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Big Oil Launches Earth Day Attack Ads Against Senator Shaheen In An Attempt To Buy A Seat For Scott Brown

Big Oil Koch Brothers Spending More To Buy
New Hampshire’s Senate Seat For Scott Brown

 Already More Than $2 Million Has Been
Spent Attacking New Hampshire’s Shaheen

Concord — Scott Brown’s Big Oil cronies are launching new attack ads in New Hampshire, an Earth Day assault providing more proof they want Scott Brown back in the U.S. Senate voting to protect their interests, not New Hampshire’s. Total spending from Big Oil, Wall Street, and conservative groups trying to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for Scott Brown now tops $2 million.

“We know the Big Oil Koch Brothers are prepared to spend millions to buy Scott Brown our Senate seat. Here is more proof,” said Vlacich.  “Scott Brown voted for billions of dollars in special tax breaks for Big Oil, even when it meant middle class families had to pay more. Now the Koch brothers are spending big money on attack ads supporting Brown’s campaign because they want him back in the Senate again voting to protect their interests, not ours.”

“The Koch Brothers and Scott Brown don’t know New Hampshire.  You can’t buy a Senate seat here, you earn it by working hard and making a difference for the people of New Hampshire.  Granite Staters know and trust Jeanne Shaheen to fight for their interests and work to make a difference in their lives,” added Vlacich.

In his last campaign in Massachusetts, Scott Brown was caught on video thanking David Koch for his money and pleading for even more Big Oil contributions. Brown voted to protect Big Oil in the Senate, and he has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of campaign contributions from Big Oil for his campaigns.

For more information about the key difference in this race between Brown and Shaheen click here: http://jeanneshaheen.org/message/.



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