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Carrier to Lay-Off 1,400 Workers in 2017, Showing Free Trade Agreements Fail American Workers

Carrier’s decision to move good USW jobs to Mexico, where HVAC products made at $6 an hour.

Carrier’s decision shows how so-called free trade agreements are destroying American jobs.

1,400 carrier workers were told, in the worst possible way, that their jobs are being shipped off to Mexico so the corporation can save a few dollars.

In the video below you can see management telling the workers that over the next couple of years all of the jobs at their plant will be shifted to a new plant in Mexico and that this is purely a “business decision.”

I used to live just two miles away from this Carrier plant in Indianapolis and drove by that plant almost every single day. One of my favorite watering holes was a little bar that used to be named Claude & Annie’s directly across the street from that plant. C & A’s was a frequent stop for many of the workers in that area of Indy and would see a big influx of customers at shift change.

Closing this plant will not only have significant effects on the workers who will now be forced to find new employment but to the local businesses that rely on those workers to spend their money in their shops. It will also have an effect on the businesses like Plainfield Warehouse Company that stores many of the completed units and has a multi-million dollar account with Carrier. How will this loss affect their business? Will the now be force to lay off workers as well? Will they lose so much business that they would also have to close their doors?

The ripple effects of a company like Carrier laying off 1,400 workers will be felt throughout the community.

I was living in Indianapolis when United Airlines closed their repair facility at the Indianapolis airport. That facility employed 1,500 workers and 1,100 of those were high paying airline mechanic positions. This devastated our community. In my neighborhood people were filing bankruptcy and lost their homes because they could no longer find a job that paid them enough to pay their mortgage. The housing market started to collapse and home prices took a sharp decline. At one point there were four houses on my street alone that were vacant due to foreclosures.

By the time I sold my house in Indianapolis in 2007, I was forced to sell my house for nearly $20,000 less than I paid for it only six years prior.

This move by Carrier epitomizes everything that is wrong with our current corporate culture. They only care about saving a few dollars per unit and do not care about the thousands of people they employ, the millions of dollars their employees spend in the local community and how their business effects all of the other businesses that surround them. They have lost their sense of community.

This is another example of how our so-called free trade agreements, like NAFTA and the upcoming TPP, are only there to benefit the corporations. These agreements encourage corporations like Carrier to relocate their entire operations to Mexico. Trade agreements should be designed to boost American manufacturing not destroy it.

I am glad to see people like Jared Evans, Indianapolis City-County Councilor District 22, speaking out against this move. He released a blistering statement opposing the laying off of 1,400 workers.

Full statement by Jared Evens

Full statement by Jared Evens, click to enlarge

“This is just another example of unfair US trade bills, which allow American companies, who were built on American backs to move good paying jobs overseas.

Our community is angry, I am angry and Carrier should know that they are not going to ride off into the night and expect our Westside community to rollover. I will be fighting alongside the 1,400 workers and their families.”

The United Steelworkers local 1999 have started a petition, that I hope you all will sign in a show of solidarity, to keep Carrier in Indiana.


I also vow that if Carrier moves their operations to Mexico as the announced, that I will never, ever, buy another product from Carrier again.

In Solidarity,

Matt Murray
Former Indianapolis resident



About Matt Murray

Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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