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AFP-NH Pushes Ad On Obamacare That Has Been Deemed Full Of ‘False Assumptions’

AFP-NH Releases Radio Ad & Website That FactCheck.Org Already Warned Readers Is Full of ‘False Assumptions on the Health Care Law’

Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity Part of National Campaign to Actively Discourage People from Getting Health Coverage; FactCheck.Org Review of Ad Campaign Warned Readers: Don’t expect honest answers from a partisan anti-Obamacare campaign”

Concord, NH – Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire released a radio ad today that FactCheck.org warned over a month ago contains “false assumptions on the health care law.” FactCheck.org, a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, reviewed the Americans for Prosperity ad and website after it originally debuted in Ohio and Virginia on July 9th. It summed up the ad campaign by telling readers: “ … don’t expect honest answers from a partisan anti-Obamacare campaign.”

FactCheck.Org: False Assumptions on the Health Care Law, July 12, 2013

Statement from Granite State Progress Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins:

“Americans for Prosperity failed to fully obstruct or repeal Obamacare, so their new plan is to create as much confusion and doubt as possible to chip away at consumer protections like making sure breast cancer survivors can get health coverage. AFP-NH is willing to purposefully confuse our seniors and discourage young adults from getting health coverage because they want Obamacare to fail in any way possible, even if that means real people get hurt in the process. For opponents to health reform, this is about politics not what’s best for the families and small businesses in New Hampshire.”

“We encourage people to visit healthcare.gov or call a local health care advocacy group to get real and accurate information about what benefits they can expect from Obamacare and any tax credits or programs available to help them access coverage. Don’t believe the misleading hype from political opponents with their own partisan agenda, you have a right to know about the health care options available to you.”

The New Hampshire version of the radio ad uses clip :20 to :47 in the television ad version that FactCheck.org reviewed in July. The website the ad directs people toward is the same.




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