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US HOUSE: New Session, Same Tricks

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Once again the Republicans in the US House are showing what their true priorities are, and the people are not one of them.

Yes that is right for the 33rd time Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced and voted on a repeal of ‘Obamacare’.  It was not until later in the day when they approved the stripped down Hurricane Sandy Relief bill.  The House passed a $9 billion dollar package for hurricane relief, well short of the $60 billion that was proposed.

Some news media’s are reporting the only reason that Speaker Boehner even brought up the Hurricane Sandy Relief bill was due to the enormous outcry from Republicans Chris Christie and Representative King.  Both blasted Boehner for not calling for a vote on the bill that has been sitting for over 60 days.

Speaker Boehner so far is continuing the same path as the 112th Congress.  Americans are still recovering from the worst recession since the ‘Great Depression’ and there has still been no mention of the American Jobs Act.  The AJA which has been waiting for Congressional approval since 2011, would reduce business taxes, create millions of jobs, and help returning Veterans all while rebuilding our nations infrastructure.

Only after people have money to spend again will the American economy truly recover.  Small businesses rely on the spendable income of everyday Americans to build and grow. People will only start to spend again when they are comfortable in their income levels and feel that they are secure in their jobs.

Hopefully now that the House GOP has gotten the repeal of Obamacare off their chest (which has no chance of passing) they can get to work on the things that really matter to this country.  They need to start working on the Debt Limit, and passing the American Jobs Act.



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