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Nashua, Hollis-Brookline Residents Beware Of Jim Luther!

The State Senate Race for District 12 is getting hotter every day.  Democratic candidate Peggy Gilmour is vying to get her old seat back.  Peggy understands the middle class and their struggles.  As a nurse she has seen more and more the growing need for expanded healthcare for Granite Staters.  She recently told the Nashua Telegraph editorial board that she was in favor of expanding insurance coverage in NH by offering Medicaid to those current lower income families who cannot afford insurance.  She also said

“An insurance exchange would allow patients to choose the best insurance plan that covers their health care needs.”

While Mrs. Gilmour is working to expand access to care, her opponent Sen. Jim Luther is working to limit all government services.  Sen. Luther states on his website

“I was proud to work with leadership in both chambers to rein in state spending by 11% and still reduce taxes.”

While the Legislature did reduce spending and state level spending, the cities and towns are now paying the price.  Many towns had to raise their property taxes to handle the ‘downshifting’ costs from the Legislature.

Sen. Luther is also singing a different tune now.  After the massive cuts to the University of New Hampshire Budget, Sen. Luther told the Nashua Telegraph that he “would like funding to be restored to higher education.”  I am sorry Senator you cannot have it both ways.  You cannot advocate for the budget that slashed the UNH Budget by nearly 50% then tell people that we need to increase funding to the colleges.  That is what you should have done as our State Senator and not use it as a campaign speech.

Peggy Gilmour knows how to tell what is important to an elected official.  She told the Nashua Telegraph

“A budget is a statement of priorities”

Sen. Luther also sponsored other legislation that would take money from self-funded operations and place it into the ‘general fund’.  He tried to take the money from the NH Department of Labor and the Department of Environmental Services.  He was also prime sponsor the school voucher bill that would take money from our public schools and give it to private (for-profit) schools.

As if that were not enough reason to vote for Peggy Gilmour in the upcoming election, here is one more.  RIGHT TO WORK (for less).  Sen. Luther is a proponent of Right to Work legislation.  He told the Nashua Telegraph the same old line that Speaker O’Brien could not prove.

Luther said he supports New Hampshire becoming a Right-to-Work state.

Luther shared a story from two weeks ago when he spoke with a man who has operations in the Granite State and Massachusetts.  Luther said he was told the man is looking to build an $11 million plant in Brockton, Mass., but would be willing to build it in New Hampshire if it became a Right-to-Work state.

If this were true then why would he not tell us the name of this business?  The same reason that Speaker O’Brien did not tell us, because it is a made up story.

Peggy Gilmour strongly opposes Right to Work (for less) legislation.  In an emailed statement she said:

“Right to Work is not good for NH.  Right to Work states typically have lower wages.  Business groups acknowledge that prospective employers rarely, if ever, consider right to work part of the decision to locate in NH.  And, the government should not interfere with the right of employers and employees to negotiate between themselves.  NH families will not be well served by right to work legislation.”

If you want a strong advocate for the middle class and a State Senator who will work to protect your rights in the workplace, Peggy Gilmour is your only choice.  Unlike Sen. Luther she will fight for funding for the UNH Schools before the cuts are made, not after.  She will oppose Right to Work (for less) and attacks on collective bargaining in any form.




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Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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