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Teachers, Firefighters, and Police Picket Local Government Center

LGC Protest 1

Image from PFFNH Twitter (Kayla McCarthy)

This evening over 100 active and retired employees, teachers, fire fighters, and police came out to picket the Local Government Center and express their displeasure over rising health insurance rates.

They attended the public hearing to tell the Local Government Center’s HealthTrust board that, as employees and taxpayers, they not support the overcharging of their health insurance, wasteful spending on attorney’s fighting their regulators, and the refusal to comply with the Don Mitchell final order.

Many attendees, including labor leaders, testified before the LGC HealthTrust Board.

“Raising health insurance rates on employees, while continuing to increase excesses in surplus, is an overcharge and an injustice. HealthTrust needs to get their house in order before asking cities and towns for more money. The Local Government Center needs to make whole everyone who has been damaged: active and retired employees, and taxpayers,” stated Dave Lang, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire.

“If the current policies and practices of HealthTrust are resulting in the overcharging of our communities, then that is taking much needed budget dollars away from local cities and towns. This means less money for education, less money for safer streets, and less money for firefighters and paramedics,” stated AFL-CIO president Mark MacKenzie. “This situation creates great tension at the bargaining table between our workers and their employers forcing employees into concessions on health insurance that may not otherwise be needed,” he went on to state.

The HealthTrust Board took about 3 hours of public testimony and will make a recommendation on rate increases later this month.


Image credit Kayla McCarthy (PFF-NH)


Image credit Kayla McCarthy (PFF-NH)




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