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Jeb Bush’s Policies: Downright Scary For The Middle Class

Image by Peter Kudlacz FLIKR

Image by Peter Kudlacz FLIKR

CONCORD, N.H. – Jeb Bush is back in the Granite State right before the scariest day of the year. And it’s fitting, too, because his policies for Granite State families? They’re down right scary for middle class Americans.

“Jeb Bush’s policies are more than scary – they would be a nightmare for Granite State families,” said Lizzy Price, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director. “From his zombie tax plan, resurrected from the last Bush presidency, that would give massive cuts to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class to his illusionist trick to vanish the Affordable Care Act, hurting over 90,000 Granite Staters that have gained coverage, it’s fitting that Jeb Bush is in the Granite State this time of year – his policies are downright spooky.” 

The Undead: Jeb Bush’s Resurrected Tax Plan

Jeb Bush’s tax plan is straight out of the graveyard. It’s a resurrection of his brother’s massive tax cuts for the uber-wealthy and corporations at the expense of the middle class, but with even more tax breaks for the wealthy.  Watching the rich get more tax breaks while Granite State families are just trying to get by is straight out of an episode of Walking Dead. 

The Illusionist: Jeb Bush would make the ACA Disappear

Jeb Bush wants to vanish the Affordable Care Act into thin air, which would vanish coverage for 90,000 Granite Staters. His plan to take us back to the days of skyrocketing costs and lower quality patient care, all while taking away coverage from thousands and increasing the deficit is worse than a nightmare.

The House of Mirrors: Under Jeb Bush, Women would be Stuck with Fewer Places to Turn for Health Care

Jeb Bush has made it clear – his policies would roll back women’s health services. He has boasted about cutting funding in Florida for Planned Parenthood and he’d cut funding for critical preventative services leaving women stuck in a metaphorical House of Mirrors, with fewer places to turn for basic health care. 

The Marionette: Jeb Bush’s Energy Plan

Jeb Bush’s energy plan sounds like it was written by oil companies, but like he did in Florida, Bush has embraced a disastrous economic agenda that benefits himself and people like him, while considerations for tourism, public safety, clean water, clean air, and the environment have taken a backseat entirely. He just can’t seem to cut the puppet-master’s strings.



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