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75,000 Member Mass Building Trades Council Endorses Stephen Lynch for US Senate

Rep Steven Lynch  Francis X. Callahan, Jr., President Jeff Sullivan, Vice President Louis A. Mandarini, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer

Rep Steven Lynch
Francis X. Callahan, Jr., President
Jeff Sullivan, Vice President
Louis A. Mandarini, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer

Today, the 75,000 member Massachusetts Building Trades Council is proud to announce its endorsement of Stephen F. Lynch for the office of United States Senator. Stephen Lynch’s hard work and thoughtful approach on legislative issues impacting working families stretches over 11 years in the United States Congress and 6 years in the Massachusetts Legislature as a State Representative and State Senator.

That record comes as no surprise to those who know him best because we knew him long before he entered public office. We know Stephen Lynch as a second generation Ironworker, who worked 18 years in the trade just like every one of our 75,000 members. We know Stephen Lynch as the youngest president of Ironworkers Union Local #7 who stood up for his members and represented them on the job, securing better wages, hours, working conditions and a secure retirement. We know Stephen Lynch as the guy who put himself through college and law school at night while working construction during the day. We know him as the guy who never forgot where he came from and continues to fight on behalf of working families in the US House of Representatives.

The United States Senate is full of professional politicians and millionaires. It’s about time we sent someone to Washington who doesn’t just talk about representing the interests of working people. We need to send someone to Washington who understands the challenges facing working families. Steve Lynch understands that because he’s lived it. He knows the value of hard work and he knows what it’s like to collect unemployment when the work dries up.

Mass. Building Trades Council President Frank Callahan said, “Hard work, skill and commitment are values that count for a lot in the Building Trades. Steve Lynch exemplifies those values. He has worked hard, with great skill and maintained his commitment to the working families of Massachusetts that he learned as an Ironworker. He has earned the support of our 75,000 members.”

We hope the voters of Massachusetts will send a true representative of working families to represent us in the United States Senate by electing Stephen Lynch.

“I am proud to accept this endorsement from my brothers and sisters in the Building Trades,” Rep. Lynch said.  “I worked alongside them for 18 years as an ironworker, and have stood with them throughout my career in the state legislature and in Congress.  I am honored that they stand with me now in support of my Senate run.  As a card-carrying union member for more than 30 years, I understand the challenges faced by working families.  I have stood on an unemployment line, and shared their worries.  As a member of the Senate, I will stand with working families and make sure their voices are heard.”


The Massachusetts Building Trades Council is a 93-year-old organization dedicated to helping working people improve their quality of life. The Council is comprised of 74 member locals representing over 75,000 working men and women across the state.



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