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Helping Hands Project To Help Children In Sandy Hook

Want to help the children of Sandy Hook CT.  Here is a very easy and simple program that will allow you and your family send messages of support to those in Sandy Hook.

Helping Hands Project

Here’s how…

1. Gather up some paper or card stock in either white or light green and some finger paint.
2. Put hand print on a sheet and decorate it however you wish.
3. Add your name, city or town and school.
4. Send them to Bonny Marsicano or contact Felicia Augevich
5. Once the helping hands are collected our team of volunteers will string them together and hang them in the halls of the new school facility pending district approval.
6. A poster explaining our mission will be hung unobtrusively at the entrance to the school also pending district approval.
Positive messages of hope for the children are welcome positive

The message will be simple: You are not alone. You are loved. You are safe.

Bonny Marsicano               Felicia Augevich
22 Pine Tree Hill Road       215 Copp Dr.
Newtown, CT 06470          Fremont NH  03044
Cell 603 702-0902

Conn. must receive by deadline of Friday 12/28.





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