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Ovide Tells You In His Own Words How He Plans To Rip Apart New Hampshire’s Middle Class

You asked for it! Ovide supplied it.

This week Ovide Lamontagne released an Op/Ed in the NH Union Leader titled “Ovide Lamontagne: Candidates should answer your questions, so here goes“.  The big thing is there is nothing new in this editorial however since he wants to highlight his points, I thought I would also highlight some of the “NOvide 2012” points too.

— School funding: I support and have fought for a constitutional amendment to allow the Legislature to delegate educational policy making and funding to local communities while targeting state aid for education. Failing to do so leaves us on the path to a broad-based tax and limits real education reform. We should work to decentralize the delivery of education through site-based management, giving control to local leaders. I will continue to support reforms that encourage school choice.

Yes Ovide is pushing school vouchers.  He wants to be able to allow people to attend any school they want while taking the taxes from your town.  He wants your hard earned money to pay for private religious schools.  Strike 1.

— The structure of government: I would seek to amend the influence of the executive branch in two ways. First, the time has come to reform the appointment process to ensure that a new governor is allowed to appoint the heads of major state agencies upon taking office. Second, I support a constitutional amendment authorizing a budget line-item veto, providing the governor with a check to keep spending low and our budget balanced. I would seek to make the executive branch weaker by calling on the Legislature to stop delegating rule-making authority to unelected bureaucrats at state agencies, and instead pass complete bills that do not require rulemaking.

This one is very confusing.  He wants to be elected Governor while at the same time seeks to reduce the power of the executive branch.  He also wants to give his TEA Party ally,  Bill O’Brien, and the extremist in the Legislature more power.  He wants to make it that the Legislature has all the rulemaking power.  We definitely do not need the Tea Party extremists to have more power.  Strike 2

— State pension plans: Despite significant efforts to reform the state pension program, we face a systemic problem. We must transition away from defined-benefit plans. With my own law firm and then during my time as chairman of the board of St. Mary’s Bank, we successfully transitioned from a defined-benefit plan to a defined-contribution plan. As governor, I will seek to do the same for all new state employees.

This is only step one in the Ovide anti-worker plan.  He first wants to take away your pension.  That is if he does not give your job away first.  He also wants to “Privatize” the State Department of Transportation.  (See also our NHLN Post on Privatization of the DOT)

He has already made his anti-worker agenda very clear when he stated “Scott Walker on steroids”.  For those who work for public agencies, Ovide will be coming directly for you.    He will not stop at the Department of Transportation either.  How long before all the prisons are privatized?  I wonder what else he can privatize?





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Matt Murray is the creator and an author on the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor and progressive politics. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message. Follow him on Twitter @NHLabor_News
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