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The Most Dangerous Thing Of All Is An Uninformed Voter: A Breakdown Of The Newest UNH Survey

Well the newest Granite State Survey is out! You can see the full results here.  Unless you live under a rock you have probably seen most of the results about the race for NH Governor.  In case you did not here are the big results:

  • Ovide Lamontagne is the only candidate who is known to a majority of the people surveyed (53%).  However only 29% of those who knew him thought favorably of him.
  • Both Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley were mostly unknown by people
  • In a matchup between Maggie Hassan and Ovide Lamontagne,  Maggie would win 33% to 31%.  The kicker is that 35% were still undecided.
  • In a matchup between Maggie and Kevin Smith, Maggie again takes the win with 31% to 29%. Again 39% were undecided.
  • Ovide Lamontagne vs. Jackie Cilley, Ovide takes the win 35% to 31%, with 33% undecided
  • Jackie Cilley vs Kevin Smith, Jackie wins with 31% to 28% with 39% undecided

So while this may not be good news for all the candidates the is much to say about it.  Both Maggie and Jackie say a net gain in the poll. This means of the people that know about the candidate they were either neutral or thought favorable of the candidate.

On to my favorite and most frustrating part of the poll, Union Households.  This is a simple question: Are you or does someone in you home belong to a union?  The reason this is my favorite and most frustrating is because it shows that we are getting the message out there, but not enough.

The major unions in the state have already said they do not want Ovide or Smith because they are strong supporters of Right To Work for less.  In the polling 34% were in favor of Ovide, 36% opposed Ovide and 25% were undecided.  Both favorable and unfavorable went up in this survey, it still means we need to do a better job of telling people why we cannot let Ovide win the election.  The same hold true for Kevin Smith, 14% favorable and 18% unfavorable.

For the Dems Maggie Hassan holds 22% favorable rating to 18% unfavorable in union households.  While Jackie Cilley has a 29% favorable rating to 9% unfavorable.  Both Maggie and Jackie have received numerous endorsements from NH unions.  So when it comes to union households the endorsements seem to be working.

For me the biggest thing I found about this survey is that people do not really know who they are voting for yet.  The number of undecided responses in this poll show that not even half of the people knew the candidates.  Overall this is good news for both Jackie and Maggie.  There is not a lot of time left before the primaries but with three months till the general there is plenty of time to get out there and campaign.

The most dangerous thing of all is an uninformed voter!




About Matt Murray

Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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