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HR 2748 Postal Reform Act of 2013 Aka Ultra-Wealthy Congressmen Destroying The USPS

Image By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call Photos/Newsroom

Image By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call Photos/Newsroom

So this is how the worlds best Postal Service may meet its demise. Early Friday evening an obscure 2nd term  Republican Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold, who was born into great wealth. Introduced HR2748 that will destroy our nations Postal Service it’s  no surprise that the wealthiest and arguably most corrupt member of Congress Daryl Issa is the one setting this tragic play in motion. There is money to be made selling off Postal Service assets and these people want to capitalize.

Mr Farenthold has a net worth of $35.8 million according to the Center for Responsive Politics and Mr Issa is the 2nd wealthiest member of congress at $220,000 million, according to Roll Call. These two people are making reckless decisions that will affect every ordinary working American in this country who depend on mail delivery. These two are as out of touch with mainstream America as two people can be but they are self appointed experts when it comes to our nations mail delivery.

HR 2748 Postal Reform Act of 2013 will end Saturday Delivery and leaves open the possibility of reducing it further in 2018. HR 2748 also opens the floodgates to contracting out postal jobs and services at an amazing pace. These actions will clearly accelerate the death spiral. The worlds best Postal Service will be dismantled so its remains can be carved up to be sold off to the highest bidder.

This new bill will eliminate most of door to door delivery. People will have to go to the end of the street to retrieve their mail. That’s not going to be immensely popular, especially for the elderly and those of us who deal with harsh winters.  Amazingly there will be a limited number of deliveries to the door as long as the customer pays a few hundred dollars a year fee. I can’t make this stuff up.   They are going to make people pay hundreds of dollars a year to get mail delivered to the door!

They are creating a Five member Postal Service Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority that will take operating power from the USPS Board of Governors. They will  have the power to restructure the Postal Service and cut costs wherever they see fit. That sounds ominously similar to the panel that the State of Michigan uses to shred existing collective bargaining contracts.

I am sure many more details of this bill we be made public before Wednesdays markup and possible vote in the House of Representatives so we should all be vigilant. Please be prepared to contact your congressman and have them vote against HR 2748. Senator Carper has pledged fast action in the Senate so this could domino quick and along with the dominos the worlds best  Postal Service will be knocked to the ground.



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