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Workers Deliver Bad Deals to Guinta’s Office to Protest Fiscal Cliff

Constituents tell Frank: A “Grand Bargain” Is No Bargain for the Middle Class

Frank Guinta is ready to hand Granite Staters a bad deal in the lame duck session of Congress, voters in the 1st congressional district and local labor leaders argued today as they delivered 153 petitions to his Manchester office asking the Congressman to address the nation’s fiscal cliff without devastating New Hampshire workers and their families. The group, including President Laura Hainey of AFT-NH and Mark MacKenzie of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, delivered a shopping cart of bad deals, including a Do-It-Yourself retirement kit, to the Congressman’s office

When Congress returns for the Lame Duck session on November 13th, it will face a series of high-stakes decisions on jobs and taxes that could have fateful consequences for workers and the economy, including sequestration, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, and potential changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Guinta’s constituents were quick to express concern at how a wrong step in any of these decisions would impact them. Kim Hayes, a postal worker from Manchester, said that most average Americans would suffer if Medicare and Social Security were cut.

“Many seniors and other middle class Americans would go bankrupt paying for their healthcare bills if they did not have Medicare. This is after contributing to Medicare through payroll deductions their whole life,” she said. “And Social Security is the difference between worrying about every penny you spend and being able to look towards the future with certainty.

President Laura Hainey of AFT-NH explained that there was a simple solution to avoiding the fiscal cliff: ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich and cancelling sequestration. Under that plan, no adjustment to Social Security or Medicare would be necessary.

credit Nora Fredrickson

“It is time that we asked the richest 2% to do their fair share, and time to start focusing on jobs and economy security for working Americans. That is why we are asking Congressman Guinta to end the Bush tax cuts for the rich, end sequestration, preserve the Bush tax cuts for the middle class and protect programs like Social Security that we all depend on. Our families and our jobs depend on it.”



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