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We Must Work To Preserve Thousands Of Federal Jobs

For months now the NH Labor News has been warning people that sequestration could lead to huge cuts to the Federal workforce.  The people at GovExec.com have been collecting and compiling all the information around these cuts.

From GovExec Report:

Commerce Department: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association could face the loss of 2,500 jobs in weather and satellite programs. 10,780 new jobs in water infrastructure would be threatened.
Defense Departments: The department is in the early stages of planning. Civilians could face furloughs and a hiring freeze.
Education Department:Furloughs are possible, according to Secretary Arne Duncan.
Federal Aviation Administration: As many as 2,200 air traffic controllers could be furloughed.
Federal courts: 20,000 employees could be furloughed for 16 days.
Homeland Security Department:24,500 jobs could be slashed.
Justice Department:Possible five-week furloughs for FBI employees. 7,500 positions could be eliminated.
NASA:20,500 contractors could lose their jobs.
Social Security Administration: Employees could be furloughed for two to three weeks.
Veterans Affairs Department: Mostly exempt from sequestration.

These numbers represent real middle class families throughout the country.  These cuts could push struggling families over the edge.

I still cannot wrap my head around the thinking in Congress that cutting thousands of jobs will reduce unemployment??



About Matt Murray

Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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