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Maggie Hassan’s Plan for North Country Economy

At Debate, Hassan Outlines Plan to Move North Country Economy Forward

Lamontagne’s Radical Ideas Would Take North Country Backwards

Maggie Hassan was the clear choice for moving the North Country’s economy forward during a debate hosted by the Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council today. Hassan outlined how her “Innovate NH” jobs plan and her focus on renewable energy and tourism promotion would help North Country businesses.

During her time in the State Senate, Hassan was a leader in promoting clean energy jobs for the North Country, helping enact New Hampshire’s renewable portfolio standards, which has spurred the development of new job-creating biomass and wind energy plants.

“North Country’s natural beauty is one New Hampshire’s greatest treasures and tourist attractions, and by encouraging new clean energy technologies we can create jobs and protect our natural resources,” said Hassan.  “My plan will support innovative businesses in fields like renewable energy by doubling the research and development tax credit, providing technical assistance, and focusing on worker retraining in order to bring new jobs to the North Country. I will continue the work begun by Governor Lynch to keep the North Country and all of New Hampshire moving forward.”

Ovide Lamontagne has said he would be a “radically different” governor than Governor Lynch[i], and would repeal renewable energy programs that have helped bring jobs to the North Country. He supports radical ideas like rejecting federal funds for local schools[ii] and ignoring rising tuition costs caused by cuts to higher education.[iii] He supports plans to dismantle Medicare[iv], criminalize abortion and limit insurance coverage for birth control[v], and defund Planned Parenthood, increasing costs for critical health care services for New Hampshire women and families.[vi]


[i]  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkr_WSOovsk&feature=relmfu

[ii]  Ovide rejected federal money to help K-12 NH public schools raise educational standards back in 2010 — and has said he would do it again [WGIR, 7/24/2012]

[iii]  Ovide has said tuition increases were not of “utmost concern” [WMUR, 9/6/2012]

[iv]  Ovide supports Paul Ryan’s voucher program to end Medicare as we know it [NH Farm Bureau, 8/2012]; believes state legislature should opt-out of Medicare and run program itself [Union Leader, 2/10/2012]

[v]  Supports a “Human Life Amendment” that outlaws all abortion, and even some forms of birth control and fertility treatments [Cornerstone debate, 6/5/2010]

[vi]Ovide supports Bill O’Brien’s decision to completely eliminate Planned Parenthood funding [NHPTV, 2012]



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