trump’s disparaging comments to a foreign leader are deeply beneath the decency and dignity of the office of the president. Granite Staters are still waiting for Trump to deliver on his promises to address the opioid crisis, and they will not forget the president’s words about their home.”

Following reports that President Trump called New Hampshire a “drug-infested den”, Manchester City Democrats Chair Ryan Mahoney called on Mayor Ted Gatsas to condemn the President’s remarks.

“The Manchester Democrats join the chorus of outraged Granite Staters calling on President Trump to apologize for his disgusting and insulting remarks about New Hampshire and call on Mayor Gatsas to condemn the President’s comments. If Ted Gatsas won’t stand up for Manchester against outrageous attacks on our people, how can the people of Manchester trust him with anything?”

“Mayor Gatsas welcomed Donald Trump to Manchester while he was running for President and has stood by President Trump despite numerous shocking and offensive statements that Trump has made. Does Ted Gatsas still stand with Trump? And would Ted Gatsas welcome President Trump back in Manchester?”

“Manchester deserves a strong mayor that will immediately stand up for our city and our people when attacked, not the weak leadership we see under Mayor Gatsas. After 8 years of failed leadership, it’s time for new voices to lead and a new mayor at City Hall.”



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