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The Bully Is Back In Town: Rep O’Brien Pushes Right To Work For Less In NH (AGAIN)

Welcome to Nightmare on  Main Street.  Instead of Freddy we have Bill “the bully” O’Brien.

As he told us at the end of last year, Right To Work is once again going before the NH House Labor Committee. Bill O’Brien’s Right To Work bill will be brought up for a committee hearing on January 30th.  As of right now it is scheduled to be held in LOB Room 307 at 9:30am.

Even after strong bi-partisan support to hold Governor Lynch’s veto, former Speaker O’Brien is pushing this bill again!

The New Hampshire Legislature has shown time and time again that NH does not want a Right To Work for less bill.  This bill comes up every couple of years. With the exception of 2011’s super majority in the House and Senate, RTW has never even gone to the Governor before.

O’Brien is no fool.  He knows that Right To Work has a snowballs chance in hell of passing with a Democratic House and Governor.  He wants to use this bill to put giant targets on the Republicans in the House who oppose RTW and the go after them in 2014. It is truly sad, that he is putting RTW for less above everything, even his fellow Republicans.

The NH AFL-CIO will be there opposing the bill.  If you would like to join them, just follow the link and RSVP.

Lets show O’Brien that he does not represent us, and we do not want or need Right To Work here in NH.


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