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Ann Kusters Tells Attendees “WE BUILT THAT”

The Second Congressional District in New Hampshire has been a highly contested district  over the last few elections.  Congressman Charlie Bass has been in and out of Congress a few times and once again faces Ann Kuster for the CD2 seat.

Ann Kuster and NH Letter Carriers from the Union Night at the Fishercats

Ann Kuster narrowly lost the 2010 election by 3,500 votes.  Speaking at the NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast, Annie Kuster started off by thanking the unions and their leaders who helped her campaign in 2010, and are still helping today.  Kuster said, “I want to thank my good friend Dave Lang (President of the Professional Firefighters of NH) for taking a chance on me three years ago, and Joe Casey (President of the NH Building Trades Council), the Building Trades Rock”.   Kuster continued, “We build that, we build  America together”.

Kuster made reference to here current campaign ads (http://youtu.be/HwarEHeIJQk, and http://youtu.be/BpylpJIx1UY) and revealed that the next ad will feature American Postal Workers Union Legislative Coordinator Janice Kelble.

“We are going to fight for the middle class and we are going to fight for the values we share” said Kuster.  She reminded everyone that she only lost the CD2 seat by “3551 votes”.

“If everyone here gets 20 votes we take back that seat, and we win Carol’s seat, we take back the US House of Representatives, and we re-elect President Barack Obama”.

Watch the entire 2 minute speech by Ann Kuster below.
(view on youtube http://youtu.be/jtXqLvv3-gA)



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