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Letter To Editor: March For Universal Healthcare

Submitted by Tim Butterworth, Chesterfield, NH.

The GOP has failed to find an improvement to the ACA. The Democrats aren’t even trying. It’s time for the American people to rise up and demand universal health care, and US labor should lead them.

Labor has fought for health care in the past. It’s essential for workers, but we spend so much time negotiating for the insurance companies we don’t have time left for wages. Workplace insurance ties workers to their jobs. It has hamstrung industry and makes us less competitive, tying up twice as much of our economy as most other nations. It was a winning issue in the past, and we could be a leader in fixing the current mess too.

Half of our healthcare is public now – medicare, medicaid, VA and military families, all the politicians and federal, state and municipal office workers, and the uninsured who access the emergency rooms are getting publicly-funded health care. Wrap it all in a bundle, a single plan, call it Americare, and let all people buy into it at a rate based on their income. See how many stick with their private insurance companies then, with their 15-20% administration fees and millionaire CEO’s.

Universal healthcare. It’s a simple idea: when you’re sick, you get care. Call it the “public option” for a transition away from private insurance, or medicare for all. Our two parties are failing. Labor should march into the vacuum.

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