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Aaron Gill For NH House Says: ‘RIGHT TO WORK IS WRONG FOR NH’

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Aaron Gill has been a follower and fan of the NH Labor News for while now.  I have told you about Aaron and his opposition to the extremists in the NH House.  Aaron has also told us about his believes in labor.  You can read his previous LTE to the NHLN here.

Below is an email and LTE from Aaron talking about his stance on Right To Work (for less) and his opponent pushing RTW in the NH House.  If you live in Aaron’s District (Deering-Goffstown) please email him and get your yard sign today.  We need more people in the NH House like Aaron who are willing to fight for the middle class not out of state agendas.

From AAron:

“With the primary over and the general election in less than 50 days, the Gill for NH House campaign continues to spread the message of Common Sense for Concord.

In yesterday’s Concord Monitor, I have a letter to the editor entitled, “Right-to-Work is Wrong for New Hampshire.” Despite the failure to pass a RTW bill in many past House sessions, and without any NH business leaders asking, the Republican Party quietly added the passing of RTW to their annual pledge. Failure to assimilate meant a primary battle with a well-funded pro-RTW candidate.

As you’ll read in my letter, I do not support any variation of Right-to-Work for a wide variety of reasons. This is another area where my opponent, Free Stater Mark Warden and I disagree. In fact, on the Girard-at-Large radio program on September 10, just after winning Bill O’Brien’s endorsement, Mr. Warden stated passing RTW is one of his top priorities next session. The choice couldn’t be more clear.

Please share this letter with friends and neighbors, consider hosting a ‘Gill for NH House’ yard sign (send a quick email to me), and visit my website NHGill.com to learn more. ”

Right-to-work is wrong for N.H.

The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 outlawed the requirement of union membership as a condition of employment. Yet that’s what proponents of the so-called right-to-work legislation claim to be stopping. So what is the point of right-to-work?

A May 2011 U.S. Dept of Labor study revealed that workers in states with right-to-work laws are paid 9.4 percent less than states without them. It appears lower wages is the point behind right-to-work, so why would New Hampshire ask for that?

Simple: New Hampshire didn’t ask for it. House Bill 474, the primary right-to-work legislation offered in the O’Brien House, was substantially written by ALEC, an extremely partisan Washington-based special interest group funded by the Koch Brothers and other large corporations.

How did ALEC’s model legislation get into the New Hampshire House? Simple: Several state representatives are in its circle. For example, Free Stater Mark Warden asked New Hampshire taxpayers to reimburse him $300 for attending an ALEC conference in December 2010. Warden voted for right-to-work in the last session and recently stated that passing right-to-work is one of his top priorities.

New Hampshire doesn’t need out-of-staters telling us what to do. Warden’s Free State ideology and ALEC’s right-to-work legislation are wrong for New Hampshire. That’s why I’m running against Warden for state representative in Deering, Goffstown and Weare.




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