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NH AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie on Scott Walker’s Re-Endorsement of Ovide Lamontagne for Governor

With his most recent endorsement, emailed to New Hampshire voters today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is again telling us that Ovide Lamontagne would make New Hampshire more like Walker’s Wisconsin. That is probably a good choice for extremists, but a terrible choice for New Hampshire’s middle class families.


Governor Walker made a name for himself stripping teachers, firefighters and nurses of their rights and bankrupting the state in the name of an extreme, right wing agenda. Under Walker, class sizes increased and nearly 23,000 people lost their healthcare because of Medicaid cuts while millionaires alone got a huge tax cut. His economic agenda sent the state into a tailspin, wiping out 12,500 jobs in his first year in office alone.


It’s clear that Ovide Lamontagne plans to follow the same extreme path. In fact, he has already said that he would chip away at our rights at work with a right-to-work for less law. He has already pledged to reject federal money for our public schools and raise taxes for the middle class to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy. Lamontagne has made it clear that he would be “radically different” than New Hampshire Governor John Lynch by claiming that he would be “Scott Walker” if elected. His continued reliance on his extremist pal Walker proves the point.


We do not need Scott Walker’s policies in New Hampshire. Scott Walker’s endorsement makes it clear that Ovide Lamontagne does not understand New Hampshire priorities and would be a dangerous choice for workers.



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