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UPDATED 10-11-12: Oh My God, That’s Disgusting! A Story of Violating Workers and Cleanliness in LA

Words cannot describe the feelings I am having right now.  My stomach is turning and my skin is crawling.  All because, I have this sudden sense of dread over staying in a hotel after hearing what is happening at the Holiday Inn in Los Angeles.

Workers at the Holiday Inn LAX are blowing the whistle on the company and their cost cutting practices.  According to a new expose` video from My Fox LA workers tell the story of abuse, wage theft, and overall deplorable actions by the hotel management.

Workers were being forced to clock out and then return to work without being paid.  “I’ve worked for two hours after punching out. I punch out then I have to go back to work,” said Carmen Linares, a Holiday Inn housekeeper.

Then to make it worse they hotel does not supply cleaning supplies to workers for weeks at a time.  Housekeepers are forced to put sheets on beds that were washed with only hot water due to the fact the hotel did not supply laundry detergent.  According to the My Fox LA story workers cleaned bathrooms with left over shampoo, and that the bar glasses were only rinsed with hot water.

The hotel management is claim that these false accusations stemming from a labor dispute.  Unite Here, the union that represents the workers at Holiday Inn LAX are filing a lawsuit today on behalf of the employees. Workers are suing their employer for back wages, not respecting their rights as workers to take meal breaks, not reimbursing them for expenses incurred while performing their work, and failure to pay them the mandatory “Living Wage” required for all LAX-area hotels.

On behalf of travelers across the country I thank the workers at this hotel for having the courage to stand up and be heard.  I would also like to thank Unite Here (Local 11) for helping to bring this to national attention.  Without the Unite Here, I firmly believe that these workers would not have the strength to stand up and blow the doors wide open on this appalling case.

UPDATE 10-11-12

Last week, the workers at the Holiday Inn LAX blew the whistle on their employer.

Now, two workers have been fired, and just this morning workers walked off the job.

If you think this is wrong, stand up and take action now. Please take two minutes to send a message to the hotel’s investors: tell them to help clean up the mess at the Holiday Inn LAX — for the good of the workers and the guests.




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Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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