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‘The ACTION’ Urges The US House To Vote YES On Tax Relief For The Middle Class

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Senate Rings In New Year with Responsible Bipartisan Bill Extending Tax Relief for All But the Wealthiest Americans That Make Over $400,000 a Year

All Eyes Now On Congressmen Bass and Guinta: Will They Help Restore Now Expired Middle Class Tax Relief by Immediately Passing the Senate Bill — Or Will They Keep Insisting That Millionaires Get Another Tax Break Before They Agree to Put $2,200 Back in the Pockets of the Middle Class?

The ball is now officially in the court of U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass, U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta and the Republican-led Congress as early New Year’s Day the U.S. Senate passed — with broad bipartisan support — a responsible bill to avert the tax portion of the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’.  By a 89-8 margin, a bill was approved that would avoid a $2,200 middle class tax hike scheduled to take place on January 1 by extending tax relief for all but the richest individuals making more than $400,000 a year and families making more than $450,000. Under the legislation, these wealthy Americans would see their tax rates go from 35% back to Clinton-era level of 39.6 percent when the nation saw one of its greatest periods of economic prosperity.  Additionally, the Senate bill extends jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed (which expired Friday) through the end of 2013. This bill, meanwhile, holds the line on taxes for the middle-class and extends unemployment insurance for those in need.

Dwight Haynes of Concord, NH – a retired Methodist minister and volunteer with The Action, a joint project of Granite State Progress and New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action, on Rep. Bass in particular: “Charlie Bass has always described himself as a moderate Republican and this vote gives him a chance to make that his legacy as he prepares to leave the House. With this vote, Rep. Bass allow middle class families to keep   $2,200 MORE in their pockets. Charlie Bass’s family has advocated a moderate and fiscally responsible Republicanism for nearly a century. Voting for this bill is the responsible thing to do.”

Congressmen Bass and Guinta, consider your legacy: Polls Show Most Americans Want Wealthiest to Pay Fair Share and Will Hold Republicans Responsible If Nation Dives Off ‘Fiscal Cliff’

§  CNBC, Dec. 21: Majority of Wealthy Support Taxing Themselves: Poll

§  CNN, Nov. 28: New Poll: Majority support taxing wealthier Americans

§  Rasmussen, Dec. 27: No ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal? 44% Blame GOP, 36% Obama

§  Reuters, Dec.27: Americans blame Republicans more than Democrats for “fiscal cliff”: Reuters/Ipsos poll

§  NBC News, Nov.13: If government careens off fiscal cliff, GOP to shoulder blame

ABOUT THE ACTION: The Action NH is a joint project of NH Citizens Alliance for Action and Granite State Progress, and part of a national grassroots movement that demands Congress end the Bush-era tax cuts for the richest 2%—those making more than $250,000 per year. The Action is for critical investments that create and sustain jobs.



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