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Granite State Progress Applauds NH House Standing Up for Employee Protections During HB 357 Committee of Conference

Jeb Bradley and the American Payroll Association would have moved New Hampshire workers over to fee-laden payroll cards

Concord, NH – Granite State Progress applauds the New Hampshire House – and specifically, State Representatives Andy White, Chuck Weed, Doug Ley and Michael Cahill – for standing strong to protect workers and small businesses in New Hampshire during the Committee of Conference on HB 357 today.

The New Hampshire House previously voted SB 100, abolishing paper paycheck options, inexpedient to legislate by a strong bi-partisan vote of 235-93. In response, the Senate added the same policy to a pro-worker bill, HB 357, which would have prohibited an employer from using credit history in employment decisions.

“We were disappointed to see the Senate use a pro-active, worker’s rights bill as a vehicle for a policy that would undoubtedly hurt middle and lower income families,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, director of Granite State Progress. “Granite State Progress applauds the House decision to non-concur on the bill rather than allow Jeb Bradley to abolish paper paycheck options in New Hampshire and push employees without bank accounts over to payroll cards with few to no consumer protections. This special interest legislation would have come at a cost to New Hampshire families and small businesses.”

Passing legislation that abolishes paper paychecks or otherwise forces workers over to fee-laden payroll cards follows a dangerous pattern supported by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Senator Jeb Bradley has been the prime sponsor of such legislation in recent years, going so far as to mislead committee members and fellow legislators about the use of the cards. During the COC today, Bradley attempted to tell conferees that workers would not be charged payroll card fees if they used nationally branded cards, which is not true.

Representing the Senate for the COC were Senators Jeb Bradley, Andy Sanborn, and Andrew Hosmer.



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