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Shawn O’Connor, Candidate For NH’s First Congressional District, Endorses Bernie Sanders

Shawn O’Connor Becomes First Major New Hampshire Endorsement for Bernie Sanders 

shawn o'connor

Shawn O’Connor

Newmarket, N.H. – Shawn O’Connor, Democratic Candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, announced his endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for President today while introducing Sanders at a rally in Newmarket. O’Connor is also joining the Democratic Presidential hopeful at events today and tomorrow in Londonderry, Plaistow, Laconia and Manchester. 

O’Connor called his decision to endorse Sanders “a matter of conscience and principle” and focused on Sanders’ long-standing commitment to college affordability, closing the income gap, raising the minimum wage to $15 and reforming Wall Street.

O’Connor has already vowed if elected he would only take a minimum wage salary and donate the rest of his pay to charity.  He also stated on his first day in office he would introduce legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 over the next four years.

Having spent his entire life savings to start a company, Stratus Prep, and a non-profit, The Stratus Foundation, that offered thousands of students, from all backgrounds, the chance to afford higher education. O’Connor declared “I am endorsing Bernie Sanders because he will ensure every American can attend a four-year college.”

O’Connor also reflected on how none of his grandparents graduated high school, yet his parents achieved the American dream of a college education and home ownership. But he warned that “rapidly ballooning income equality in this nation threatens that dream for my generation and the generations that follow and only Bernie Sanders has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to ensuring that all Americans get a fair chance at the American dream. Bernie’s values are your values and mine and our values have always been Bernie’s values.” 

“I am proud to endorse Bernie Sanders,” O’Connor continued, “because he will steadfastly fight each day to raise the incomes of over half of America’s workers by passing a $15 minimum wage, a true liveable wage.” 

A former student of now-Senator Elizabeth Warren, O’Connor spoke of how he witnessed Wall Street abuses and invoked Warren’s name before stating that “And I am endorsing Senator Sanders because only he can take on Wall Street and break up the banks that are once again too big to fail and threaten the world economy.” 



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