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Do you think Congressman Guinta is Working For Us, Think Again

Congressman Guinta receiving award from ABC Inc

I have talked about Congressman Guinta and his anti-union position before.  He has been endorsed by the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc who push Right To Work (for less) and lobby against Project Labor Agreements.  The ABC likes Congressman Guinta, they even gave him an award for his support of the ABC legislative agenda in Congress.

So it is not surprising that the Associated Builders and Contractors are now running advertisements in the NH Union Leader advocating for Congressman Guinta.

The Associated Builders and Contractors are so against Project Labor Agreements that they started a website called TruthaboutPLAs.com.  The site was good enough to tell everyone in New Hampshire how Congressman Guinta is working against the middle class and especially against the hard working men and women in the building trades.

The Trouth About PLA’s said

In the 112th Congress, Rep. Guinta was an outspoken critic of anti-competitive and costly government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) and took the following steps to protect free enterprise:

  • Inroduced an amendment to the 2011 Continuing Resolution (H.R. 1) restricting their use on federal construction projects.
  • Cosponsored legislation called the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act(H.R. 735) prohibiting PLA schemes on federal and federally assisted construction projects.
  • Voted in support of provisions that will restore fair and open competition in federal contracting by prohibiting government-mandated PLAs. (Roll Call No.’s302267413396, and 26).

The Associated Builders and Contractors were instrumental in the long delay on the Manchester Jobs Corps building that is now under construction.  Congressman Guinta and the ABC fought to ensure that the project would only move forward if it was without a PLA.  In fact the ABC donated $20,000 toward Congressman Guinta’s campaign and that does not include the money spent on advertising on his behalf.

Now the Congressman Guinta is opposed to the Stimulus money that was sent out from the Federal Government to help create new jobs.  However he was caught for opposing something after he asked for it (see Congressmen Guinta and Ryan Caught Asking for Stimulus Money To Create Jobs).

The Congressman is not working for us, and thanks to the “Truth about PLA’s” website it shows.



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