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Our Revolution Continues As Sanders Encourages Support For Clinton (VIDEO)

Senator Bernie Sanders Screenshot

Screenshot of Senator Bernie Sanders from the DNC on July 25th

“Enough is enough. This country and our government belong to all of us, not just a handful of billionaire,” wrote Bernie Sanders in a email to supporters last night. 

A little over a year ago we started a revolution to take back our government from the oligarchs who have corrupted it.  With our fearless leader, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at the helm, we pushed back against the rigged system.  We knocked on doors. We walked the streets. We talked to our friends and neighbors. We utilized the power of social media to send shockwaves throughout the political system.

Together we helped to make a self proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” a household name and a real contender for President of the United States.

Sadly, Senator Sanders did not win the Democratic Primary contest, but this does not mean that we failed.   We started something that will go down in history as the moment “We the People” took back our government.

Last night, Sanders made one of the best speeches I have ever seen at the Democratic National Convention in support of Secretary Hillary Clinton.  He talked about how we, Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters, created “the most progressive party platform in history.”  We helped to shape this platform that focuses on working people.  This platform continues to push for universal healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, and stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are just a few of the things we helped to get into this progressive platform.

Our political revolution continues even as Bernie is ending his candidacy from President. We will continue to encourage new voters to support candidates who will fight for working families and will fight to take back our government from the billionaire oligarchs.  With the help of millions of new active voters we will change the system but this will not happen overnight.

I encourage you to watch Senator Sanders full speech from the DNC last night. Listen to the man who inspired us, who led us, and who has always been fighting for us, as he makes the case for us to now support Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump.



About Matt Murray

Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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