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The NH AFL-CIO Announces Candidate Endorsements

Local unions have been endorsing candidates for the last few months.  With over 400 house races alone it is very hard to keep up with who has endorsed who.  Or maybe you are just looking to see what organizations support which candidates.

Almost all of the major organization in NH have come out in support of President Barack Obama, Carol Shea Porter, and Ann Kuster.

In the state races you may be surprised as some of the candidates that have been endorsed.  There are many Republicans and many Democrats who have been endorsed by labor this year.  Most of this comes from where they stood on Right To Work for less and a few other key bills in the last session.

The NH AFL-CIO has posted their list of endorsed candidates here. Here is a list of some of the people they have endorsed.





Executive Council District 3 CHRIS PAPPAS DEM Manchester

Executive Council District 4 DEB PIGNATELLI DEM Nashua



SD01 Jeff Woodburn DEM Dalton

SD04 David Watters DEM Dover Membership: AAUP

SD05 David Pierce DEM Etna

SD06 Richard Leonard DEM New Durham

SD07 Andrew Hosmer DEM Laconia

SD08 Christopher Wallenstien DEM Bennington

SD09 Lee Nyquist DEM New Boston

SD12 Peggy Gilmour DEM Hollis

SD13 Bette Lasky DEM Nashua

SD17 Nancy Fraher DEM Chichester

SD18 Donna Soucy DEM Manchester Membership: Former SEIU 1984

SD20 Lou D’Allesandro DEM Manchester

SD21 Martha Fuller Clark

SD23 Carol Croteau DEM Kingston

SD24 Bev Hollingworth DEM Hampton

Follow the link to see all the House Candidates that the NH AFL-CIO have officially endorsed.



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