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Kelly Ayotte Drops Charade, Finally Admits in Fundraising Email Real Reason for Obstructing Supreme Court

 CONCORD, NH – In a campaign fundraising email this afternoon, Kelly Ayotte warned voters that her opponent Maggie Hassan would do her job as a US Senator if elected and fill the US Supreme Court vacancy that Ayotte has left vacant for most of the past year.

Kelly Ayotte fundraising email: “How do I know that? Because she has name-checked the Supreme Court fifteen times this month alone in emails to her supporters.”

In the same email, Ayotte dropped the charade about why she is obstructing the Supreme Court nominee and showed it’s nothing more than partisan politics. Statements from People For the American Way and Granite State Progress: 

“Kelly Ayotte is unbelievable. She’s spent months holding a Supreme Court seat open for Donald Trump to fill and now she’s criticizing her opponent for actually wanting to make our judicial system work,” said Linds Jakows, New Hampshire Campaign Organizer with People For the American Way. “Ayotte and the Senate Republicans have blocked Merrick Garland’s nomination for more than 200 days. On the campaign trail, she’s claimed that it’s just so the next president will be the one to make the pick; but in her fundraising email, she admits that she just wants to prevent a Democratic president from making the pick. That’s not principle—it’s the worst kind of partisanship.” 

“After months of enabling his behavior, Kelly Ayotte is only now trying to back away from Donald Trump to save her own election. Yet while she protects her own political interests, she has said and done nothing to ensure that our American justice system is similarly protected,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress. “Ayotte continues to stand by allowing Donald Trump to potentially pick the next US Supreme Court nominee.”

Over the weekend, a Concord Monitor editorial called out Kelly Ayotte for her role in hijacking the judicial system, writing: “Justice Scalia died eight months ago. Never has the Senate delayed so long in filling a high court vacancy. Government is broken, and Ayotte is among those refusing to fix it.”

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