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Really Mr President, Really??? Are You Going To Sit There While They Destroy The USPS?

We knew Mitt Romney was going to sell the Postal Service off, we didn’t expect President Obama to sit by idly as Congress sends the Postal Service into a death spiral. It seems this issue should be more important to the President as he often states the importance of our nations infrastructure. His administration has worked to create middle class and veteran jobs but he remains stunningly silent as anti union and anti government politicians let the Postal Service eliminate Saturday delivery and accelerate its demise.

It is widely known that the Postal Service financial problems are tied to a 2006 Congressional mandate that requires the USPS to fund retiree health care costs 75 years into the future. Though the USPS pension funds are seriously over funded congress is still requiring it to put away $5.5 Billion a year for workers not yet born. No other business or agency in America is required to do this.

The Postal Service ties this nation together like no other institution. Rural America depends on 6 day’s a week mail delivery as it our country’s only universal communication network. Fed Ex and UPS provide scant coverage to rural America as they rely on the Postal Service to deliver to these unprofitable spots 6 days a week.

The Right Wing is using this manufactured crisis to dismantle one of Americas most trusted institutions. They are doing this for purely ideological reasons.  Postal workers are the Devil to these people. The USPS employs the largest collection of union workers in the country and their hard work is proof that government can be effective. We have the lowest price of First Class Mail in the world while providing universal service 6 days a week without one penny of tax payer money.

African-Americans were rightfully filled with pride when President Obama was elected and then reelected. The Bush recession has hit African-American Communities hard already with soaring unemployment.  So how can the President  be so quiet when the largest employer of African-Americans (22%)  is being decimated by a manufactured crisis?

The Administration has been a strong proponent of veterans jobs but this manufactured crisis is putting in jeopardy over 130,000 veterans jobs in the Postal Service. How can the President let this happen?

President Obama spoke eloquently in his Inauguration Address about Civil Rights, Gay Rights and Women’s Rights  but he seemed to leave out Workers Rights.  How can he not mention workers rights?

The Labor movement has worked tirelessly to elect President Obama and though he has disappointed us he was clearly our better candidate in both races. That is not an issue. The issue is when is he going to stand up for workers rights?

The time has come for him to speak up on preserving 6 day mail delivery. This is now the issue center stage in the war on workers. He can not  remain silent as thousands of middle class jobs evaporate and our nation’s infrastructure takes a step back. As much as President Obama speaks of social rights and the GOP trumpets gun rights. These rights are diminished if people don’t have jobs. Social freedoms are hollow without economic justice.





About Bill Brickley

Bill is a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers, serves on the NH Letter Carrier Executive Board as State Legislative Liaison. Also serves on the NH AFL-CIO Executive Board. Former NH Area Coordinator Amnesty International and NH Labor News Blogger Follow him on twitter @BillBrickley@NHSALC
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