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Top 10 Reasons Why New Hampshire Doesn’t Want a Governor who is “Scott Walker on Steroids”

The New Hampshire Republican Party has invited Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to keynote the state Republican Convention this weekend.

Watching Walker lead the convention should be a cautionary tale: Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne has promised that, if he is elected, he will be “Scott Walker on steroids.”

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why New Hampshire Doesn’t Want a Governor who is “Scott Walker on Steroids”:

10. New Hampshire believes that taxpayer money should be spent carefullyThe federal government is investigating Wisconsin’s use of block grant monies under Gov. Walker.  According to press reports, federal monies have been improperly awarded as “forgivable loans” rather than being required to be paid back, and to businesses which had not been reviewed for financial soundness.  The federal monies have been paid out by a private corporation run by a political ally of Scott Walker, rather than by a state agency.

9. Scott Walker has a dismal record on the economy.  On Walker’s watch, only about 27,000 jobs have been added in Wisconsin (which has a population four times larger than New Hampshire’s).   Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is still 25% higher than New Hampshire’s.  Wisconsin’s poverty rate is 50% higher than New Hampshire’s.

8.  New Hampshire cares about the quality of our children’s education.  On national standardized tests, the percentage of children scoring “advanced” is 25% higher in New Hampshire than in Wisconsin.  Almost a third of Wisconsin fourth-graders don’t have a basic grasp of reading.  And that’s likely to get worse as the long-term effects of Scott Walker’s “war on teachers” begin to show.

7.  New Hampshire likes our politicians to be independent.  Scott Walker isn’t.  After he was elected Governor, Walker’s first priority was making tax code changes which were drawn from the “wish list” of the corporate lobbying group ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).  Read the Center for Media and Democracy’s report “Wisconsin: The Hijacking of a State” at http://bit.ly/JSvZKf.

6.  Scott Walker has divided Wisconsin.  Walker won a bitter, polarizing recall election with only 53% of the vote – after spending more than $30 million to convince voters he should be allowed to serve out his term.  More than two-thirds of his money came from outside the state.   With the backing of outside groups, Walker was able to outspend his opponent nine-to-one.

5.  Our municipalities can’t afford needless cuts in state aid.   Walker cut state aid to municipalities by $100 million, saying the cut was “necessary” to balance the state budget – but instead Wisconsin has a $126 million budget surplus.   Will municipalities get their money back?  Or will it go toward additional cuts in business taxes?

4.  Scott Walker likes the headlines too much.  Ever done a Google News search on “Scott Walker” and gotten less than 50,000 stories?  Walker seems to spend a lot of time in other states campaigning with one or another Republican politician.  Or he’s trumpeting his decision to spend $2 million on a move-to-Wisconsin marketing campaign.  Or he’s making headlines advising Mitt Romney.  Or… whatever it takes to make the news.

3.  New Hampshire wants our politicians to uphold the Constitution.  Both federal and state courts have ruled that Scott Walker’s signature anti-union law violates the Constitution.  But Walker’s still trying to enforce it.

2.  New Hampshire doesn’t like hypocrisy.   When the subject was football, it only took one wretched call by a scab referee before Scott Walker started tweeting that NFL owners should “return the real refs.”   Walker apparently values the quality of services provided by union referees – at the same time he trashes his own union employees.

1.  Scott Walker doesn’t represent the values of New Hampshire Republicans.  In New Hampshire, Republicans believe in the constitutional rights of free speech and association – and Republicans believe in collective bargaining.  About 40% of New Hampshire’s union members are registered Republicans.  Why is Scott Walker trying to throw us out of our own party?




About Liz Iacobucci

Liz Iacobucci is the former Public Information Officer for the State Employees’ Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local 1984. Over the past three decades, she has served in government at the federal, state and municipal levels; and she has worked for both Democratic and Republican politicians.
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