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Van Ostern Joins Bipartisan Group of Legislators to Discuss Opioid and Heroin Epidemic

Van Ostern, Republican Leaders Highlight Need To Safeguard The Bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Program Plan Chris Sununu Opposes. 

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, Colin Van Ostern, Republican Senate President Chuck Morse, Republican Senate Leader Jeb Bradley and Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper joined New Hampshire’s leading substance abuse prevention advocacy organization New Futures at their annual event acknowledging those who have been voices in combating addiction. At the event, Van Ostern, Morse, Bradley and Jasper were recognized for championing the bipartisan expansion of Medicaid, which is a key component of New Futures’ nonpartisan plan to combat New Hampshire’s drug crisis because it has provided substance abuse treatment to over 7,500 Granite Staters. 

“Colin was proud to join Republican Senate President Chuck Morse, Republican Leader Jeb Bradley and Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper at New Futures’ event recognizing those who have put politics aside to combat New Hampshire’s opioid and heroin epidemic,” said Ben Wexler-Waite, Press Secretary for the Van Ostern campaign. “The bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Plan has provided addiction treatment for 7,500 Granite Staters and is proof that Democrats and Republicans can come together get things done. It’s unfortunate that Chris Sununu continues to put politics ahead of substance abuse treatment and refuses to join the bipartisan consensus that Medicaid expansion is part of the cure to the drug crisis.”

In a debate on NECN last week, Colin challenged Sununu to support New Futures nonpartisan plan to combat the opioid and drug epidemic but Sununu refused because he said he opposed keeping the bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Plan. Van Ostern was the first candidate in the race for governor to endorse the “Five Points for New Hampshire’s Future” nonpartisan plan.

Just a few months ago, Republican Leader Jeb Bradley said the bipartisan expansion of Medicaid is “part of the cure” and “not part of the problem” to the state’s heroin crisis. 

Earlier today, Colin was endorsed by the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association and the Manchester Association of Police Supervisors for his commitment to putting politics aside to combat the opioid epidemic and keep our communities safe.



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