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How important was it that President Obama worked to save the auto industry?

This election has been about many things and most importantly jobs.  The Right likes to say we have been “40+ months with unemployment above 8%”.  At the same time Left says that “we have seen 30 consecutive months of job growth”.   Technically they are both correct, however I believe it is the number of jobs gained that is really the important part.  Since President Obama took office the US has gained 4.6 million private sector jobs.


This recession could have been much worse.  Just imagine another 3 million workers on the streets.  That is what could have happened if President Obama would have “let Detroit go bankrupt” as Mitt Romney suggested.

President Obama is still being criticized by some for ‘bailing out’ the big three American auto makers.  However what did this stimulus do for the auto industry?

  • It saved more than 1 million American jobs and $96 billion in personal income
  • 233,000 jobs have been added in the auto industry since June 2009
    —the most growth in a decade.
  • GM is once again the top-selling automaker in the world
    —posting its largest-ever annual profit in 2011.
  • GM is investing $2 billion in upgrading 17 of its plants

The steelworkers would have been one of the hardest hit unions if Detroit went bankrupt.    At the beginning of the recession smaller manufacturing plants like Dana Auto Parts were the first to feel the pain.  Laying off hundreds of workers due to the decline in sales.

The video below tells the story of how the town of Fort Wayne Indiana was crumbling with the loss of their manufacturing plant that employed over 2000 workers at one time.  Then as President Obama promised to help the struggling auto makers, things suddenly turned around.

The auto industry loans saved over 350,000 jobs for Steelworkers across the country just like the workers at Dana Auto Parts in Fort Wayne.

“Saving the auto industry is symbolic of saving American manufacturing”
— Leo W. Gerard President USW

We need more investment in America now.  We need to get out there and hit the streets for President Obama.  President Obama has a jobs plan, the American Jobs Act, which has yet to be voted on.  His plan to save the auto industry worked so well that GM is once again the number one car manufacturer and has the capital to reinvest in new plants. Then I ask why would we not let the American Jobs Act do its part?

Rebuilding American Manufacturing is the key to making our national economy strong again.



About Matt Murray

Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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