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Rep. Stella Tremblay An Embarrassment To New Hampshire And To All Of New England

The past week has been very hard on many of us here in New Hampshire and throughout New England.  The Boston Marathon is a significant event for many Granite Staters.  Some run the marathon, some go to watch, others enjoy the day off from work.  For the hard-working Boston Police, Fire and EMS Departments, this week has been one that they will never forget.

Over the last week, thousands have showed their support for the hard work of all the Boston area first responders.  Even before the bombing, hundreds of Boston area first responders were working on Patriots Day as part of the annual Boston Marathon.  As the first bomb went off, police and firefighters (and many citizens) ran into the blast area to help the wounded.

Those first responders worked from 1:00 am on Friday morning – when the hunt for the two bombers erupted in a fierce firefight – through until late in the evening when the younger brother was eventually captured in Watertown.

The dedication of these public employees has been commended over the past week with many Facebook and Twitter images with the tag #BostonStrong.

This is what disturbs me: that after all the hard work and dedication from the public employees of all the local police departments, the FBI and Homeland Security, one New Hampshire State Rep sends out a Facebook post that the Boston bombing was a Government Black Op terrorist attack.

NH Rep. Tremblay to Glenn Beck - Boston Marathon Inside Job


Zandra Rice-Hawkins from Granite State Progress summed up the bucket full of crazy that is Rep. Tremblay:

“Rep. Tremblay continues to embarrass herself and her constituents with her extreme beliefs. Her behavior is unbecoming of an elected official in New Hampshire, and should be quickly condemned by her colleagues and party leadership. Rep. Tremblay has a long history of disturbing statements and we know from the past that her extreme ideologies guide her behavior in the State House.”

“Rep. Tremblay is not alone among conservatives in New Hampshire who are using these tragedies to create conspiracy theories or score political points. The blog Granite Grok recently posted a message about the Boston Marathon bombing and the West, Texas incident encouraging readers to use the phrase ‘Obomba’. Republican political leaders who continue to participate in GraniteGrok activities despite these reprehensible remarks should state publicly why they do so.”

With actions like this from our state reps, I am embarrassed to say that I am from New Hampshire.  It seems that every week the NH Republican Party is in the national news and not in a good way.

Then I think back to the proud Boston public employees who were given a standing ovation by the citizens of Watertown after a 16-hour lockdown after they caught Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I also think of how quickly all of the Granite State came together to support our brothers and sisters to the south.  Then I am filled with a great sense of togetherness.  All I can say is, thank God Rep Stella Tremblay is not my rep.





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