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The Truth About GOV Romney and Massachusetts

Mitt Romney likes to portray himself as a successful governor of Massachusetts who worked in a bipartisan manner to reduce government spending and create jobs. Conveniently he seems to forget he left office with a 34% approval rating. All but certain to be a one term failed Governor as he was losing in the polls by 15% to his Democratic challenger.  Outside the Beltway commented at the time “the prospect of a guy who can’t win re-election in his own state moving on to the presidency is quite bizarre.”

Romney takes advantage of voters short attention spans to constantly misinform voters about his Massachusetts record. He likes to say he knows how to work with members of both parties to keep government functioning. He seems to forget that he had an astonishing 844 vetoes during his term. Almost all were overridden some unanimously.

Romney told the Christian Broadcasting Network earlier this year that ” Issue by issue (voters) have an opportunity to see my record when I was governor of Massachusetts. We were able to cut back on the size of government. Actually we just didn’t slow the rate of growth of our government, we actually cut it. We pulled back on the spending of our state.” Actually Mr Romney may have misled voters according to the facts.Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation provides the facts and they don’t match his rhetoric.

Fiscal year 2003 (partial-year Romney influence): $22.25 billion
Fiscal year 2004 (full-year Romney influence): $22.49 billion
Fiscal year 2005 (full-year Romney influence): $24.22 billion
Fiscal year 2006 (full-year Romney influence): $25.44 billion
Fiscal year 2007 (partial-year Romney influence) $27.92 billion

Lets turn to Governors Romney role as a “job creator” that he proudly bills himself. According to Wall Street Journals Market Watch:

“The Republican contender was the governor of Massachusetts from January 2003 to January 2007. And during that time, according to the U.S. Labor Department, the state ranked 47th in the entire country in jobs growth. Fourth from last.” (Maybe that’s why he does not care about the number 47 and the human beings attached to it.)

“The only ones that did worse? Ohio, Michigan and Louisiana. In other words, two rust belt states and another that lost its biggest city to a hurricane.

The Massachusetts jobs growth over that period, a pitiful 0.9%, badly lagged other high-skill, high-wage, knowledge economy states like New York (2.7%), California (4.7%) and North Carolina (7.6%). The national average: More than 5%.”

Romney has only won a single election out of the three he campaigned for. When you analyze the facts of Romneys one term in elected office the picture painted is not an appealing one.  Romney has proven himself to be an ineffective and unpopular governor. As well as having a negative effect on the states job creation numbers.

Add to the fact that at Bain Capital Romney has proven to be a wealth creator for the wealthy not a job creator for working people, unless you consider China.

The one thing he does have on his side is the wealthy conservative super pacs who distort his record to information challenged voters, with millions of dollars of TV ads. Romney is a premiere salesman who is now selling himself to the American voters untethered to both the facts of his present policies and his past record in public office. They are looking at low information voters to pull them through.



About Bill Brickley

Bill is a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers, serves on the NH Letter Carrier Executive Board as State Legislative Liaison. Also serves on the NH AFL-CIO Executive Board. Former NH Area Coordinator Amnesty International and NH Labor News Blogger Follow him on twitter @BillBrickley@NHSALC
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