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CWA: Senate Bill Moves Nation toward Goal of Fair Immigration Reform

Washington, D.C. – Following is a statement by the Communications Workers of America on the Senate’s passage of immigration reform.

CWA has been a strong advocate of comprehensive immigration reform that provides a roadmap to citizenship for more than 11 million immigrant workers and that reflects our shared values of opportunity, voice and justice for all.

The bill passed by the Senate today moves our nation closer to that goal, by outlining a path to citizenship and enabling immigrant workers to come out of the shadows.

Immigrant workers have strong ties to family, community and this country. They deserve the protections of the law, including from employer exploitation, that this bill provides. They also deserve a voice in our nation and the Senate bill makes this possible as well.

The Senate bill is a step forward for 11 million immigrant workers, and for our nation. CWA calls on the House of Representatives also to act on sensible immigration reform.  We look forward to a comprehensive reform plan being sent to President Obama for signature.



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