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HUGE Boost For President Obama

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center released some amazing news for the Obama campaign which is detrimental to the Romney Campaign.

With one month remaining before the November 6 election, Barack Obama has opened up a statistically significant lead over Mitt Romney in the battleground state of New Hampshire. In the most recent Granite State Poll, 52% of likely New Hampshire voters plan to vote for Obama, 37% say they will support Romney, 3% prefer some other candidate, and 9% say they are undecided. When undecided voters are asked which candidate they lean toward, Obama’s lead increases to 54% to 39% for Romney, with 3% preferring another candidate and 4% remain undecided.

There is a gender gap that continues to favor Obama — women prefer Obama over Romney by 27 percentage points, double the 14% lead he held among women in early September. Romney’s lead among men has disappeared –46% of men say they will vote for Obama while 43% say they will vote for Romney.

The Republicans edge in motivation has disappeared. Among those who say they are extremely interested in the election,Obama leads by 52% to 40%. Throughout 2012, Romney had held a slim advantage among voters who were most interested in the election. http://www.unh.edu/survey-center/news/pdf/gsp2012_fall_presapp100112.pdf

We must remain vigilant and keep pushing all the way to the elections.



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