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The Education Voucher Bill is back in the NH House! Update From @ANHPE

From Advancing NH Public Education

Two big challenges to the voucher bill

I would urge everyone to attend the public hearing on the voucher repeal bill, HB 370.  The chair of the House Education Committee, Rep. Mary Gile (D, Concord) is the prime sponsor and it has many co-sponsors.  The hearing is at 12:30 in Representatives Hall, this Thursday, at 12:30.  Voucher supporters will be there in force and, while there is a lot of legislative support for repeal, we need to do our part and make our case forcefully.  Please come if you can.

Also, we filed the court challenge to the voucher bill this month.  This editorial in the Portsmouth Herald sums up the case well.  The first court hearing will be on Friday, April 26, at 11:00 AM before Judge John Lewis, in the Strafford County courthouse.

The proposed education funding amendment is on hold for the moment.

The sponsors pulled back from the amendment proposal this session with the idea of working submitting a proposal next year.  We will continue to post on education funding from time to time.

The bills to follow this year.

There are some 30 education bills proposed so far in this year’s legislative session (all bills will have been filed in a few more days).  You can see all the bills we’re following here, listed at the bottom of the Advancing New Hampshire Public Education front page.  Click on the link to go to the page for that bill.  We’ll update those pages as the session progresses.

Tracking opportunities to support early childhood development in New Hampshire

There’s a great interest in enhancing opportunities for early childhood development in the State.  Here is some background.  Be sure to press the Follow button on the front page to stay up-to-date and join the conversation.

Hope to see you at the voucher repeal hearing Thursday,


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