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Congressman Frank Guinta Caught Lying About Campaign Contributions 

EXPLOSIVE WMUR Report Exposes Frank Guinta’s Lies: Guinta Ordered To Repay Over $350,000 In Illegal Campaign Contributions

FEC Investigation Confirms Frank Guinta Repeatedly Lied To Granite Staters For Nearly Five Years

Concord, N.H. – An explosive report from WMUR revealed that a Federal Election Commission (FEC) investigation found that Frank Guinta has repeatedly lied to the people of New Hampshire about funneling more than $350,000 in illegal contributions to his campaign.
“For nearly five years, Frank Guinta has repeatedly lied to the people of New Hampshire about funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions to his campaign,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “The FEC has now definitively confirmed that Guinta not only violated campaign finance laws, but also that he deliberately violated the public’s trust. This is truly conduct unbefitting of a United States Congressman.”
According to WMUR’s report:
“For five years, Guinta has remained steadfast that he did nothing wrong. On Tuesday, News 9 obtained the conciliation agreement that states:
‘Between June of 2009 and September of 2010, Guinta received $381,000 in the form of checks made payable to him, drawn from accounts held in Guinta’s parents’ names, to which Guinta contends he had an equitable interest.’
The agreement goes on to say that Guinta used that money to make $355,000 in loans to his campaign committee. It also says that Guinta’s campaign ‘accepted excessive contributions as a result in a violation’ of FEC rules.
To resolve the complaint, Guinta’s campaign committee has agreed to pay back $355,000 within 12 months and pay a $15,000 fine.”
Campaign Manager: “Guinta Merely Has Liquidated Some Of His Stock Market And Mutual Fund Assets”
In July 2010, “Campaign manager Michael Biundo said Guinta merely has liquidated some of his stock market and mutual fund assets, and that there’s more where that comes from. ‘He’s not a wealthy man, but has resources beyond that which he has already contributed to the campaign,’’ Biundo said. ‘Those are personal loans without collateral for which he expects to get back in repayment.’” [Nashua Telegraph, 7/11/10]
Guinta: “I Have Complied With Every FEC Requirement.”
In August 2010, Guinta told the Nashua Telegraph, “I have complied with every FEC requirement. And I’m not going to let an allegation by Fergus Cullen that’s based on opinion dictate releasing personal information beyond what the FEC is asking me to do.” [Nashua Telegraph, 8/24/10]
WMUR: “[Guinta] Pledged… That He Didn’t Receive The Money From Family Or Friends”
In October 2010, WMUR’s James Pindell reported, Guinta “pledged that he earned every cent he gave his campaign, and that he didn’t receive the money from family or friends or anyone who wanted to buy influence.” [WMUR, 10/13/10]
Union Leader: “Guinta Denies He Got Big Money From His Parents”
In October 2010, the Union Leader reported, “Republican Frank Guinta yesterday denied accepting money from his parents to help finance his 1st District U.S. House campaign and said Carol Shea-Porter and the Democratic Party have stooped to a ‘new low’ for implying that he did.” [Union Leader, 10/14/10]
Asked If He Used His Parents’ Money, Guinta Said, “The Answer Is No”
“Guinta told the Granite Status later yesterday he did not accept his parents’ money and that he and his wife had saved up the money themselves. ‘To answer that directly,’ he said of the questions about using his parents’ money, ‘the answer is no.’” [Union Leader, 10/14/10]
Guinta: “My Wife And I Have Been In The Workforce For Nearly 20 Years… Over Years Of Time, We Have Been Able To Put This Money Together.”
“It’s no different than what I’ve been telling people for the last several months. My wife and I have been in the workforce for nearly 20 years. I have been in the private sector. I’ve been fortunate to make money also in the markets. Over years of time, we have been able to put this money together.” [Union Leader, 10/14/10]
AP: “Guinta Himself Has Insisted The Money Was Not An Illegal Campaign Donation”
In October 2010, the Associated Press reported, “Guinta himself has insisted the money was not an illegal campaign donation. ‘For approximately 20 years prior to my service as mayor, my wife and I both worked in the private sector. I’m proud of the fact that we were both successful,’ Guinta said during a debate. ‘I’m standing on principle. I don’t think it’s necessary to actually open up my bank statements to every single person, and if you don’t like that answer, that is your prerogative.’” [Associated Press, 10/29/10]
Guinta: “The FEC… Said That I Was Exonerated, That I Was In Full Compliance”
In WMUR’s 2014 CD1 debate, Guinta said, “The FEC, in December of 2010, a month after the election, and before I was even sworn into office said that I was exonerated, that I was in full compliance… You’re lying about my record, and I think people in New Hampshire ought to know the truth.” [WMUR, 10/27/1



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  1. rnprn says:

    Republican, it figures!

  2. rnprn says:

    The man needs to be impeached or recalled.

  3. Bill Merrow says:

    So who does he pay it back too? Himself or ALEC

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