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How Much Money Will Corporations Spend Trying to Buy Votes for the TPP/ Fast Track?

Stamp Stampede founder Ben Cohen with members of the NH Alliance for Retired Americans.

THIS is why I’m working for the Stamp Stampede trying to #GetMoneyOut of politics.

Because most of the stories about Friday’s House vote on TAA/TPP fast-track include mention of a “revote” scheduled for Tuesday. And I’ve seen what can happen, in “revotes.”

The Guardian analyzed what happened with last month’s Senate vote on TPP fast-trackIf you care about this issue, you should take the time to read their story.

“Fast-tracking the TPP … was only possible after lots of corporate money exchanged hands with senators…

“Two days before the fast-track vote, Obama was a few votes shy of having the filibuster-proof majority he needed. Ron Wyden and seven other Senate Democrats announced they were on the fence on 12 May… In just 24 hours, Wyden and five of those Democratic holdouts – Michael Bennet of Colorado, Dianne Feinstein of California, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Patty Murray of Washington, and Bill Nelson of Florida – caved and voted for fast-track.”

I can’t help thinking of last September’s vote on the Democracy for All amendment… when somehow between Monday night and Thursday afternoon, 25 Senators flipped their votes to kill the amendment.

A lot can change in just a few days.

And the House is expected to “revote” TAA/TPP fast-track on Tuesday.


The Stamp Stampede is tens of thousands of Americans legally stamping messages on our nation’s currency to #GetMoneyOut of Politics. As more and more stamped money spreads, so will the movement to amend the Constitution and overturn Citizens United.

You can get your own stamp online at www.stampstampede.org. Or, if you’re a member of CWA, you can get a stamp from your LPAT coordinator. The average stamped bill is seen by 875 people – which makes stamping a highly-effective way to get the message out about how money in politics is corrupting our government.

It’s time to #GetMoneyOut of politics and take back our government.



About Liz Iacobucci

Liz Iacobucci is the former Public Information Officer for the State Employees’ Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local 1984. Over the past three decades, she has served in government at the federal, state and municipal levels; and she has worked for both Democratic and Republican politicians.
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