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UPDATED: New Ad Targets Senator Kelly Ayotte Defense Of Defense Contractors Spending

Have you seen this new ad?

The ad talks about how NH Senator Kelly Ayotte is fighting to keep funding for defense contractors instead of protecting the middle class families in New Hampshire.

“Sen. Ayotte is trying to balance the budget on the backs of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens,” Cynthia Ward Wikstrom, campaign director at USAction, said.

In Nashua on Saturday (12/15), grassroots activists will gather to ask Senator Ayotte why she has been protecting Pentagon contractors, some of whom have executives making up to 26 million dollars a year. Senator Ayotte has repeatedly sided with these contractors who benefit from Pentagon waste, while at the same time setting up hard-working, middle class Americans for drastic cuts as part of a deal to avoid an austerity crisis.

“Senator Ayotte has been traveling the country to show her support for millionaire defense contractor executives,” said Jillian Andrews Dubois, a community organizer with NH Citizens Alliance for Action. “We just want her to listen to her constituents here in New Hampshire who are asking for her to instead protect programs that help the middle class, children, and the elderly, like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

Ayotte has tried to scare voters by saying that defense contractors will have to cut jobs if we spend our Pentagon budget smarter. The truth is, the amount of federal funding it takes to create 100 Pentagon jobs could make 251 jobs in education, 169 jobs in health care, or 147 jobs in clean energy. If she were really concerned about jobs for Granite Staters, she would rethink where she’d like to make budget cuts.

Check it out then share it if you agree that we should not be subsiding exuberant CEO salaries at the cost of social security and medicare programs. (more information contact Jillian jdubois@nhcitizensallaince.org)


Take a minute to go to Cut Pentagon Waste and sign their petition.

Pentagon spending is out of control and defense contractor CEOs couldn’t be happier. Even though the Iraq War is over, and the drawdown in Afghanistan continues, contractor CEOs making up to $26,000,000 a year are lobbying their friends in Washington to protect their exorbitant salaries and corporate profits, all at the expense of middle class and military families.

Enough is enough. Now is the time to CUT THE WASTE at the Pentagon and get serious about strengthening Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!

Sign this petition and send a clear message to members of Congress that they were elected to represent America’s middle class families, not defense contractors getting rich off of our bloated Pentagon budget.




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