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Governor Hassan Signs Paycheck Fairness Bill Into Law, Advocates And Legislators Applaud

Gov. Hassan Signs Paycheck Fairness  (image by Kary Jencks, NH Citizens Alliance)

Gov. Hassan Signs Paycheck Fairness (image by Kary Jencks, NH Citizens Alliance)

 Paycheck Fairness Act to become law January 1, 2015 

CONCORD, NH – Today Governor Maggie Hassan ceremoniously signed SB 207 and HB 1188, the New Hampshire Paycheck Fairness Act into law. The Paycheck Fairness Act will eliminate loopholes, increase transparency in wages, and ensure that all workers have the appropriate tools and resources to help them earn a fair and equal paycheck, without fear of retaliation.

“Ensuring that women and men can earn equal pay for an equal day’s work isn’t just an issue of fairness, it’s essential to our economic future. I am proud to sign this common-sense, bipartisan legislation that will strengthen the economic security of hard-working Granite Staters and eliminate an unnecessary strain on New Hampshire families,” said Governor Maggie Hassan in a written statement.

“While paycheck fairness legislation remains stalled in our nation’s capital, here in New Hampshire we’ve shown once again that we can come together to expand middle class opportunity and move our economy forward. I want to thank Senator Larsen, Speaker Norelli and legislators from both parties for coming together to pass the most significant piece of legislation for women in New Hampshire’s workforce in over a decade,” concluded Gov. Hassan.

“Thank you to ​Governor Hassan, ​House Speaker Norelli​, and the members of the Legislature​ for reinforcing New Hampshire’s commitment to the fundamental principle of an equal day’s work deserves an equal day’s pay. ​The enactment of this new law affirms that we must ​continue our efforts to close the wage gap in New Hampshire,​” said Senator Sylvia Larsen.​ “With Governor Hassan signing SB 207 in law, New Hampshire ​is sending a crystal clear message that the ​State of New Hampshire is on the side of all workers guaranteeing a fair and equal paycheck, without fear of retaliation.​”​

Senate Bill 207 was cited by Senate and House Democrats as a top priority for the 2014 legislative session. SB 207 sponsors include all Senate Democrats along with House Speaker Terie Norelli, Rep. Shannon Chandley (D-Amherst), Rep. MaryAnn Knowles (D-Hudson), and Rep. Marjorie Porter (D-Hillsboro). HB 1188 sponsors included Rep. Chuck Weed (D-Keene), Rep. Michael Cahill (D-Newmarket), Rep. Larry Phillips (D-Keene), Rep. Doug Ley (D-Jaffrey), Rep. Marcia Moody (D-Newmarket), Sen. Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth).

“It’s distressing that, in the year 2014, women in New Hampshire, who are working full-time jobs, still earn only 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. National studies have found that a pay gap exists between men and women in nearly every occupation,” said Larsen.​

“However, the New Hampshire Paycheck Fairness Act will give women hard-working in today’s economy, the much-needed tools they need to combat the wage gap,” concluded Senator Larsen.​

NH Citizens Alliance for Action, Granite State Progress, and the New Hampshire Women’s Initiative applaud Governor Hassan for signing SB 207 and HB 1188, the New Hampshire Paycheck Fairness Act into law.

“Ensuring equal pay for equal work is integral to the economic security of individuals and families,” said Kary Jencks, Executive Director of NH Citizens Alliance for Action. “On behalf of our 20,000 members, NH Citizens Alliance commends Governor Hassan and her progressive colleagues in the state legislature for passing the Paycheck Fairness Act and their continued efforts to build a New Hampshire that works for all of us.”

“Granite State Progress is proud to have worked with leaders like Governor Hassan, Senator Larsen, and Speaker Norelli to ensure that New Hampshire’s Paycheck Fairness Act became law,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. “We commend the bipartisan support of our legislature to ensure the adoption of this legislation, and encourage our federal delegation to follow suit. This law will give employees the tools they need to challenge wage gaps and help create a climate where wage discrimination is no longer tolerated.”

“The New Hampshire Women’s Initiative is proud to have played a role in championing SB207,” said Mary Jo Brown, Chair of the New Hampshire Women’s Initiative. “We applaud the collaboration and consensus this bill promoted, and look forward to future work that will advance gender equality in both economic, social and political arenas.”



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